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  1. Carborendum

    Be it unto Me According to Thy Word

    I'm finding myself in a bit of a predicament. I usually disagree with Mikbone. But I find myself agreeing with him. That's bad. But I'm disagreeing with Anatess. That's good. But you agree with Anatess. That's not quite right. So, I'm wondering...
  2. Carborendum

    Wheat and Tares and Other Gospel Verses

    Don't you mean Bob? I hear he wrote a book called "Death Therapy". Perhaps it was meant to be "Death Treatise".
  3. Carborendum

    Changing skin color

    Yeah, I don't think that is what Mormon was saying. I think he tended to think of the inheritance of covenants and blessings. That would have come through the Paternal line.
  4. Carborendum

    Changing skin color

    I was using Zoram as an example of a pairing where neither the husband nor wife were descendants of Lehi. What I'm saying is that with (by implication) there were only a small band of Nephites mentioned in Omni 1 who met up with the Mulekites who seemed to be much more numerous. When their blood mixed in with the Nephites, the likelihood of there being 50% Lehite blood in the majority of the population is very low indeed.
  5. Carborendum

    Why the Fight Over the Wall Matters

    Yes, Jim Acosta. There are bad things that happen on the border.
  6. Carborendum

    Why the Fight Over the Wall Matters

    Right, and the left NEVER moves the goalposts.
  7. Carborendum

    Changing skin color

    I did figure that out about two minutes after I submitted it. But I didnt' get it as I read it. So, you're saying one of two things (or possibly both). 50% of one's DNA is from Lehi and Sariah, and the other 50% from Ishmael and his wife. Any other combination invalidates the claim. The entire family tree of an individual in question will go to one of Lehi's daughters or sons. None will go to one of the sons or daughters of Ishmael who married, say, Zoram. Why would that be a distinction worth making? And what of the Mulekites?
  8. Carborendum

    2019 Weight Loss Group

    Quoth I: Why do people not get my movie references? I Respond: Why do I use them so often?
  9. Carborendum

    Wheat and Tares and Other Gospel Verses

    I'm afraid I don't know what you mean.
  10. Carborendum

    Changing skin color

    So, what do you think is the difference between a "pure" descendant and simply a "descendant"?
  11. Carborendum

    Why the Fight Over the Wall Matters

    Just because it "can" be done that way, doesn't mean a government bureaucrat will accept it. C'est la vie. HAH! Actually, if you want to change fields and make a LOT more money, I can get you a job here. Let me know. An easement owner has more rights than the land owner on an easement. The easement owner can build some things on it, while the property owner can't. You may have a point about a continuous wall being built. That might not be an acceptable structure for an easement. As an alternative, they could simply split off a strip of land near the border and simply buy that much land instead of an entire parcel. It would still save money. The idea is that you can't build a perfectly impregnable wall. You just have to build a "sufficient deterrent". If you get a bunch of guys who are dead set on getting through that wall, they will. It's just a question of resources and time.
  12. Carborendum

    Why the Fight Over the Wall Matters

    Well, government specifications always increase the cost. Part of my 3x multiplier. (Yes, I address this below). Again, the constructabilty question. Remember that currently the vast majority of the unprotected lands are on fairly flat grade. And the sheet piles don't require it to be flat. Sorry. Can't. The report is "owned by the client". I can only use it on their projects. That's the thing about this report. And the wall project would have to get their own. The "continuous throughout" aspect is looking at those areas that are questionable. And those areas would need a site specific report. But the majority would be adequate with the summary report. And soil doesn't change over the course of only 10 years (unless there are signs of construction or other activity). I've used soil reports that were 25 years old. And they are considered valid because nothing moved. Most of west Texas is sandy clay. Not a lot of stone. I've never heard of a tank being stopped by a consertina wire fence -- not a modern one anyway. They may stop a bulldozer if there are exposed hydraulic lines. But the caterpillars will run right over them. But with the demise of caterpillar warfare, MRAPs like the Cougar are the preferred military vehicle now. And I thank you. I'll say something that is usually never brought up in the legal / illegal discussion. I an a legal immigrant. For a while I didn't know I was illegal. But when I found out I could have easily chosen to stay illegal. But I didn't. The fact that Liberals don't want you to know is that lawful presence is probably the single most important status that can help you in your career. My college degree and my licenses would be useless and meaningless without lawful presence. By encouraging illegal immigration is encouraging people being kept under someone else's thumb. It is an immorality to encourage it. Thus, while I admit that there are a large number of people who just want a better life and are willing to work for it, those who encourage it are being either ignorant or immoral because of what that condition does to a person living here illegally. It boils down to experience and expertise. There are certain things (very few) that government has done for so long and so regularly, that they have gotten fairly efficient at them. Road construction is one of them. Most other things are a LOT more expensive because the government bureaucrats aren't the experts. But they're telling the experts that they're doing it wrong. Then when they go to build the thing, the bureaucrat has to issue a correction notice, which prompts a change order -- which HAS to be paid -- which is GOING to cost more than it really should... In construction, government projects are often design-build. And if there is a change notice, that upsets construction which is a major cost... You get the picture. And, of course, there is the corruption side of it. Many government contractors are government contractors. They have "an in" with some politician. They get to charge more money because . . . reasons. . . you get my drift? So, even if they are low-bidders among those who are "qualified" to be government contractors, ALL those "qualified" are bidding outrageous rates to begin with. Actually, having well thought out and well validated specification are the thing that help the costs stay down. As far as the employer's requirements, you're right. That is part of it. Well, I think I answered it.
  13. Carborendum

    Why the Fight Over the Wall Matters

    I took a quick scan of the stuff below. And it appears you're taking it seriously. I want you to know that it does Not go unappreciated. Thank you. A sheet pile? No. That's the definition of a sheet pile. But the picture you show below is a good representation of it. I'll address that below. Right. In Texas and a large part of New Mexico (and I'd dare say a significant minority of Arizona) will not require rock excavation. And as I said before, those areas that it is impractical to build will be enforced by personnel rather than a physical barrier (per Trump's own words). Yes, those kinds of terrain will make it too onerous to build a wall. Usually, yes. But I believe that we can generate economy by doing things differently, while still satisfying function. Different design. Not so, if we're talking about a sheet pile. I'd really have to draw out the hole design. But I've done these designs before in remote areas. And they work. The clients loved me because I was able to generate some savings while maintaining function. Not exactly. The 6ft dimension is how far the "no dig" barrier must go. But SOMEthing must be used to anchor it down. The footing may be one method. But I believe the sheet pile method would go much deeper and be cheaper to boot. I'm actually licensed in Colorado (BTW) For highways, no, it would not work that way. And that is what you're used to. But for something like this border wall? We'd have to get into the legal aspects of it (which I'm not quite an expert in). But my experience has been that if it is in an area that cannot otherwise be used, then only an easement is required for an "unused structure". The key here is that no one is allowed to build anything within a certain distance of the borderline itself. So, the landowners can't use it anyway. IF someone more versed in property law could chime in, I am willing to admit that I'm wrong. But I've seen things like that happen. I'd suggest you go look at some pipeline easements and utility easements. They are easements, not separate parcels. And the owners of the easements can build quite a bit on them. What, the diamond blade saws? That is not a battery-powered tool. You've got to have a generator to run it. And the hand-held variety would not be cutting much before it ran out of power.
  14. Carborendum

    Why the Fight Over the Wall Matters

    I had considered that. And it might make sense if there are sufficiently long stretches of wall. But it would depend on the continuity of the wall using that method. If it were "every other property" that was, say a couple thousand feet long, that would be pointless.
  15. Carborendum

    Changing skin color

    I was helping to clear up the meaining of "pure descendant". It means that one's paternal line goes directly to that person. i.e. no mothers were in the line that connect Mormon to Lehi. So, those descended from the sons of Ishmael could not have been "pure descendants" of Lehi. You can choose to believe that phrase means that somewhere in his genealogy he can find Lehi. But that would be a pointless claim to make, as you indicated.