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  1. I am the wife of a porn addict. Been married for over 30 years. The vibe of the advice given here to love and love some more is good advice, to be sure. But when the cycle repeats itself over and over and over, it is heartbreaking and soul breaking. I weep for the women who just keep being told to love some more. It seems like taking care of the spouse is more important than taking care of yourself. Service and compassion are things that have gotten me through all of these years of being married to a good man that I don't know how to trust. It seems like people think that having a man who provides you a house and doesn't beat you should be enough to get you through and you should be grateful. That's what I have. My husband lost his job over a decade ago because of porn. He's been blessed with another good job and has provided a house and comforts that I am grateful for. However, he continues to take risks with porn. Consequently, lack of trust on my part. People say, forgive, but you don't have to trust. What do you have then? I feel for the sisters who are dealing with this problem. Agony and heartache. From what I've seen, there is very little peace in the lives of women going through this experience. We keep on, keeping on, never knowing for sure if we can believe our husbands and what they say. We lean on the Lord, a lot. It sure would be nice to lean on our husbands too.