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  1. Thanks @Vort. I'm relieved for the benefit of Veterans. When satire mimics reality too closely, I'll admit I got Babylon Beed.
  2. Only a tad too far? If what he is doing only constitutes a 'tad', then we clearly have different understandings about what is going on around us. Biden Orders VA To Withhold Health Benefits From Unvaccinated Veterans Biden told Veterans: I realize several people here voted for our current President, and thus a natural desire to minimize the damage he is doing in order to feel better about the past vote, but like Biden would say... "C'mon Man!"
  3. What do you do when you completely and humiliatingly botch the entire exit out of Afghanistan? What do you do when can't fix employment shortages, out of control inflation, when being woke starts to backfire on you, etc?? You deflect, you redirect and you get the peasants distracted by something else... like more mandates that threaten their livelihood. When you can't win anything abroad and you have burned all our international credibility, try threatening those at home with the sword instead. If the Taliban are the new choir boys... then simply classify the unvaxxed as the new terrorist? Pit family against family, neighbor against neighbor or church member against church member. Our city just received one of the recent 13 KIA service members from Afghanistan. Our city for one, will not be so quick to forget or easily distracted.
  4. Also interesting is the wording of: "protection... can only be achieved by immunizing" Does prayer, fasting, faith in God, the immune system in our God given bodies and priesthood blessings still play a role any longer?
  5. @LDSGator, do you drink alcohol? I don't mean in your past, I mean now days.
  6. Do Masks Work? Viral immunologist Dr. Byram Bridle performs a simple experiment to see:
  7. Vaccine Hesitancy in the US by education level. I'm sure the media will swoop in to discredit this asap.
  8. Does it even really matter then if the Church takes issue with it or not? If the Church said 'don't do it', would you stop using it anyways?
  9. For the benefit of other readers who might stumble on this thread. Church Handbook 38.7.9
  10. This is all that has happened ^^^ Changed definitions. Changed PCR levels. Changed covid registering requirements. We are simply fed the data they want us to have, to do the thing they want us to do = shut up and comply
  11. Not surprised one bit at this point if the video disappears from Youtube. Here is a link to the video as well as the information from the studies the doctor is referring to:
  12. I would love to have @The Folk Prophet at my dinner party, I appreciate his no bull view on many things.
  13. Covid has 'animal reservoirs (hosts)' so it will never go away. "Why are we have breakthough cases in summer at the height of vitamin d levels?" The single best, easy to understand, summary of current covid/vaccine/mask events that I've seen.
  14. CDC website, August 6th 2021, states the following: The kicker... after stating there is 'limited evidence' that it offers any protection if you have already had Covid, they then go on to say everyone should still take the vaccine anyways.
  15. Another talk on the horizon with the topic: "Making the Sabbath a delight at both church and at home". I've personally had sabbaths of every flavor. Does anyone have a secret or something they do or don't do on Sundays to make them a 'delight'? Has anyone figured out how to change their Sunday from childhood torture to adulthood delight OR vice versa? Any ideas & suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you!
  16. I sure hope you are not referring to my winky face exchange with @LDSGator earlier? I was poking the bear, nothing more. I'm actually more on this level 😉
  17. Everyday I see more and more of this posted:
  18. When pro-vax proponent AND co-inventor of mRNA technology, Dr. Robert Malone, warns against continued use of Covid-19 injection, do we bother to listen? He is not an anti-vaxxer. He states: he continues:
  19. Anyone notice how the influenza numbers have pretty much been non-existent ever since the start of Covid? Why is this? The CDC is now telling testing sites to stop using the rapid PCR test to detect Covid and begin switching to an alternative test that can distinguish between Covid vs. the flu:
  20. Noticed this today... a dozen or so accounts all updated the profile pictures here recently. All appear to be from 2018 registrations. Posting here since the report a post function doesn't allow me to add image files. Just a friendly observation that seems out of the norm. A bot doing this some how?