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  1. I believe that being embarrassed and ashamed are good things. Those are feelings that can help push someone through the repentance process. While they can be helpful feelings, the adversary would try to disproportionately compound those feelings in your mind to the point it could paralyze you from acting (talking to your bishop or a therapist). LDS Family Services exists in many areas, meaning you could be speaking to a LDS therapist. You should speak with your Bishop as soon as possible. I believe often times individuals are "frightened" by the thought of their bishop looking down on them. I have sat in many disciplinary councils, both ward and stake. "Disciplinary" is a poor word choice in my opinion. They have been meetings of intense love and guidance to both the offender and offended. I would suggest you need both spiritual guidance/love (Bishop) and marital guidance/skills/love (LDS therapist). It is going to be a hard road and you will most likely need both avenues of support for a while to come. When you finally tell your husband what has happened, he really only has two choices: 1. Work with you to make your marriage work 2. Walk away Besides what I have already suggested, one other item to consider: Talk with your Bishop first. Let your Bishop know when you are going to talk to your husband. Have your bishop on standby. You have been stewing on this for a while in your mind, you have had some time to think. This most likely is going to be a big shock to your husband and he might need to talk to someone other than you about it fairly quickly. You screwed up, we all do. Don't screw up again by wishing this away and not acting. Go take care of it. You obviously want help otherwise you wouldn't have posted here, correct?