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    NeedleinA reacted to Ironhold in Your Ward... back to normal after Covid?   
    My branch ->
    Masks are optional if you've been vaccinated, but no one is asking questions
    Still using Covid precautions with sacrament, including putting the pieces of bread in their own separate cups and giving the trays a chlorine bath between congregations meeting in the building
    People are still being asked to leave a row between family groups
    Singing hymns is allowed, but still no hymnals
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    NeedleinA reacted to CV75 in Efficiency is good, but not at Church?   
    From 34.4, "Church leaders should teach members the principles of tithes and other offerings and encourage members to live these principles." The way this is done in relation to would be the unit leader's call, and might be discussed in council if there is any question among the leadership as to how the Lord would have things done for that particular unit. 
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    NeedleinA got a reaction from NeuroTypical in Bishop rent assistance   
    Each stake has (should have) a Transient Bishop, designed to assist members in your sister's situation. 
    She should contact any Bishop in her area and ask for the transient Bishop's contact info and start there. 
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    NeedleinA reacted to Carborendum in Speak when NOT moved upon by the Holy Ghost   
    I was very adamant about not shutting off the computers until the end of the day.  I told and trained my children to do this.
    Now I'm telling my children to shut down the computer as soon as it is done being used.
    Which was right?  Both were for the circumstances in which we were in.
    Windows 7 computers and earlier were very hard on the electronics when shut down or starting up.  Once we got Windows 8 computers, they weren't so hard.  At least, this is what computer gurus have told me.
    Sometimes a change in Church policy is a mistake.  Sometimes it is because circumstances changed.  Unless a clear explanation has been provided, it is anyone's guess or impression of the Spirit which one it is.
    Most of the time, I DON'T CARE.  Sometimes I do.  And I'll pray to know about it.
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    NeedleinA reacted to Backroads in Your Ward... back to normal after Covid?   
    Our ward boundaries changed in the middle of it all and we wound up in the new ward made from leftovers. We are technically back to normal, still offer a streamed option, but also running around like we don't know which way is up.
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    NeedleinA reacted to Vort in Your Ward... back to normal after Covid?   
    Yes, or so I've heard.
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    NeedleinA reacted to Jane_Doe in Your Ward... back to normal after Covid?   
    My ward has such.  It’s been a really contentious subject with some wanting everything back a year ago and some just not ready. There’s also conflict/inconsistency between the stake and wards on the subject. 
     status in my ward: ward leadership wants everything back to normal. Currently the only rements are the sacrament served at the end of sacrament meeting, with separate give trays and collect trash bags.  They’re threatening ending the broadcast and ending even the last special cases to stay home. 
    Honestly... it makes me uncomfortable and like I’m always a step behind what I’m ready for and being rushed forward.  
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    NeedleinA reacted to Just_A_Guy in Your Ward... back to normal after Covid?   
    As of a month ago our bishop was saying in ward council that such families existed; but I can’t think of anyone who’s been missing.  (I literally slept through last week’s ward council—darn those 1 PM council meetings when we’re home from church by 11!—so I don’t know if it’s still an issue at this point.)
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    NeedleinA reacted to Just_A_Guy in Your Ward... back to normal after Covid?   
    For about a month we’ve been “back to normal” except that every other pew is closed off and we still don’t have hymnbooks.  Authorization for at-home sacrament ended 2 weeks ago; sacrament meeting is still being broadcast but I don’t know for how much longer.  Gospel Doctrine was the only class that attempted a live broadcast from the church; we’ve only had one participant that whole time (who is now coming in-person) and I’m pretty sure we are done with class broadcasts.
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    NeedleinA reacted to Vort in Your Ward... back to normal after Covid?   
    I believe that, starting next week, we go maskless. I think we're still trading off RS and Priesthood at the meetinghouse. I expect the deacons will continue with the overt, conspicuous hand-sanitizing before passing the sacrament. Whatever. Web-casted meetings will be phased out soon, I believe.
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    NeedleinA reacted to Carborendum in Your Ward... back to normal after Covid?   
    Our ward was back to normal a few months ago.  The only exception was that the Sacrament was served by gloved and masked Aaronic Priesthood.  And a bit about the cups.
    Just this last week, they stopped wearing gloves.  But they've always been encouraged to sanitize their hands -- even before COVID.  And they probably always will be.
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    NeedleinA reacted to Just_A_Guy in Bishop rent assistance   
    Yup.  We work with a lot of indigent families whose kids end up in DCFS custody, and LDS bishops routinely offer rent assistance.  Just be aware that they’ll want there to be some kind of exit strategy.
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    NeedleinA reacted to beefche in Bishop rent assistance   
    In my experience (working in the RS pres), bishops can and do help with rent. However, what I'm familiar with is he'll often work to help with food/utilities so any income can be used for housing. I would encourage her to talk to the bishop, be honest with him about everything, and allow him to arrange help.
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    NeedleinA reacted to NeuroTypical in Efficiency is good, but not at Church?   
    Oh, absolutely.  Let not the clerkey passion you see here, give you the impression that any of us have forgotten that.
    I think finance clerk is one of the best callings in the church.  I get to see genuine Christlike charity at work every week.  Better than that, I get to have a hand in it.  Over the decade, I've written checks to cover funeral costs, medications, housing, medical bills, counseling, roof repairs so a home remains habitable, and more.   It's humbling.  
    And yeah, the good I see it doing, makes me sort of passionate about those envelopes from kiddos that jangle with coins.  
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    NeedleinA got a reaction from LDSGator in Efficiency is good, but not at Church?   
    So...  finally the end recipient of tithing funds reveals himself!
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    NeedleinA reacted to LDSGator in Efficiency is good, but not at Church?   
    Both you guys @NeuroTypical and @NeedleinA make interesting points, but let’s not forget the big picture here. We as a church should he thankful and humbled that people give their hard earned money to us. How they give it, while interesting, is irrelevant. 
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    NeedleinA reacted to Vort in Summer is my favorite time of year, but...   
    Pumpkin-related crimes spike at the end of October. What do you make of that? (Other than pumpkin pie.)
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    NeedleinA reacted to Carborendum in Efficiency is good, but not at Church?   
    Yes.  It is one thing to say that we have additional criteria or other priorities.  It is quite another to say that efficiency is not a priority or a concern at all.
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    NeedleinA reacted to scottyg in Efficiency is good, but not at Church?   
    Our ward is one with many elderly...we still get a good amount of envelopes. We also have one brother that doesn't use technology as it allows others to spy on him. (no joke) It's great that they are so dilligent...but youth night is a pet peeve of mine. I always have to leave my boys and run to the clerk's office to lock it up because I don't have a suit coat pocket to put it in. 😩
    Full disclosure: my kids are some of those penny donating envelope using monsters who need to get with the times. 😉
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    NeedleinA reacted to Just_A_Guy in Efficiency is good, but not at Church?   
    I can see the argument that we want to make it so that any church member who wants to deliver their tithing to a bishopric member should be able to do it anytime they choose.  I can also see the argument that individual bishopric members/clerks can find tremendous devotional meaning in sacrificing the extra time it takes to make the deposit each and every Sunday.
    But, like @mikbone, I find it irritating when people take their own personal preferences and try to cloak them with divine authority because they’re too lazy to explain the real reason that they prefer to do things their own way. 
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    NeedleinA reacted to laronius in Efficiency is good, but not at Church?   
    At some point the church stopped receiving tithing in kind. If that wasn't for efficiency's sake I don't know what it was. 
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    NeedleinA reacted to Grunt in Efficiency is good, but not at Church?   
    I think a more proper statement might have been "not interested in efficiency at the expense of ......."
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    NeedleinA reacted to Backroads in Efficiency is good, but not at Church?   
    The other day I was picking my kids up from a friend's house. Now, we used to be in the same ward as these friends before boundaries were reorganized, and said father of friends happens to be the bishop. No longer my bishop as now we get to actually attend the church building across the street (saves three minutes in walking!), but I still liked to see him at home with his kids, looking frazzled in jeans and a t-shirt, saying my two children were really no problem at all because his house was chaos and what were two more... (my middle daughter, always having been a little mommy sort, apparently keeps his youngest in line).
    While some may look at this account and say the poor man needs to escape to the church more, I like seeing him in that state. We do need our priesthood leaders doing their roles with the church, but we also need them with their families. 
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    NeedleinA reacted to NeuroTypical in Efficiency is good, but not at Church?   
    So, not only would you task the executive secretary with reminding the bishop and his two counselors which Sunday they can and can't accept tithing, you're also asking an entire ward to remember it as well?  And the family who just had the FHE on tithing and spent 3 hours getting all 5 kids to fill out their tithing slips for the first time ever, and they go to hand it in to the bishop only to hear "not today, I only take tithing next week".   This from someone claiming to be interested in efficiency?
    (Hope I'm not too fierce here.  This is sort of the only time a finance guy like me gets to be fierce.  And yes, I already know I may be the only person on the board who would ever think in a million years of associating my reply with the word 'fierce'.  Well, finance people can be fierce!    Grrrrr!)