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    NeedleinA got a reaction from Fran in Jewish lady learning the Gospel   
    It sounds like you are doing great and actually having very, very normal feelings for many people learning about the church. Don't get discouraged, there is a leaning curve for just about anything new. Missionaries rotate fairly frequently, so it is okay to re-express your concerns about praying to the newer missionaries again.
    I agree with Vort: "The missionaries specialize in getting people to move outside their comfort zones.  :)"
    Don't worry about the "mess" part. I think you were referring to the "Sacrament". You don't have to take the bread and water, in fact there are plenty of people who don't for various reasons, so don't worry. 
    Sounds like Leah would be a great resource too!
    Again, welcome and you are doing great!
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    NeedleinA reacted to Vort in Need to confess but afraid   
    Nothing wrong with being ashamed, Roco. But don't wallow in that shame. Don't allow that shame to make you run and hide. Your shame is like the pain of a serious wound; it's a sign that you need to seek help. So go seek help. Go to your bishop.