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    NeedleinA reacted to Carborendum in Confirming an New Supreme Court Judge   
    I just had some insight from talking with the ladies in my life (wife and daughters).  Apparently leftists really hate ACB because she represents the facts and success of conservative ideology and completely refutes all the liberal narrative of what's wrong with the country.
    1. She's beautiful:  Yes, this was #1.  leftists women hate beautiful women unless they are highly sexualized (celebrity types).  Consider how many "highly attractive" liberal women you see in the halls of power.  I can't really think of any.  If you think AOC is "highly attractive"... well, no accounting for taste, I guess.
    2. She's smart.  REALLY smart.  She's crazy smart.
    3. She's highly successful, accomplished, and capable.
    4. She's highly respected by all the right.  And the only reason she seems disrespected by the left (who's supposed to fight for women to get ahead) is because she's pro-life.
    5. She's a conservative pro-life Christian, heterosexual wife, and mother of a large family who by all accounts are pretty well adjusted kids.
    You see, the leftist narrative is that
    1. You can't be taken seriously as a woman if you're beautiful.  You'll only be thought of as a sexual object -- especially by conservative heterosexual males.
    2. You can't be a smart conservative woman.  The only reason you're a conservative as a woman is because you're oppressed and simply don't know better.
    3. You can't be successful as a woman because women are oppressed.  Glass ceiling and all.
    4. Women can't get men's respect.  Men are all sexists -- especially conservative Christian men.  So, she can't possibly be respected.
    5. She's just BAD BAD BAD.  She's everything we say just can't be.  And there she is before the whole world.  How evil she must be for destroying our narrative.
    The left hates her so much and is picking at the tiniest things to get an angle of how bad she is that they almost need to make things up.
    When she lifted her blank notepad up, I'm surprised they didn't find a reason to believe she wasn't taking the hearings seriously.  And when she said that the letterhead said "U.S. Congress" they should have jumped all over her for not being able to read correctly.  It doesn't say "U.S. Congress."  It says "United States Congress." Seriously, people.  Can she not read two simple words?  Couldn't she read the full name of the nation for which she is about to raised to one of the highest positions of the land?
    TDS now morphing into BDS.
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    NeedleinA got a reaction from NeuroTypical in Netflix’s upcoming underage twerking movie - “Cuties”   
    When the world/Netflix tries to distribute garbage like Cuties, it is wonderful to see that when "darkness rises, and light (rises) to meet it*". Here is what Netflix should be distributing instead imo.
    *yes, that was a Star Wars reference
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    NeedleinA reacted to Carborendum in Netflix’s upcoming underage twerking movie - “Cuties”   
    Well people are already saying that.  Someone said that on this forum.
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    NeedleinA got a reaction from scottyg in The Law of Consecration and Stewardship   
    Came across this and thought it went along with your sentiment:
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    NeedleinA reacted to Emmanuel Goldstein in Hypocritical Senators   
    During the lunch break today. Amy Kobuchar sat working without a mask, interacting with staffers and handing them stuff and having stuff handed to her. As soon as lunch ended she joked for about 30 seconds. She did not put it back on at all. She then proceeded to complain that they should not be there because there is a pandemic. What a freaking bunch of hypocrites. America needs to wake up.

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    NeedleinA reacted to scottyg in Netflix’s upcoming underage twerking movie - “Cuties”   
    When "a quick glance at an underage girl's breast" is not considered nudity, then what is? Young girls dancing to provocative music in skimpy clothes while cupping their breasts, twerking, slamming their hips into the ground, and moaning = PORN. This film, those who made it, and those who put their children in it are corrupt and evil. This garbage will only progress from here. In a few years full topless and bare bottom shots will be considered okay because the kids and their so called "parents" will consent to it. Film studios and those individuals who are progressive and enlightened, will tell us that pornography is only the actual engagement in sex, not just seeing a naked body. "Those who try to censor this type of storytelling and art are bigots, and are trying to prevent true freedom".
    If anyone (whether on this forum or not) still has doubts, you need to wake the heck up. This film is pornography; child porn, period. Satan is working in broad daylight. The line in the sand has been drawn and gets clearer every day. Everyone needs to get their rears in gear and choose which side they are cannot serve both God and mammon.
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    NeedleinA reacted to person0 in HINDSIGHT: A Story of Faith and Family   
    Some members of this forum already know that between January 2015 - July 2019, my wife and I fostered and eventually came to adopt seven children.  My amazing wife, in addition to the never ending task of being a mother of seven, made time to dedicate herself to writing a book in order to share her side of our story with the world.  I am eternally grateful and proud of my awe-inspiring wife.  I love her and my children with all my heart.  Our story is nothing short of miraculous and we will ever be grateful for the trials and blessings God has placed in our path.

    Here is a link to the book, and a picture of my amazing family.

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    NeedleinA reacted to Carborendum in Netflix’s upcoming underage twerking movie - “Cuties”   
    From that article: first paragraph.
    Self-contradictory.  That is nudity.
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    NeedleinA got a reaction from scottyg in The Law of Consecration and Stewardship   
    Came across this and thought it went along with your sentiment:
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    NeedleinA reacted to Still_Small_Voice in The Law of Consecration and Stewardship   
    I heard it described in even more simple terms.  I like the below definitions. 
    The spirit of socialism:  We are going to take.
    The spirit of capitalism:  I am going to take care of myself.
    The spirit of Consecration:  We are going to give.
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    NeedleinA reacted to Carborendum in The Law of Consecration and Stewardship   
    Unwise and possibly a sacrilege.
    My position has always been thus:  The difference between Communism and the Law of Consecration is declaring whose property it is.
    Capitalism says everything belongs to the individual. administered by the individual accountable to market forces Communism says everything belongs to the collective. administered by men who usually crave power accountable to no one but themselves The Law of Consecration says everything belongs to the Lord. administered by the individuals having stewardship and men who are called of God. accountable to the Lord and the people within the system Now look at the hypothetical you offer.
    Everything belongs to the Lord. administered by people just winging it. accountable to people just winging it. Where is the Lord in that?
    Alternative:  Individuals wishing to live the principles of the LoC without a formal structure.
    Everything "I own" actually belongs to the Lord. I'm a steward over HIS stuff. I'm accountable to Him for how I administer it. I fear that when "people get together" without the Lord's blessing on the system, they're doomed for failure.  And if they take it upon themselves to believe that the Lord wanted them to do this, it potentially leads to apostasy and cultish behavior.
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    NeedleinA got a reaction from Still_Small_Voice in Should POTUS/Senate push through SCOTUS judge?   
    The mainstream media makes it so easy for people to become and remain 'low information voters'. The Left leaning mainstream media spoon-feeds people their same biased talking points and many folks, being generally lazy, take it at face value. They never bother to dig any deeper, learn more for themselves or investigate the other side of the story = hence 'low information voter'.
    The far left loves 'low information voters'. They typically play to their emotions only.
    Ex. "Trump is a racist!!!"
    Most people strongly oppose racism. All the mainstream media needs to do is call Trump a racist over and over and over again... low information voters then believe he actually is a racist and thus oppose him.  Trump has repeatedly denounced white supremacist, yet the media repeatedly demands he do it again and again as evidenced once more in the last debate. 

    Low information voters don't dig any further. Just like rioters that spawn up 'immediately' after an event. They don't dig, they don't wait for facts to be heard first... 100% emotional low information driven.
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    NeedleinA reacted to NeuroTypical in Confirming an New Supreme Court Judge   
    Yes, neither side is innocent of such nonsense.  
    I find politically-motivated tinkering with our founding documents to be in the same camp of a rowdy teenager trying to get around mom's "no tattoos" rule.  Push hard enough, for long enough, and you end up with a tattoo.  Either because mom is worn out, or you've semantically invalidated any reasonable meaning of the word. 
    So I fight against tinkering with the supreme court seats, out of a desire to preserve the republic.  Because I think it's the best form we humans have available to us.  And it scares the bejeezus out of me to think of the great American experiment as just another in a long line of empires, following similar paths regarding lifespan and inevitable decline.
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    NeedleinA got a reaction from Carborendum in Confirming an New Supreme Court Judge states:
    I agree with @Vort, liar is as liar does.
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    NeedleinA reacted to Carborendum in The Fall - Blessings or Punishments?   
    This is one of the advantages we have over other sects.  You can accept the fact that you only have one book of scripture and claim it is all you need.  And that is your choice.
    But when we read more scriptures we find rich treasures of knowledge that you would reject.  And we know it is from the Lord because the Holy Spirit tells us it is so.
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    NeedleinA reacted to Carborendum in Confirming an New Supreme Court Judge   
    I think this is an appropriate thread to bring up the following (if no one else has addressed it already).
    Senator Harris pointed out that Lincoln (a Republican) chose NOT to nominate a supreme court justice during an election year because he was so principled that he wanted to wait until the people had spoken.  False history.  Fake news.  Or... a lie.
    Lincoln really WANTED to nominate a new justice.  But there was no point because... The Senate was already out of session.  As soon as the Senate came back into session, he couldn't make the nomination fast enough.  He absolutely hated the departed Justice.
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    NeedleinA reacted to prisonchaplain in Confirming an New Supreme Court Judge   
    It seems reasonable to believe that if the former VP is strongly opposed to SCOTUS-packing he would say so, and relieve fears. Instead, he is leaving his options open. Further, in the debate, he responded to the question by saying we should let him know how we feel by our votes. Thus, a vote for Biden-Harris will be interpreted as a vote for packing the court.
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    NeedleinA got a reaction from NeuroTypical in Confirming an New Supreme Court Judge   
    Joe Biden: Voters Don't Deserve To Know His Position On Court Packing
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    NeedleinA got a reaction from scottyg in The Fall - Blessings or Punishments?   
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    NeedleinA reacted to Just_A_Guy in The Fall - Blessings or Punishments?   
    One of the difficulties Latter-day Saints have in this sort of discussion is that we have more information than what is in the scripture record—but it comes from the temple endowment liturgy and thus we generally don’t talk about it, even with each other.  There have also been statements by Church leaders that seek to “fill in the gaps” and excuse Adam and/or Eve to some degree, but many of those statements don’t perfectly align with either our scripture or our liturgy (for example, the idea that God wasn’t really *forbidding* them from taking the fruit, but just giving them a choice and earning them they’d have to deal with the consequences, sounds lovely—but it just isn’t what the scriptures say). 
    Without talking about why I believe what I believe, I will simply offer my interpretation of the combined sources and some inferences based thereon—which are mine alone, and certainly not church doctrine; but which may be useful as giving an idea about how one Mormon interprets all of this:
    —God left Adam and Eve in the garden with a fruit He always intended for them to take eventually—but also with instructions to not take the fruit at that time, as well as a promise that He would return to provide further instruction.  I rather suspect that, given enough time and instruction, God would have removed His prohibition on their partaking the fruit and at least left the matter to their discretion, if not instructing them outright to go ahead and partake.  
    —Adam and Eve were given a pattern for marriage in the garden that represented companionship, equality, mutual aid, and mutual respect.  It was made clear to them that neither was supposed to be alone.
    —In this tale, Satan is making a play for Adam’s and Eve’s allegiance in the garden; ingratiating himself with them by offering them power and knowledge that their Father had been (unfairly, as Satan would flatteringly imply!) denying them.  Adam resisted, but Eve fell for it—hook, line, and sinker.  Her pro forma objection that “God told me not to!” evaporated when she concluded that taking the fruit could put her on par with God Himself.
    —Adam and Eve had initially failed to live up to the companionate model of marriage that they had been given.  Adam, knowing the serpent was loose in the garden, left Eve to face it alone without giving her any kind of warning.  For her part, Eve immediately and unilaterally made a choice that had deep ramifications for her marriage.  Adam disengaged; Eve over-engaged.  Eve then went back to Adam (per Satan’s instruction) and presented the “choice“ as a done deal, exploiting the fact that she had Adam over a barrel:  Adam knew Eve would have to leave; but he also knew the two of them had been commanded to stay together, and (I surmise) he understood that his own neglect of his wife had fed into the current situation.  Eve had been deceived when she took the fruit and was (briefly) in real risk of throwing her lot in with the serpent; but Adam never was (2 Tim 2:24)—his partaking the fruit was a deliberate choice to honor God and atone for his own mistake by staying with the partner God had given him, even though it meant leaving paradise.
    —The precise verbiage of the covenants we make/made in the endowment and in the sealing, to some degree are in memorial of these stories and principles.  Children of God have an obligation to be perfectly obedient, and show patience with divine commandments whose rationales we don’t always understand.  Adam and his sons are given a special commission—a priesthood, one may call it—to watch over their loved ones and provide them with the knowledge, support, and warnings necessary so that they don’t fall into sin through ignorance.  Eve and her daughters covenant to avoid unilateral actions that would bind their spouses into servitude against those spouses’ wishes.  Adam’s covenant leads him to engage and serve more than he was naturally inclined to do; Eve’s covenant helps her resist her natural urge to do everything herself and, instead, give the relationship enough space for a true partnership to develop.  Acting together, the endowment and sealing ceremony give both marital partners a charge to be supportive, communicative, deferential, empathetic, and physically and emotionally available towards their spouses.
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    NeedleinA reacted to Carborendum in The Fall - Blessings or Punishments?   
    I'm not sure where you got the idea that an idea MUST be spelled out explicitly in Gospel Principles in order for it to be valid doctrine.  Why are you so fixated on the idea that it has to be spelled out in Gospel Principles?  We have a HUGE library of works, speeches, and centuries of discussion of various topics which explain a whole lot more than "one small beginner's summary."
    What exactly do you believe "punishment" from God actually means anyway? -- I really need to know where you're coming from here to properly answer your question about Adam and Eve being punished.
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    NeedleinA reacted to Dr T in Lakers continued   
    That’s right, they NBA messed up allowing all that junk. Many people want entertainment not that stuff. I heard last night they will strip all that. They’ve lost SO much money. Well see if they cut the players $. We’ll see.
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    NeedleinA got a reaction from NeuroTypical in Trump COVID19 positive   
    @NeuroTypical, just another example of him saying: “You’ll Know My Opinion On Court Packing When The Election’s Over”.
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    NeedleinA got a reaction from Carborendum in Presidential Debate - Tomorrow   
    A Facebook search for top related FB groups, "Latinos for Biden" vs. "Latinos for Trump".
    Latinos for Trump: 64,000
    Latinos for Biden: 2,000
    Side note: You aren't going to fool the majority of Cuban-Americans to vote for someone pushing a plan that resembles old country socialism, sorry Biden.
    A Facebook search for "Blacks for Trump" vs. "Blacks for Biden" produced the following top groups:
    Black voices for Trump: 177,000
    Black Women for Biden: 1,500
    One could argue that either Facebook or my search criteria is lacking, but... I didn't make up the search results, I'm simply sharing them.
    The media would lead you to believe that only racist white men vote for Trump.
    My 'Latina' wife voted for Trump last time and will do the same again this time.
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    NeedleinA got a reaction from Carborendum in Trump COVID19 positive   
    Even when he does denounce them, the media suffers from intentional amnesia, only to demand he do it again and again and .... wait for it...yet again.
    These two are conservative comedians but the clips of Trump repetitively denouncing hate groups begins at 2:24