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  1. Who wants to talk from France???

  2. Good evening to all of the city of mustard in France! I want to share something that is close to my heart. Indeed several same. My name Doriette (my nickname) and I'm 35 years old. I'm single since 2008 and all I've only had two boyfriends and stuff over a total period of two months and two days. Because in general men saw in me a fat cow with which we play. To date me it was necessary that this is not a passing fancy, so that later it sort with someone it would be serious. After all who wanted to introduce me to his family? Then I decided to take myself in hand and lose weight. I succeeded. But here one of my problems: my family would marry an aberration. Why? Because for years I take care of my mother and my aunt, and for them I have to end my life by continuing to do their work (My father and my uncle died). My brother still lives with my mother but he wants to leave after take money from my mother. I take care of it if not most of the time she would be alone. My cousins ​​do the same with my aunt. It has everything their pay (studies, weddings, credits ...) and now she finds herself alone with no one to talk to except me. one day, while they talk all about WhatsApp, they started talking marriage. And one of them said anyway I will never marry and that I will end my life to take care of my mother and my aunt. One of my cousins openly confirm my remarks by saying that it suited them, firstly because of the financial terms and secondly because of the trust. He could not trust a stranger to do what I do as soon as there is a concern it is to me a settlement. And suddenly I sometimes carry sums of money for two sisters to go shopping, pay a bill etc ... In addition to my mother and my aunt and other family members marriage is not solution, some members of my family had troubles with their spouses. A cousin of mine even told me that before getting married or even had to get engaged, how to say this with tact, try. She compared life with men in ice cream, saying that before knowing what perfume is preferred requires every taste and I do not speak Appointment only if you know what I mean. Moreover I am there only member of the Church and I put a point of honor to keep the commandments. When I heard what they said about me, I was angry and I remind them that I wanted more than anything to marry in the temple and have children. But none of them did see myself housewife and same mother. Moreover I am, for my mother, selfish to want to leave and eventually leave. One of my cousins told me all the ways to get married, you had to have first try to live with a man. I was also told that if I had a real Mormon, I should not think of me but to others. Also I have friends that are not a member and would like me to do most evenings and so me unstuck. Jrefuse do what to do, have sex before marriage. We must try, they said. And I have to exchange wardrobe because, according to them, I am too austere, but now I could have anyone. I have not lost weight for that, and I do not want to offend anyone, however I want to achieve my dream. But how to impose my choice and refuse to go in night clubs? I have gay friends who want to take me to a special gay party, lesbian, transgender and bisexual. How to say no without upsetting them? I'm really selfish in wanting to make my life as I hear? I want to please everyone but sometimes it is so difficult ... Thank you for helping me... Sorry for the translation but I corrected the mistakes with Google translation...
  3. Good evening everyone from FranceI loved to read, especially I like what you say on this topic.Here in France there are more women than men, and as everyone here I want a worthy eternal companion. Me neither I do not want one that plays pretending to console all night and sleeping half the time, or remaining on the couch telling me to silence our children because they make too much noise. I want to get married in the temple. But alas, in my parish there is no man who would suit me. One of my friends told me that if I was not married it was my fault! I am Métis and because I'm half black I should marry a black because no after all I am black! I'm not racist (having black family this would be difficult in everyday life.) But why I could not marry me with who I want ??? Whether blue, green or yellow I do not care but I want him to be worthy of my principles. I'm not going to lie, I was elevated with the idea of ​​prince charming white and my ideal is blond with blue eyes. Is that wrong?On top of that I was big enough and before men I met were unwilling or sex (which I could not wanted to give them) or just learn to include this with their next girlfriend. To them I was a fling, because given my physical I was good for nothing but to be an adventure. I present to their family or friends as someone he could love was impossible. Now that I am thinner, I interress men are either married or I am an easy girl because at my age I should be married if I was a good person.What must he do to find the right person, doing what it takes ... Not to be criticized. In french we said On est mieux seul que mal accompagné
  4. Hello everybody Happy new year 2016! I wish you will have all you need and all you want... Big kiss from France!
  5. Hello Thank You for you worried about me. I'm fine and after a moment of anxiety I knew that my family is well. My cousin should have been at the concert of nine yards, but he had to work. Phew. I was pretty shocked by these barbaric acts and I do not understand them. Thank you a lot.
  6. The latest report gives us the horrible figure of 129 dead and 352 injured, dozens still in danger. These people will not have the same life as before. The families of deceased victims will never cry enough to revise the people they loved. I do not understand the attacks, because in the Koran VI, 151: Do not kill the human person as Allah said. So why say that they act in the name of Allah ???
  7. I witnessed on TV the attacks in January and now it !!!! I do not know how to say in English what I want to say but one word comes to me WHY ??? We are all brothers and sisters, we have the same God whatever his name! I have tears in my eyes. Besides I was afraid for part of my family who live in Paris. One of my cousins lives outside Paris and obviously there would be fires. I fear for her despite courage when it is all said okay. I do not know about you but I have a heavy heart when I see that. I have tears in my eyes. Are thought to have executed all the hostages who were at the Bataclan concert hall.
  8. These are obviously people who avenges Syria.
  9. It there's about 50 victims and 60 serious injuries. I do not understand the world ... Why Paris is a beautiful city. To find out if you have friends here in Paris the emergency number: 00033800406005. All international flights and departures are blocked. The borders are closed. Will have one curfew in Paris. All schools will be closed, ditto for universities.
  10. Right now I watch the news, there have been shootings at 6 locations in Paris, three explosions, and right now there there's a hostage to the room Bataclan. Some people communicate through Facebook and tweeter, confirm that terrorristes are currently execute people who were at the concert. By the time I speak, the security forces launched the assault. I do not understand why people are killing each other because we have not the same beliefs. I was afraid that night because I had no news of a part of my family but they are fine. I am sad tonight. There are about 46 dead. 46 people died for nothing. 46 grieving families. Borders are closed, the international airports and train stations are blocked. There is a curfew in Paris and this is a first for the capital. Some of terrorristes managed to escape.We only know that they are there to avenge Syria.I am afraid... I do not understand this world right now.This is the second attack in Paris this year ... Just because we do not have the same beliefs as anyone.
  11. We are far from lausanne We go to Lausanne for about 3 hours, and we are the mort far city from the stake.
  12. I would like to know you, for our first conversation, I want to talk about my city Dijon: This is the city of mustard and Burgundy Dukes. I live in the area for 34 years. It is a city of history and moves a lot. We have a great university, and our chapel has a little less than a hundred member. We live mainly in the surrounding towns, and it is a parish especially those of a certain age. I am one of the youngest, when I'm 35. I am the spinster of the parish recently (the person before me has just married). We have two missionaries, and we are our most distant stake is Lausanne, Switzerland.
  13. Good evening, I live in France and I would like to know more people. I am alone and I would like to make new friends. I am 35 years old and I'd just like to talk ...