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  1. Ffenix

    Am I overreacting?

    I'm offended by that statement. Then I go and look at most of my coworkers and realize I'm the weird one. *Sigh*
  2. Ffenix

    Am I overreacting?

    Can I just be the Teenager in the group here and point out that as teens we don't see things the same way as you adults do for the most part? So It's entirely possible that (sans the going behind the parent's back thing, which I've got no clue how that works) The daughter is correct, but the leaders didn't actually do anything that was directly meant to be derogatory. (ask Carb about some of me or my sibling's explosive reactions to things like "That's not a good idea.") Unless I'm missing something, Most of the responses (If I recall even Annatess said this in her first post) said that if the story given is indeed the correct one then do...(Fill in the blank). However, Since then, no, most of the responses don't include that again. I personally don't have an issue with that since I dislike redundancies. However, You specifically Yjacket, seem to have walked off the main path here (correct me if I'm wrong) Where for the most part you're arguing against the discussion to allow the daughter to use FB in such a manner. IMO that's something that is more between the parents, the child, and the lord than any of the rest of us. For the most part everyone else is discussing the manner in which the YW Leaders dealt with this. As to my own opinion, This may or may not have needed any sort of discussion, but if it did, it would be from the Bishop, as judge in Israel, talking to the parents and daughter in question, not the YW leaders talking to her without any parental presence whatsoever. The method is, according to the given story, unacceptable and should be addressed in some way. Whether it should have ever happened (in other circumstances or not) is not something I wish to attempt to untangle. I think that in this case you are trying to push your views and level of spiritual progression on somebody who doesn't share your views and possibly hasn't reached your level of spiritual progression yet. while I can't really say that you shouldn't teach a better way, getting on their case like that without knowing the details is not, IMO, a good way to go about this. Yes, the actions and explanations (I have very specific rules for the difference between an excuse and an explanation) given here indicate a sort of naivete to the world of cyberspace, but that does not mean an offensive tone was necessary. EDIT: Finished (sorta) reading the rest of the posts. I'm really starting to hate the few times I decide the discussion is TL;DR, With only a few exceptions I miss something really important that throws my entire opinion for a loop. I stand by what I said earlier though. If the given story was true, there's my opinion. Now all of you go ignore the [teen] behind the curtain... EDIT 2: Woo-hoo. My ability to insult people without meaning to astounds me. Apologies to YJacket for the more hostile parts, tone, etc.
  3. Ffenix

    Unusual snacks

    Is that not how it is supposed to go? First time it's crazy, then after a while it's amazing, right?
  4. Apologies to everyone whose responses I didn't read, I got to page 3(ish) and decided It was getting to tl;dr lengths. From what I can tell, The OP is questioning why we are willing to accept the idea of a Dear John so easily, despite the pain it may cause the receiver. Perfectly acceptable, it's not exactly something I can see as being easy to work through for the other. Possibly they might need some help and support from friends and family to work through it, depending on how invested they were. IMO support should be given to both sides if you have the ability to do so. Then I read some of the posts that were more condemning of the writer of the letter, whether for not keeping their word or for being so loose about their supposed SO's feelings. While I'm not sure of the OP and his SO's age (I think he said they were 27 and 25 respectively, but IDR) I think that Dear Johns while on a mission are accepted because those involved have not reached the age of accountability for these types of decisions. Perhaps that's the wrong term, but it's the one I have. As for cases involving older people, I really don't know enough about how people work etc. to come up with a viable opinion (as I see it) but the way I see it, by then you should be old enough to work through things like civilized people, even if it is by letter or other long-distance communication, rather than just saying "Oh hey, I'm getting married to somebody else next week" or whatever other sort of things get said. however, in the OP's case, I think she could have waited the week needed to tell him in person. it's one week, for goodness sake.
  5. Ffenix

    Prisonchaplain's take on the devil

    I can only assume he does, because if he can convince us to disbelieve truth, he's still won in a small way.
  6. ... I can't even be surprised at how fast we went to one of the many incarnations of TEOTWAWKI from the original post after the posting date was brought up. On that note though, what're the odds of a zombie Apocalypse starting via digital virus that convinces everyone using a digital device to do its bidding and how would you counteract such a thing?
  7. Ffenix

    Isaiah 6:10-13

    So you don't have to look it up, here's the passage: My question now is what exactly does Isaiah mean by this? Certainly there is the immediate context of jewish history, but Isaiah had a tendency to write for now as well as his time, and usually Christ's time as well. This tendency of his leads me to wonder what it could mean for the modern day. Currently I'm thinking it's talking about the second coming, when the wicked will be burned as stubble, but I can't shake the feeling that's not what it means.
  8. Ffenix

    Unusual snacks

    Was this before or after the six months or so that my siblings decided to drop handfuls of shredded cheese on the griddle while they were making grilled cheese sandwiches?
  9. Ffenix

    Unusual snacks

    parmesan chips. literally just parmesan cheese that's been baked hard. My sister insists that the cheddar kind is better though.
  10. Ffenix

    Why so few homosexuals?

    Assuming we believe the bible then we have the following: (Leviticus 20:13) If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them. (Genesis 19:5) And they called unto Lot, and said unto him, Where are the men which came in to thee this night? bring them out unto us, that we may know them. Following the biblical meaning of the word know (one of them, anyway) they can be safely assumed to reference the same thing. The first clearly states that it is an abomination. In the second, we're discussing the population of an entire city which was destroyed. Maybe I'm just speaking in youthful ignorance (or whatever the term is, IDK) but it seems to me that we can safely say that it's quite clear here.
  11. Ffenix

    No Obamacare Repeal

    ... I (almost) literally just finished reading Atlas Shrugged, so that's going to be bouncing around in my head even more than it already was.
  12. Ffenix

    Sleep? What's that?

    And I'll thank you to try your crazy 'sleep enhancing' experiments on yourself first next time. Three days with no sleep is four days to many.
  13. Ffenix

    Religious OCD--Advice Needed

    That presents a picture I find funny on many levels. I should probably go figure out why my brain is spinning on the wrong axis now...
  14. So much so that in many cases, we would rather be wrong in our beliefs than change them because they are ours, no matter the evidence against it.
  15. ah, thank you for explaining to me. The scriptures make a lot more sense when you have a context and some help don't you think?