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  1. I go with my two kids age 5 and 2 on my own as my husband isn't a member. I spend a lot of time sitting in the RS room and have the sacrament brought in there.
  2. Yes!!!! It's not just here though, I was having mega doctrine overload, didn't know what was what or what to believe and so much information it made me very depressed! So... I went to the temple and prayed about it and came off the internet (for latter-day saint stuff) exception being deseret bookshelf app (which I pay a subscription to) and the Church website, Ensign etc.. Feel so much better I think I am defo in the do my best and follow Christ/ read popular feel good books popular Church books type and I am absolutely fine with that
  3. Apologies if this has been done to death, but who is excited for two hour Church? I am really stoked about it and the new handbook. It does however mean I am without a calling and maybe for some time after being released Also if anyone has deseret bookshelf, can they recommend any new testament books that would be a good read before the new curriculum? Many thanks
  4. Oh yeah the tent thingy 🙄... It's a really big movement in the UK. I am as we speak ready, bags packed with tins of beans by the door.
  5. Hi You just need an account to purchase garments online, I minister to a less active sister who does this and I am based in the UK. If you have any problems I am sure the Bishop will send a Brother to help you, you just need to give him a shout
  6. Thanks for the reply, I'm going to try and go with option 4 probably, do the minimum, ie Sunday attendance and call it good. Maybe when my kids are older and I'm doing more things on a stake level I will have the opportunity to meet others.
  7. I am going to be honest, there is no way I would speak to my Bishop about it. I find him quite unapproachable and unless I have a sinned and therefore need to speak to him which has never happened so far. I would never speak to him about anything. Aside from preparing for my endowment I've spoken to him twice. It's fine, I will try and work through it on my own. Thanks for the advice though.
  8. Hey, I am not actually that lonely, I have lots of non member friends, I was one for 32 years of my life haha. I think it's more frustration as outside of Church I am really sociable and my friends think i'm awesome, we have huge BBQ get togethers etc.. I guess, no one likes feeling excluded really or that they don't belong at Church.
  9. Hi First of all, I love the Gospel, it brings so much joy in to my life 💙 but I'm really struggling to go to Church at the moment due to the social aspect. I hardly see anyone from Church from week to week. My ministers don't visit even though I have asked, I had a family home evening at my home and no one turned up. I have offered service to people and been turned down, I have invited people to dinner who haven't got an available time in 3 months and given the brush off. I've only been invited to five other people's houses in the ward for dinner ever. It makes me so upset to see all the mums in the ward doing things I never get invited to. I have lots of friends outside the church who are non members so I've stopped trying to be social at Church and just focusing on spending time with them which I'm getting judged for and have had people suggesting I'm breaking the wow etc.. Which I am not btw, temple worthy. I have spoken to the RS president about doing more social things in the ward but she said that isn't the purpose of Church. I also minister to less actives who want nothing to do with me so get no social interaction there. I did ask for a swap on the ministering but it was denied. I'm really struggling to go to Church at the moment and find myself thinking what's the point.
  10. Yep... I do love a good mothering in Relief Society though
  11. The temple and knowing that I am a Child of God with infinite worth I struggle with the Social side of Church as its pretty non existent in the UK and i'm a very social person so it can be quite lonely sometimes, I have more non member friends, then member ones, that said some people in Relief Society have been very kind to me
  12. Any more Ideas as I also have to teach fourth Sunday .... yay
  13. The UK is divided on the issue. Alot of people view "Alfies' army " as religious extremists. There has been a lot of coverage of these people threatening staff and other hospital patients. I absolutely love the NHS, I am very grateful that we have the healthcare that we have. The issue for me was the rights of the parents, the offer from Rome wasn't for treatment it was for palliative care, they weren't suggesting they could cure him. The NHS wants to get the best value for money it can and this can lead to incorrect decisions being made sadly, when I was pregnant with my son, I had preeclampsia and nearly died. The hospital still made me have a labour because there was over 20 percent chance, rather than give me a Cesarean which would cost more. I ended up after two days, having an emergency Cesarean, I think that outlook could do with improvement. I really feel for the parents but on the other hand, I am very grateful that Jehovah's witnesses are forced to give their children blood transfusions for example