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  1. When I was bishop I would frequently come home following an evening of interviews and Google things that I needed to better understand for which I probably wouldn't have searched otherwise. I thought it was kind of rude to do so during the interview. Were someone to examine my search history they would think I was a messed up guy.
  2. SI has bigger issues than the COVID issue. I'm a 30+ year subscriber but have turned off auto-renewal and will allow my current subscription to expire. My concerns really began a year or so ago when they changed to a bi-weekly rather than weekly. They also seemed to have a lot of double issues so were basically running as a monthly. At the beginning of 2020 they announced the were officially going monthly. That was when I decided the magazine no longer provided the entertainment I desired. See ya. I suspect I am not alone and that their subscription rates have been nose diving since well before COVID. Aside: Several years ago they broke out their swimsuit issue to be a completely separate issue. Previously it had been one of their weekly sports issues beefed up with the swimsuits and additional advertising. When they split it off on its own I called SI to let them know I wasn't thrilled with paying for a fashion magazine. I was told that I could adjust my subscription to skip the swimsuit issue and extend my subscription by a week. So I did and haven't received the swimsuit issue since. At the time I was told they weren't allowed to tell me how many others followed that option. More recently, however, they run a footnote in their subscription information letting people know of the no-swimsuit-issue option.
  3. hzdbl5

    Executive Secretary

    When I served as bishop my calendar (almost) always went through the Ex. Sec. Even if someone approached me and asked about meeting I would generally tell them to talk with Bro. Ex. Sec. to get on my calendar. I say "almost" as there were times that I would add the person to my calendar myself and other times when we'd go sit down right then and chat. It was very situational but the default was to get on my calendar via the Ex. Sec. As for the comment above: Whenever an issue was brought to me my first question would always be, "who is the home/visiting teacher?" The Relief Society president, high priest group leader and elders quorum president learned very quickly to make sure they had their HT/VT assignment lists with them for ward council. Much easier now with the ministering assignments included in Member Tools and LCR. Even with the push to offload member issues from the bishop we should still start with asking who the ministering brother or sister is. Just as the bishop can't deal with everything, the EQ and RS presidents won't be able to either. That's the whole point of ministering assignments.
  4. hzdbl5

    World Series 2019

    I'm cheering for Justin Verlander (Astros), Max Scherzer (Nats) and Anibal Sanchez (Nats) who are all former Detroit Tigers pitchers but couldn't quite bring the championship to Detroit.
  5. hzdbl5

    Keeping the Sabbath Day Holy

    Our Sabbath typically consists of attending church services and any other meetings our callings might entail. When we come home we sit together and go through the next week’s Come Follow Me lesson. A nap may take place. I will spend some time writing a letter via e-mail to my geographically dispersed family and read e-mailed letters they have sent. We may take a walk or bike ride along the nearby rail trail. We will definitely barbecue for dinner, occasionally hosting the missionaries serving in our ward. I will work on action items related to my calling if any are outstanding or prepare for an upcoming speaking assignment. Later in the evening we may watch a movie on Netflix or read and will finish the day off by Skyping with our son who is attending school several hours away. I will avoid shopping, attending sporting events, movies, etc. that would cause someone else to have to work on the Sabbath. E.g., I wouldn’t have any qualms filling my gas tank as I’m driving somewhere except that requires an attendant to be at work so I don't.
  6. https://www.deseret.com/2019/10/2/20894166/church-women-policy-witnesses-lds-mormon-conference The Deseret news is reporting an announcement from the Church indicating that women can serve as witnesses at baptisms and temple sealings. Additionally, children who have been baptized can also serve as witnesses at baptisms. Youth with limited use recommends can act as witnesses for baptisms in the temple.
  7. hzdbl5

    Closing Hymn

    Handbook 2 14.4.4 says the opening and closing hymns are "...normally sung by the congregation." Exceptions occur. The same section also goes on to say, "The sacrament hymn is always sung by the congregation." Exceptions should not occur.
  8. hzdbl5

    Questions for Apostles

    Agreed. My go to question is, "Tell us about a day in the life of a general authority. What kinds of projects are you working on? What specific assignments do you have?" When asked that question in an adult session of stake conference Elder Larry Wilson talked about an effort to bring clean water to remote villages across Asia. It was fascinating and exciting that the Church is involved in those kinds of efforts. As a member of the temple committee he visited our local temple. He asked how he could help...and ended up taking a couple of garbage bags out to the dumpster. Elder Anthony Perkins came to our ward one week. He attended our PEC and Ward Council meetings. He presided in sacrament meeting but did not speak other than sharing a brief testimony. We corralled him for a combined Young Women and Young Men meeting. In answer to my question, he talked about some of the day to day meetings he has, mentioned he'd had lunch with Pres. Eyering the previous Thursday then talked about the prayer assignments in General Conference, including specific time targets they are given. He also mentioned one of his sons had timed his prayer at a recent conference and texted him that he'd gone 25 seconds over. I like the question as the answer reminds folks that there is more to being a general authority than giving conference talks and reorganizing stake presidencies.
  9. hzdbl5


    New Mexico - Albuquerque, 1981-1982. I was called for 24 months but served for 18 as missions for elders were shortened with the announcement coming on what became my hump day. My last Sunday in New Mexico was Christmas with my return home on Wednesday. My Christmas phone call home focused mostly on plans for New Year's Eve coming that next weekend. My son served in Nevada - Las Vegas, Spanish speaking. He was in the 3rd group of missionaries that attended the CCM in Mexico City (see photo) rather than the MTC in Provo.
  10. hzdbl5

    So who’s going?

    *Time traveler arrives from the future Me: Did they really storm Area 51 in 2019? Time Traveler: You mean The Great Area 51 Massacre?
  11. I love sports. Both to play and to watch. I love college basketball and volleyball and have season tickets to both for a local Div I school a couple of miles from my home. My wife and I enjoy our game nights together. We, along with our adult son, play golf and tennis. Both are sports one can play throughout their life. Tennis, at least, is good exercise; golf usually puts you in nice, outdoor settings and we enjoy spending time together. We spent our 25th wedding anniversary in New York City being tourists by day and watching US Open tennis in person by night. It was one of our favorite trips. We even ran into Elder and Sister Perry a couple of times at our hotel. Whenever we travel in the summer we scope out if there is a major or minor league baseball team in town and will take in a game just to enjoy a nice evening. Our son plays pickup basketball each week at the church following YM/YW. He has developed a number of close friendships from those weekly games. I will travel a day’s journey in any direction to attend a football game for my alma mater. I live two time zones away so it’s a pleasure to be able to see them play in person on occasion. These end up being fun, family weekends. As a spectator, I enjoy watching people who are better at something than I am and I appreciate the effort it has taken them to be as good as they are. What I don’t understand is how people can get so worked up over their team, rivals or rival fans to the point where Dodgers / Giants games result in loss of life; where on-line commenters seem to shelve all civility in berating the players or fans of another team, etc. I mean, seriously, it’s just a game.
  12. hzdbl5

    Sealing after civil marriage

    Like Vort, I am not a sister, but our situation was similar to yours. My wife was also a convert. We married in a civil ceremony in Michigan then were sealed a couple of months later in the Salt Lake Temple following the anniversary of her baptism. We were young, didn't have a lot of money as we were early in our careers so when we were sealed we simply rented clothing in the temple that we wore for the ordinance. In the couple of photos that were snapped on the grounds following, she wore a tailored, skirted suit that she also wore to work and church. It was winter so we both had overcoats on so there wasn't really much to see of our attire beneath. Buying a special, white dress for the sealing is entirely up to you. Your temple dress is sufficient for the ordinance. Best wishes as you prepare. I hope you enjoy your sealing as much as we continue to enjoy ours.
  13. hzdbl5

    I hate my husband's calling (Bishop)

    LDS_Doll, I served as a bishop for a little over 5 years. One of things my wife noticed immediately was when she walked into rooms at church conversations stopped. We wondered if it was just her but in comparing notes with other bishops in the stake with whom I was friends, it happened to their wives too. Another thing we discovered was that, like my wife, the wives all had a confidant with whom they could talk and at times vent. Having your husband serve as a bishop is HARD. Having that outlet was helpful. My wife has a close friend in the ward with whom she would talk. If it was more of a venting session she was call my sister who lives in another part of the country. Find someone, in the ward or not, with whom you can just talk. In your circumstance perhaps someone outside the ward would be better. As for members who spoke badly of me, I know there were some. It only occasionally got back to me...once in blistering detail on social media. Ouch. Fortunately, both of the stake presidents I served with seriously had my back with some very difficult issues. I'm afraid I don't have a really good suggestion for this part of your dilemma other than to encourage open and frequent communication between your husband and the stake president. I encourage you to ensure that you and your husband take special care to make time for each other that is inviolable. Your relationship together is the most important one. For me and my wife that was Friday evenings. We did the grocery shopping together, would take in a movie, watched Netflix, rode our bikes, whatever. But that was our evening. Figure out what works for you and stick with it. And make sure the executive secretary knows it as well. There were a couple of evenings where things went terribly. When I returned home I lay on the bed next to my wife and wept. She just held me. That was all she could offer and it meant the world to me. Make sure, no matter what, you and your husband stand together. Stay strong. Every day is one day closer to his being released......
  14. I just listened to the press conference discussing the upcoming project to restore the Salt Lake Temple. The link below provides photos of what the update to the SL Temple will look like. One of the interesting notes that came out of the Q&A with the press is that discussions around this overall project began while Pres. Hinckley was the prophet with the hard core planning taking place over the past 2-3 years. Some comments I picked up while listening to the news conference and Q&A: The renovation project will take 5 years. The temple will close December 29, 2019 and reopen in 2024. There will be a public open house prior to a re-dedication at completion of the project. Historical note: there was a brief, 1-day tour/open house the day prior to the original dedication where local civic leaders were invited to attend. It is anticipated the public open house will be HUGE. The foundations of the temple will be isolated from the bedrock upon which it’s built for earthquake protection. The manner will be similar to what was done with the Santiago Chile temple. Major upgrades will be made to HVAC, mechanical, etc. systems within the temple. The South Visitor Center and Temple Annex will both be removed. The Annex will be replaced by redesigned entry facilities including a new “Grand Hall” (see photos). The South Visitor Center will be replaced by two “visitor pavilions”, no additional details given on these as they haven’t really been fleshed out. The large, granite walls along North Temple and South Temple streets will be removed and replaced with fencing and gating that will provide much more open views of the temple. There will also be enhanced access to the immediate area around the temple. There was no discussion of whether the walls around the western half of Temple Square would be updated as well. The Main Street Plaza will also be reconfigured. Refer to the photos for what it will ultimately look like. The endowment will be available in 86 languages following the project. The ordinance will be available via film as well as continued live presentations. Efforts will be made to renew interior features to their original condition and pallet. E.g., wall, floor and ceiling colors (much more colorful than now), murals will be refurbished, etc. Slots are filling up fast for sealing rooms for the rest of 2019. Members currently assigned to the SL Temple will NOT be assigned to other temples during the project. They are invited to attend any available temple. Other temples in the area are preparing for anticipated increased patronage. Sister missionaries will continue to serve on Temple Square during the renovation as Temple Square (think west of the temple) will continue to be open to the public. The temple will be covered with scaffolding for a significant portion of the project. This is the link to the newsroom article with photos and a replay of the news conference: https://www.mormonnewsroom.org/article/plans-unveiled-salt-lake-temple-renovation
  15. While I was serving as bishop, one testimony-er was sharing some tender mercies they'd experienced while dealing with a recent medical issue. No worries there. It was when they started talking about test results for their urine and stool samples that I got up and whispered in their ear. The first fast and testimony meeting after I was released, when I could sit back and just listen, was when I realized just how stressful those meetings had been for me. My not-so-righteous desire was to wear a blue shirt for Sunday services while bishop. The only reason I could come up with to do so was that it would tweak some people in the congregation. I didn't figure that was an appropriate reason.