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  1. hzdbl5

    Encouraging Temple recommend renewals?

    A couple of fun experiences doing temple recommend interviews as a bishop: Our stake president, who was a member of my ward, needed to renew his recommend at the same time I needed to renew mine. So we sat down across from each other at my desk. I asked him the questions, he asked me the questions, I signed my recommend twice (member and bishopric) and his once (bishopric), turned the book around to him and he signed his recommend twice (member and stake presidency) and mine once (stake presidency). We shook hands and went on our way. One of my last weeks prior to being released, as we were getting ready for the day, my wife asked if I would do her renewal interview. I thought about it for a moment and suggested she visit with one of my counselors. Later at church she approached me and asked again that I do her renewal interview. I asked if she wouldn't be more comfortable meeting with one of my counselors. She said, "no" so we sat down in my office and did the interview. I didn't think much of it as it seemed to have been just another recommend interview. Later while sitting at dinner our son asked how her recommend interview had gone. She responded saying it had been one of the toughest recommend interviews she had ever had. I was totally surprised as it had seemed uneventful to me. She said I was very direct and businesslike in my asking of the questions. That's how I am so I didn't understand. She went on to explain that by being as serious as I am with the interview it comes across as intimidating. We ended the conversation with me wondering if everyone I'd ever interviewed had come away feeling that way.
  2. Within the recent past a marriage for time, in the temple or not, using the verbiage in the Handbook, referenced covenants the parties were making before God and the witnesses. The last marriage I performed about 6 years ago used that terminology. In the Handbook today, the verbiage reverences "vows" rather than covenants but still acknowledges these vows are being made before God and witnesses. I don't know how recently that change was made. When my wife and I were married civilly, we did not have any less of a commitment to our relationship than when we were sealed a couple of months later. For us the end goal was the same. Our marriage felt no less serious than our sealing. The wedding license was not just a "piece of paper" and was not used to allow us to "shack-up". That's kind of a harsh description. From a practical point of view the wedding had a much greater impact on our lives than the sealing. From an eternal perspective, of course, not so much. I think this latest move is simply a step for the Church to get out of the marriage business completely. I see a day, not too distant, when bishops and stake presidents will no longer perform marriages of any kind. Couples will need to meet the legal requirements as defined by the government. The sealing with then be an ordinance for only those who live up to the standards required and will be a sacrament of the Church rather than a governmentally-recognized contract. A marriage license will no longer be needed, only a recommend for a living ordinance.
  3. hzdbl5

    Adult Child of Record

    I will defer to your experience as I have precious little. What I can say is we had 18 year olds split out as separate heads of households, including my son when he turned 18, and I never asked that it be done. As such, I had assumed it occurred automatically. Perhaps I just had a rogue clerk who did it.......
  4. hzdbl5

    Simpler Vocabulary

    This won't help Carborendum at all but this topic brought back fond memories. When I was bishop our elders quorum president did not speak English as his primary language. He carried a small notebook with him in which he would occasionally write. I asked him about it. He explained that whenever he heard a word he wasn't familiar with he would write the word in the notebook then work later on to learn it and use it in conversation. That became a challenge for me to see how frequently I could get him to write in the notebook. I asked a couple of years later if he still used the notebook. He said he did but didn't come across unfamiliar words very often anymore. He also laughed and said he never used it as frequently as when we were having ward councils. Mission accomplished. What was really funny was when other members of the council - native English speakers - stopped me to explain a word.
  5. hzdbl5

    Adult Child of Record

    When they turn 18 they become a separate household and are noted as the head of the household. You effectively have a membership record for a non-member adult. If the parents move their records, it does not impact the now-adult child's record. Unless there are extenuating circumstances this would typically be addressed during a membership cleanup or audit.
  6. hzdbl5

    Halloween Cancelled?

    I've started seeing memes, posts, etc. on social media about Halloween having been cancelled. Discussions have begun to identify work around strategies to this supposed tyranny. I'm confused. I've not heard anything that I'd consider official say anything at all about Halloween let alone saying it's been cancelled. I checked my city's web site where I see there are seasonal activities scheduled but will have masks, social distancing, etc. No indication about Halloween having been cancelled. Local stores carry all the goods one would expect at this time of year. It seems all systems go. What gives?
  7. After receiving my endowment and prior to leaving on my mission I was invited by a friend to the Salt Lake Temple where we performed proxy baptisms and confirmations for individuals who had been excommunicated then passed away prior to rebaptism. As part of the confirmation there was also a restoration of priesthood and temple blessings performed. As such, the proxy had to have been endowed. I don't recall if there was mention of sealings, however. My impression was that the individuals were restored to the status of their ordinances prior to their excommunication. I'm afraid I don't know what the process was to get the names of the individuals ready for the proxy work. We showed up and worked for names provided to us by whomever was running the show. I also did not have this question come up while I was serving as bishop so never researched it. With the General Handbook of Instructions now open to all, perhaps there are details contained therein that could answer the questions you ask. My understanding also is that the excommunication of the father does nothing to impact the covenants and blessings from those covenants entered into by the spouse (assuming she remains true to her covenants) or the children born in the covenant. They are still born in the covenant regardless of what their parents do later in life. This ties to our second Article of Faith. As for the question of what happens in the hear after, I take comfort from my faith that our Heavenly Father will get it all worked as is appropriate. My capacity for understanding at this point makes it a useless exercise to try to figure out all the intricacies and variations that may result from our imperfect lives and decisions.
  8. hzdbl5

    What’s the last movie you watched?

    Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga Found this on Netflix, it's a relatively new film. It's the story of an Icelandic singing duo (probably or definitely not brother and sister) played by Will Ferrell and Rachel McAdams who end up representing Iceland for Eurovision, which we learned is a real thing and a very big deal in Europe. We only decided to watch it as we'd been to Iceland a couple of years ago and absolutely loved the place. We hoped to see some things we'd recognize and were not disappointed. It was surprisingly well done and features many former Eurovision competitors performing their music. I had goosebumps for the final performance. I find myself going back to watch bits and pieces of it. Note: Will Ferrell does his own singing but Rachel McAdams lip syncs to performances by Molly 'My Marianne' Sandén, whose voice is incredible.
  9. hzdbl5


    This doesn't add anything to the conversation (apologies in advance) but many years ago in Sunday School the teacher started off the lesson by asking, "has anyone here ever seen an angel?" After a pause I raised my hand. This caught the instructor by surprise. After fumbling for a moment he asked when. I replied, "every morning when I roll over." I just ruined the morning for every other married man in the room......
  10. When I was bishop I would frequently come home following an evening of interviews and Google things that I needed to better understand for which I probably wouldn't have searched otherwise. I thought it was kind of rude to do so during the interview. Were someone to examine my search history they would think I was a messed up guy.
  11. SI has bigger issues than the COVID issue. I'm a 30+ year subscriber but have turned off auto-renewal and will allow my current subscription to expire. My concerns really began a year or so ago when they changed to a bi-weekly rather than weekly. They also seemed to have a lot of double issues so were basically running as a monthly. At the beginning of 2020 they announced the were officially going monthly. That was when I decided the magazine no longer provided the entertainment I desired. See ya. I suspect I am not alone and that their subscription rates have been nose diving since well before COVID. Aside: Several years ago they broke out their swimsuit issue to be a completely separate issue. Previously it had been one of their weekly sports issues beefed up with the swimsuits and additional advertising. When they split it off on its own I called SI to let them know I wasn't thrilled with paying for a fashion magazine. I was told that I could adjust my subscription to skip the swimsuit issue and extend my subscription by a week. So I did and haven't received the swimsuit issue since. At the time I was told they weren't allowed to tell me how many others followed that option. More recently, however, they run a footnote in their subscription information letting people know of the no-swimsuit-issue option.
  12. hzdbl5

    Executive Secretary

    When I served as bishop my calendar (almost) always went through the Ex. Sec. Even if someone approached me and asked about meeting I would generally tell them to talk with Bro. Ex. Sec. to get on my calendar. I say "almost" as there were times that I would add the person to my calendar myself and other times when we'd go sit down right then and chat. It was very situational but the default was to get on my calendar via the Ex. Sec. As for the comment above: Whenever an issue was brought to me my first question would always be, "who is the home/visiting teacher?" The Relief Society president, high priest group leader and elders quorum president learned very quickly to make sure they had their HT/VT assignment lists with them for ward council. Much easier now with the ministering assignments included in Member Tools and LCR. Even with the push to offload member issues from the bishop we should still start with asking who the ministering brother or sister is. Just as the bishop can't deal with everything, the EQ and RS presidents won't be able to either. That's the whole point of ministering assignments.
  13. hzdbl5

    World Series 2019

    I'm cheering for Justin Verlander (Astros), Max Scherzer (Nats) and Anibal Sanchez (Nats) who are all former Detroit Tigers pitchers but couldn't quite bring the championship to Detroit.
  14. hzdbl5

    Keeping the Sabbath Day Holy

    Our Sabbath typically consists of attending church services and any other meetings our callings might entail. When we come home we sit together and go through the next week’s Come Follow Me lesson. A nap may take place. I will spend some time writing a letter via e-mail to my geographically dispersed family and read e-mailed letters they have sent. We may take a walk or bike ride along the nearby rail trail. We will definitely barbecue for dinner, occasionally hosting the missionaries serving in our ward. I will work on action items related to my calling if any are outstanding or prepare for an upcoming speaking assignment. Later in the evening we may watch a movie on Netflix or read and will finish the day off by Skyping with our son who is attending school several hours away. I will avoid shopping, attending sporting events, movies, etc. that would cause someone else to have to work on the Sabbath. E.g., I wouldn’t have any qualms filling my gas tank as I’m driving somewhere except that requires an attendant to be at work so I don't.
  15. https://www.deseret.com/2019/10/2/20894166/church-women-policy-witnesses-lds-mormon-conference The Deseret news is reporting an announcement from the Church indicating that women can serve as witnesses at baptisms and temple sealings. Additionally, children who have been baptized can also serve as witnesses at baptisms. Youth with limited use recommends can act as witnesses for baptisms in the temple.