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  1. I am not looking for ammo, I don't exactly know what I'm looking for other than a place to seek advice from like minded individuals who may have passed through similar circumstances. I guess you can tell by me turning to a forum like this that we are not doing well right now.
  2. Hey I'm new to this forum. This has probably been asked before, but not by me. About 18 months ago I confessed to my wife that I have been viewing pornography on and off for years. She was understandably angry, hurt, disgusted etc. She varies between love and kindness towards me or revulsion and anger. She has discussed me moving out and eventually divorcing many times, at other times she states exactly the opposite. I have been to ARP meetings for the past year, sought individual counseling, professional and through my wonderful bishop. We even went to marriage counseling together. But since this is my fault/problem she feels she doesn't need to be there. I have made progress and have been able to overcome temptations that have plagued me for years. However, this whole repentance process has had me up and down emotionally. I have had some serious bouts of depression. But we have a large family and I don't have time to slow down. I feel that my efforts should be enough for her to stop threatening me with divorce.