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  1. Well, yes and no... You two will be asked to either choose to get married or end the relationship (Because you as human beings can't be trusted to not break the law of chastity. Look, stop this. Telling perfect strangers on a(Albeit Mormon) forum site is not talking to your Bishop. Go talk to your bishop. It will be ok, just go talk to your bishop.
  2. Wow, that woman is as sharp as a sack of wet kittens!
  3. This is a sensitive topic for me. I have both a severely mentally ill spouse and mother. The rest of the family, my adult children as well, have alienated both my spouse and mother. I am alienated as well as I am fiercely loyal to both. I understand it! Having PTSD (The military doesn't fix what it breaks), I get it. It's a lonely road too. As such, I recognize both my mother and wife are worthy of being love, and they are worthy of compassion and understanding. How I cope with dealing with them at their worst moments is I love and respect them upfront, I make the first move. I also REFUSE to engage, I do not argue back, and I just shrug my shoulders and say "Ok". I will withdraw from that conversation and wait for calmer moments, I believe in my heart that family is forever. While I won't enable destructive behavior, kindness is free. I won't hand you an implement in which to hurt yourself with, but I'll love you fiercely. I'll crawl on my hands and knees through 5 miles of broken glass if I have to in order to get to you if you need me. I don't buy into the mantra on social media about voiding people that are toxic. I don't know any perfect people. I do know this, I know how lonely I feel when I am alienated because it's inconvenient to love me, or awkward to love me, I know what it's like to think "No one understand me, no one thinks or feels like I do, no one cares". I'm sure not going to bring someone to tears for that. Love your family, we have merely precious seconds to do so, sometimes, not even that. In the end, "All I have is you, all you have is me". It should be known that last year, I lost my younger brother to a drug overdose. Oh dear God, the things I wish I would I would have said to him, how I wish I could have saved a life. I'm done talking about this, it's raining in my eyes and I don't like it. Love one another, never quit, never give up.
  4. Hi Priesthood power, Heya man, no judgement here. Although it is clearly not finished between you and the (ex) wife. What I am going to pray for is healing for you and your (ex) wife and that Heavenly Father will eliminate the obstacles that have come between you two that you may be able to rekindle your marriage and return (and re-marry) one another. Also, maybe when the two of you hold your newest addition to the family, that the new child will remind you both just how the love between you has given another life breath in this world, and that love is a living breathing thing. The only judgement I make here is that my instinct tells me that you and your (ex) wife simply belong together. I can't tell you how to do it, it just seems like something that need be accomplished. Blessings to you both and your children. Maybe you both live as long as you want and never want for as long as you live.
  5. Eh, I think he's wasting his time, why bother? He can find a woman who IS interested in him and be much happier for it. I'm sure this guy has plenty of qualities that an uninvolved great woman will want.
  6. She has a boyfriend, she's not talking to you, doesn't want to talk to you, she is spending time with her man. So you are correct, she doesn't want to see you. I cant imagine why she would want to. She's already got a gig.
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    Sugar cookie, you're the one, you make sacrament meeting lots of fun, oh sugar cookie, oh sugar cookie.
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    Awe, you need a hug, don't you? C'mere, c'mere, put your head on my shoulders it's ok, there, there...
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    I'm covered in military tattoos. They all mean something to me. No one from the church has ever commented about them. I see lots of people in my ward that are fellow inkies. We're Mormons, we are a variety of different people. My temple recommend holds the same rights and privileges as a non-inkie's recommend. My wife is an inkie as well. We're just ordinary people, no better, no worse.
  10. On my honor, I will do my best to do my duty to God and my country, and to obey the scout law, to help other people at all times, to keep myself physically strong, mentally awake and morally straight. There goes: Duty to God. Mentally awake. Morally straight. Scouts of the BSA.... Whatever....
  11. Zennif, I've followed your thread since you first reported the initial problems. I have to say, my heart goes out to you and your wife. Heavenly Father bless and keep you
  12. Actually, you're irrelevant, and it's clear you know nothing. Opinions have nothing to do with it.
  13. I don't dislike you because you're any particular color, I don't dislike you because you are from Costa Rica, I dislike you because I think very poorly of you as a person, that's all. DUH.... EDITED TO AD: Everything I need to know about you to dislike you can be found within this thread. CHEERS!
  14. Nah, what's strange us you identified me as a racist, I am white and hispanic, my wife is white, black, asian and arab. Dude, you messed up playing the race card HERE.
  15. Heya OP, Are you still around on the forum? I'm anxious to know if you went and talked to your bishop and husband and how things are working out for you.
  16. Wow, did I just read what I thought I read? Oh man, I think I've got nothing good to say in response that are within the terms or service and code of conduct. I'm not feeling particularly Christ like at the moment. Wow... Just wow..... Keep on keeping on, buddy. I'm outta here.
  17. Hear the thunderclap of a rumbling voice from above yelling down at you as if you're in trouble saying "BECAUSE I SAID SO, THAT'S WHY'! Now, there's your answer, and all is well again. Simplicity is awesome, no?
  18. I'm just going to toss these thoughts out there. 1. To by design abstain from your spouse is absolute selfishness. (Now come child, step on over to number TWO, come on now, it's ALL yours! ) 2. Selfishness leads to infidelity and or divorce. I've got two bits of bad news for you (1) You're going to hell. (2) I'm driving the bus. 3. A sexless marriage by medical causes requires selflessness. Would you leave your spouse if they will ill? Ask yourself yet once more to make sure. 4. Selflessness and love transcends all things. *****FACT***** Christ PROVED this. Cross anyone? Anyone else need an OBVIOUS sign, token or image? 5. I am more than my genitalia, although yes, I would miss sex, I also consider what I would miss more? Sex or my wife's companionship? If I could have EVERYTHING else in my marriage run PERFECT, but I would have to give up sex, I think of my wife's face, I think of her tears if I chose to leave, then I think, darn, those cold showers are cold, then I think "God, ok, fine, I'll take the forever marriage, about the sex thing, why in blazes did you have to make her so darn cute"? My wife goes through spells where she doesn't feel good, she has Lupus, its rough on her, so she is not always feeling her wild oats talking to her. Me, I've got my own health crapola, I am not always feeling like a wild stallion. Sexless? At times, I suppose. Isn't this normal though? 6. If number 2 is your truth and YOU are the cause, take your lumps, you've earned them. Don't snivel when your spouse is gone, don't snivel when you've been replaced. If you've sent your spouse out into the Devil's playground, it's just as much your fault as it is your spouse, the spiritual death shared will be yours and theirs, you don't have to wait until your body dies to be punished, it comes for you both RIGHT NOW and continues on with repercussions through the ages. Free will sucks, huh? It can be just as bad as waving your Daddy's shotgun around negligently. 7. can a couple save it? Absolutely! Will they? Probably not. Why? SELFISHNESS! It's HIS fault, no, it's HER fault. My feelings are hurt, ME, ME, ME, Mine! Mine! Mine! I want! I want! I want! My! My! My! PMS = POOR ME SYNDROM Well, there you have it boys and girls, now go be good to each other. OR ELSE If this helped you? PM me your address where I can send the bill, If this didn't help you, PM me your address where I can send the bill, I offered no guarantees. If you wanted a guarantee, you should have bought a toaster oven at Sears. Disclaimer: I don't really drive the bus to hell, I don't know if you're really going to hell, I just guess often, note I am not a millionaire, my guesses don't always pan out. Am I really charging for advice? Oh, sure! That would be awesome! I could so work from home.