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  1. Andy_Plsn

    Priesthood Session?

    its probably because they dont want non members to get there hands on priesthood session cause it can get pretty deep, im not saying that the rest of conference cant but it does more in priesthood. so when people want the cds they probably already are members.
  2. Andy_Plsn

    I love missionary work

    i have had so many of these sweet experiences. keep talking to your friends, you planting seeds. i am also a recent convert well like 6 months now and im totally goin on a mission in 6 months im pumped im talking to my branch president about starting the paper work this sunday woo!!!
  3. im really glad i got to hear from you all and yeah its nice to know that other people are doing it too... so i dont feel all alone in cyberspace -andy
  4. so i know its on the front page of this page and that there is a pole about it but i just was wondering how many people are actualy doing it... i think its a great way to spread the word and we all dont need to make a new blog, well i didnt even though i just started my blog like a week ago but yeah... like i said i dont think its a big deal because its such a big part of our lives and hey what if someone does stumble upon your blog or whatever or myspace... i know that both my blog and myspace have stuff about the church on them and its not that big of a deal how long does it take... well i was just wondering what every one was doing with this subject... i know this may just look like a big advertisement to all of you but its not... click here to read the talk but yeah you all should post what you are doing to give the people who are hung up on what to do an idea or something -andy i dont know if i posted this in the right place but yeah i didnt know where to put it
  5. Andy_Plsn

    Mission Advice

    i also have these same questions and was really wondering what was up with all of it and if someone could shed some light on the situation it would be greatly appreciated by all of us and since i am the only member in my family i am really out of the loop. thanks andy
  6. Andy_Plsn


    thats really cool that you got accepted. congrats!!!! im still trying to figure out what i want to do in life, i still need to break the news to my parents that i want to go on a mission (they arnt too happy that im a member of the church). and school wise i only really pay attention to stuff im interested in and i am not entirly sure what i want to go for so yeah. but congrats again it sounds like you have some stuff figured out and thats cool. good luck.
  7. Andy_Plsn

    Friend Has Alot Of Questions

    jason thats really funny he told me to give him one verse from the bible that would prove anything and i told him james 1:5 cause just as joseph smith did if he wants answers thats all he has to do.
  8. Andy_Plsn

    Help. Are My Girlfriends Parents Crazy?

    hey im also 18 and a convert its pretty cool right. anyway back to the point. well i can kinda see why they are freakin out first off how long have you been a member of the church?? second you should look it at from there point of view you have been dating there daughter for 5 months shes still in high school and yeah maybe they think that you are moving too quickly. well i would really like to know how long you have been a member cause thats really what my point will ride on.
  9. Andy_Plsn

    Friend Has Alot Of Questions

    hey all i was hoping all of you could help me out with one of my friends. he has alot of questions about the church and i have done alot of short little statements to try to answer him (like in Elder Ballards talk). it seems like its not really working to answer his questions he can believe that joseph smith could translate the book of mormon and says that no one can answer his questions. i have tried many a time and every time he has more questions and i tell him that i will get back to him with answers and then i do and he has 2 or 3 more really hard ones. last week i found out that he was looking at alot of anti stuff and thats where he was getting all of his questions and i told him if he wanted to know the truth all he would have to do is pray about it and he would know. he is also stuck up on what he calls basing an entire faith on a "feeling". i try to tell him that its the holy ghost and its like its just not getting through to him. i was just wondering how i could help him. every time i try to answer his questions its like he goes on the defensive and starts to pretty much argue, so i dont know what to do because i do truly want to answer his questions. andy
  10. Andy_Plsn

    Paying Tithing As A Married Couple

    thanks rocketman that really helped alot i was just payin like 5 bucks and i thought it was sufficient and yeah i felt ok paying it it just felt weird to me to try to figure it all up thanks again andy
  11. Andy_Plsn

    When Did You Believe?

    i chose 15-21 im 18 and met the missionaries about 5 months ago.i took the discussions, it had seemed if i had already knew the basic principles which they taught ,as if i had heard it before. during my first lesson (the restoration, joseph smith and the vision) the spirit was soo strong at the time i didn't know what it was and it was soo amazing. as i continued to take the lessons i found more truth in what they were teaching and it was really cool. i really didn't know until i fasted and prayed about it, one day i was sitting home alone on my sofa and had just got done praying it was during my fast and i had a great spiritual experience one that can only be toped by the day i got to baptize one of my best friends. i knew it was true and here i am and i have almost been baptized for 3 months. i can tell you the decision to join the church was the right one and that the church is true and if it wasn't i wouldn't be here today. i love this church and i have had many trials already and all it does is strengthen my testimony. andy
  12. Andy_Plsn

    Paying Tithing As A Married Couple

    alot of good advice has been given and i know how it is to feel like you wont have enough money to pay your tithing. as a college student its very hard to be out on your own with no financial support and have to live on very small pay checks and pay all your bills and tithing but i have made it a priority that i do pay my tithing first because if i didnt that money would go someplace else and not to the lord. yes i may be living on raman noodles and eggs and oatmeal but in my heart i know that i am a full tithe payer. its also kinda of hard to justify my fast offering i have had a hard time with that lately because i usually fast for fast sunday and maybe some other time if i am having a hard time and just need that but of extra guidence so living on raman noodle and getting fed by other members on the weekends has been hard for me to try to see what i should pay for fast offering. andy
  13. Andy_Plsn

    I Need Your Help

    ok so again thank you for all your great advice. last weekend i went over to my parents house and hung out with my little brother and talked to the parents and it went well. we also went out to dinner and it was a good time so i think i may stay there next weekend. andy
  14. doug this is great i know exactly how you feel and just pray and keep reading thats all you can do. the weeks before you baptism may be hard but all will work out the 2 weeks before my baptism were incredibly hard and at times i almost backed out but i never really told anyone that but i almost didnt do it but then one night i just prayed about it and was pretty much told that the rest of the week was going to be really hard but that it would all work out in the end. so im really excited for you and know its the best decision i have ever made. andy
  15. Andy_Plsn

    I Need Your Help

    thank you all for what you have said you are all helping just with the comments you leave and again i thank you for that andy