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  1. Therein lies the problem. There aren't many under the age of 30 that know what Socialism is anymore. Interviews with that age demographic asked about socialism tend to answer that it's being really 'social' and 'really nice to everyone' and being 'fair to everyone' and have zero education about it. I clearly remember my government classes teaching me Capitalism, Socialism, Communism (and Marxism). I've heard most schools don't teach these anymore. Judging from the 'on the spot' interviews I've watched and the articles I've read written by the 18-29 age demographic.... this just might be true. In order to vote intelligently, you have to educate yourself to what you are voting for.
  2. Not only is it IN the handbook that anyone 31+ would switch from the YSA ward - BUT in fairness to all the others, they have an expectation that their peers in the ward are all similar ages of 18-30. I personally would have zero problems telling this woman "Hey, you know when I suggested the YSA ward? Well I had no idea you weren't in the 18-30 age group! I know, right? You look really awesome. But, I'm really sorry for suggesting it because obviously, you really shouldn't be going to the YSA ward, it IS for those 18-30 year olds. Sorry I messed up with my suggestion but it was in a good way! That's quite the compliment!" And then bow out of helping with rides or anything else....
  3. What immediately sprang (sprung?) to mind reading the original post is that I agree with the OP in some respects because toddlers are taught from day 1 to repeat this phrase over and over... and over. They can barely speak, but they get up in front, with Mom right next to them whispering in their ear and they are made to say the exact same thing over and over again... child after child, repeating testimony... "I know Josef smif was a pahfit. I know da chooch is twoo. I wuv my famwee. Injesuschwistamen." Parents are compelled to make their babies get up and try to utter it because other parents do (peer pressure of sorts). The children do this over and over and then they are 4 and 5 and can say it without help and love getting up in front of people to repeat it for the attention. By the time you are 6 or 7 it's just something they say. Adults - similar. Said, uttered, without thought time after time, it loses it's meaning. It's just a phrase you are compelled to repeat or say all the time because it's something you've gotten so used to doing. The second part; compelled to do it because 'everyone else is' so you feel spotlighted if you don't..... (Just typing out my immediate brainstorming thoughts as I read the original post... LOL. Pretty sure I started rambling there as I was sorting out some thoughts!)
  4. Does anyone know if the lds store online ( store.ChurchofJesusChrist.org) takes PayPal as an option? After 2 different debit cards have been hacked in the past few months (which is a story in itself! LOL) I am trying to use PayPal more now. Anyone know if PayPal is an option there? Thanks!
  5. I've seen many versions, but I cried numerous times during this particular one. I thought it was very well done.
  6. Last movie was last night (online) "This Beautiful Fantastic" and oh... it was awesome. The description doesn't sound all that intriguing at all but I took a chance and I loved it. Absolutely loved it. But... I like quirky characters so, there's that. LOL.
  7. Saw it when it came out... bought the DVD.... still love it years later AND ironically (?) just quoted it and mentioned it to friends on a different board the day before yesterday! LOL.
  8. Before I even read any of the replies my first thought was "There could be a distinct difference in answers and opinions based on whether the comments from a male or female.....". As a female I absolutely knew how you felt about not wanting him to wear the same temple garments that he wore when he married his first wife. Just as you stated - it's almost like a bride wearing the same gown to her second wedding. But on the other hand, my own husband would have answered as the guys here did! LOL. He probably wouldn't have emotion tied to the garments and wonder why on earth I wouldn't want him to use them for 'our' wedding. (And yes... he would have bought a different set or rented a different set if and when he knew it would bother me... just as your husband will do). I think it's kind of a female thing to tie emotions to the clothing. Not all females of course. And not all males. But generally speaking the guys are like, "Why wouldn't I just just wear the same ones?" and the females are all... "Oh please don't wear the same ones you wore when you married her!"
  9. At 26 carats there is no way I would ever think it was real... and I would have done the same thing she did and just wore it for 30 years. Except I doubt I ever would have brought it in to be appraised at all - I would still be cluelessly wearing it. (Except I'm not a big fan of gaudy, flashy or big jewelry so I actually would *not* be wearing it... but you get what I mean!)
  10. I can't even imagine... LOL. We have a small George Foreman grill that lives on our counter solely to make bacon.
  11. I agree with both mdfxmd and my two cents: You can't expect a spouse to be ok with a 180 degree turn after after 12 years. If the situation were reversed and you both were attending the Mormon church for 12 years and he suddenly told you he didn't want to go anymore and wasn't going to - I'm sure that would be a huge upheaval in your life (and honestly, many many marriages have broken up over such). So while it's unrealistic to suddenly turn the table on your spouse and children after 12 years when they are happy where they are; this is where I agree with my two cents. You certainly can attend both. My friend has a similar compromise in her family. It works out very well for the most part and they've been married now for about 24 (?) years.
  12. From what I glean from talking to people all over the US, it's not really celebrated outside of Utah.
  13. Tim McGraw - Humble and Kind (Apparently I don't know how to get the video to post here - I tried to embed it and that didn't work. I tried to put the URL but the editor turned it 'red' and apparently I wasn't allowed to post that either. LOL. So you'll have to look it up.) "Humble And Kind" You know there's a light that glows by the front door Don't forget the key's under the mat When childhood stars shine, Always stay humble and kind Go to church 'cause your mamma says to Visit grandpa every chance that you can It won't be wasted time Always stay humble and kind Hold the door, say "please", say "thank you" Don't steal, don't cheat, and don't lie I know you got mountains to climb But always stay humble and kind When the dreams you're dreamin' come to you When the work you put in is realized Let yourself feel the pride But always stay humble and kind Don't expect a free ride from no one Don't hold a grudge or a chip and here's why: Bitterness keeps you from flyin' Always stay humble and kind Know the difference between sleeping with someone And sleeping with someone you love "I love you" ain't no pick-up line So always stay humble and kind Hold the door, say "please", say "thank you" Don't steal, don't cheat, and don't lie I know you got mountains to climb But always stay humble and kind When those dreams you're dreamin' come to you When the work you put in is realized Let yourself feel the pride But always stay humble and kind When it's hot, eat a root beer popsicle Shut off the AC and roll the windows down Let that summer sun shine Always stay humble and kind Don't take for granted the love this life gives you When you get where you're going don't forget turn back around And help the next one in line Always stay humble and kind
  14. Just re-watched Mr. Hobbs Takes a Vacation tonight. Yep... the really really old one! Ha I'm a sucker for old movies.
  15. Backroads - can I ask? What did you decide? (Did you post it somewhere else and I missed it?) New job or no?