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  1. letmeoff

    A lonely mormon

    Well I'm always finding new paths Anatess, even in my field. However I do retain certain principles and their core theories. But any of my theories can change, so long as I have sufficient enough evidence to support the change. Can you say the same for the LDS
  2. letmeoff

    A lonely mormon

    Maybe choose a new path.
  3. Sundown Friday to Sundown Saturday? Or Sunrise Sunday to Sundown Sunday?
  4. Yes I agree and if God ever wanted me to wipe out a whole town because of their wickedness, I wouldn't hesitate.
  5. If I tell you what to do will you do it?
  6. I wish you would say something sooner than later, unlike me who waited around for too long and lost EVERYTHING. I should have listed to myself and not trends of morality.
  7. letmeoff

    How to Love Like God

  8. letmeoff

    How to Love Like God

    Yep, someone who knows nothing would seem a utter fool.
  9. letmeoff

    How to Love Like God

    A fool is someone who realizes they know nothing, their first step into the unknown.
  10. letmeoff


    I guess I'll have to wait.
  11. letmeoff

    How to Love Like God

    How's your sister.
  12. letmeoff

    How to Love Like God

    No hear me out. Adam & Eve never gained life and everybody got kicked out of the garden of Eden. So if they didn't gain life and we never gained life, then is this life?
  13. letmeoff

    How to Love Like God

    Who says this is life.