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  1. Iggy

    New old calling

    Congrats Mirk ~ Perhaps the Lord wants the 20 somethings to really learn about Self Reliance & food storage. Only He knows how badly our little branch and the neighboring ward needs someone like you. Our 20 somethings feel that Self Reliance & food storage is for the *Molly Mormons & Peter Priesthoods* not for them. The senior citizens feel that they are the inventors of self reliance and are doing just fine with the food storage ~ thank you very much. Hubby has been Sunday School President since 2013, unbeknownst to him he was a Beta tester (?) for the Youth Come Follow Me program, and then again for the Teaching In The Savior's Way. He is terrified of being released and called as Financial Clerk. A calling he held for 6 years running in three wards. Cleaning up the seemingly unclean-able computer mess the previous financial clerks had made. (Hubby is a computer nerd/guru) Not saying our Branch is in a computer mess - the last FC held the calling for nearly 12 years and grew with it and is now our 1st Councilor. The current FC is a whiz on the computer, whiz with numbers and has become a happy, smiling man since he accepted this calling.
  2. Iggy

    DNA testing

    No it was not an obvious joke. You were rude. I am not joking back. I like using obsolete technology - because it is NOT obsolete if you can still purchase it and the tapes that go with it. Next time you wish to joke, use an emoji or six.
  3. Iggy

    Planter Bed

    If you are growing food for humans to eat, don't use pressure treated wood. The stuff that is used to pressure treat the wood is toxic to humans. It is drawn up into the plant and humans end up getting it into their systems. Same for the bug killers. Toxic to humans. If you want to get rid of the vegetarian aka bad bugs, then plant flowers to attract the carnivorous aka good bugs. Deer really hate tomato leaves, when I did my 1500 sq. ft garden, I hung cherry tomato plants in planters on the 6 ft horse fencing. Kept the 4 Does out of my garden.
  4. Iggy

    DNA testing

    What a rude remark!
  5. Iggy

    So um... I have an announcement.

    You do, it is called Garments. 😃
  6. Iggy

    Here’s a tough one!!

    The child is 18 - BUT she has been living like this for how many years! SHE is the one who needs to be educated on personal & household hygiene. Doctors only know what they are TOLD by their patients. They no longer make house calls and thus see the unhealthy state of the house. They just may get disability, welfare, the husband could even work. And even the MOST severe hoarder isn't really money/bill paying stupid. Direct deposits started back in the early 80's, auto-pay has also been around for decades too. Health department comes to mind. He may not want his wife home, did we read she is mentally unstable? He should have been involved from day one - heavy lifting, shoveling crap out of the house, taking the pets to the shelter for adoption into healthier homes, etc. we will come and help you both primer and paint all the surfaces. Everything goes up in price over the years, but still at $35.00 a gallon, then the cost of a sprayer it is still way cheaper than hiring professionals or the home being condemned. Also, with mold, the cause MUST be hunted down and corrected. When a young husband/father here in my little town died and the cause was discovered as black mold, the authorities got involved. Took them 3 months to discover it was coming from a tiny leak in the cold water pipe the hose to the washing machine was connected to. The machine was housed in the garage next to the wall that was adjacent to their bedroom where their bed was up against. Neither the wife, husband or the wife's mother [who was their babysitter] ever noticed the mold growing behind the washing machine. They never noticed the black mold growing and spreading on their bedroom wall either because of the homemade headboard that covered most of that wall and was *quilted* with black & grey print velvet fabric. The husband had severe asthma - thus the mold sickened him faster and lethally and not the wife. The house was a rental, and the homeowner put the wife and children up in another rental - one the health department checked out - while the walls, carpets, and subflooring were removed by professionals.
  7. Iggy

    DNA testing

    Lot's of things change in just a few years, as did Ancestry's policy of privacy. Had you looked it up again, you would have seen this. So yes I CAN get pissed off by your opinion.
  8. Iggy

    DNA testing

    Apparently, you do.
  9. Iggy

    DNA testing

    So sorry, I did not ask you to do that for me. It was for your own information. I already read it and was totally fine with it.
  10. Iggy

    DNA testing

    Both of you enough of your *The Sky Is Falling* nonsense. Neither one of you even went to Ancestry dot com to research what they do and do NOT do with the DNA information. I did. Before I even purchased the DNA kits. @Just_A_Guy I actually expected more from you. Such as Due Diligence. And just because you BOTH really pissed me off, here is AncestryDNA Privacy Statement in its ENTIRETY.
  11. Iggy

    DNA testing

    I am okay with that like I said - Husband and I don't have any skeletons in the closet.
  12. Iggy

    DNA testing

    Ancestry doesn't do that. As for personal information - my mailing address is not personal. Besides, neither Husband nor I have any skeletons in our own closet to worry about, and we are actually looking for ALL of the family skeleton's AND their stories. I do not put out our real names, pinpoint our actual physical address via internet forums, so, in that, I am a wack. The God-given gift of discernment I have has indicated that Ancestry can be trusted. I stand on that.
  13. Iggy

    Embarrassing likes

    You were not wrong. http://www.ecollegetimes.com/5-famous-backwards-messages-on-records Only you had to stop the record and push/turn it backward. I did this to an album but put the needle starting at the opposite side. No subliminal messages, just icky sound. Some friends of mine had a VHS movie tested for subliminal images by an FBI relative of theirs. Yep, there were a LOT of subliminal images in it. Dang if I can remember the movie, but I often thought that this was a commonly used thing especially in movie theaters to get you to buy more concession foods.
  14. Iggy

    DNA testing

    I am trying to connect with living relatives - some of which hasn't been that hard really. What is hard is getting them to cut loose with the family stories/lore. If only I had the money to travel to them armed with a good tape recorder, camera, and camcorder even, and hundreds of $$ worth of blank tapes. I would even pay for a kit for my surviving brother to take the test so that I can get some DNA information on our Dad's line. BUT, he is still avoiding me because of some past childhood hurt he encountered and blames me for. I wasn't there - so it wasn't me. His son could take the test, but I would rather it be just my brother.
  15. Iggy

    DNA testing

    Ancestry is offering their DNA testing for $30.00 off, that is $69.00 folks. Today is the deadline. Oh, if you don't like Ancestry - ALL of the others are offering theirs at discounts too. I purchased two kits for Hubby and myself - this years birthday gifts - will update with the results. I went with Ancestry because both Hubby and I have accounts with FamilySearch & Ancestry and a good chunk of my relatives (who are not LDS) also belong to Ancestry and three of them have FamilySearch & Famicity accounts. I am hoping that there will be distant *Cousins* on Hubby's side who have Ancestry accounts and if there are any who have FamilySearch accounts we will be Over The Moon!