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  1. @GaleG go here: https://www.familysearch.org/blog/en/familysearch-updates/ and read, read, and read. Also did you not pay attention to the above quote? If you have further questions regarding proxy work in the Temple, set up an appointment with your Temple President and ask him. Not an endowed member? The Temple President will set up an appointment at his Ward Meetinghouse, or yours. Have questions regarding Temple & Family History work, then find our who your Stake and Ward T&FH Consultants are and set up appointments to talk with them. Ah, a word of advice - keep your sarcastic attitude at home.
  2. Do you all realize that your comments here on this forum are open to the public. Google same sex + LDS + "forums" and you responses and topics with those words in them from this forum pop up. When you are "Just Joking", "LOL", or being sarcastic, that does NOT show up. All of you when you are answering about Church Doctrine and Church Policy be correct in those answers and post links to www.churchofjesuschrist.org to back up your answers. As for that holocaust comment, THAT was so out of line. I am helping a member in her attempt to get the proxy work done for her great grandparents and the aunts & uncles who were slaughtered by the Nazi's. Her Grandmother made it out alive. Man sakes alive, the letters she has to write, documents that have to be witnessed as they are copied and then sent to SLC. THAT glib comment regarding LDS Church Policy is just one of the many reasons I really don't like this forum, very few of you back up your LDS church answers with links to prove them. That and the mass immaturity of the members as is evident in the "Sarcastic", "Just Joking" ,"🤣 " placed after your sentences.
  3. @Just_A_Guy Why in the world would you answer with this?? The only people who are allowed to do proxy work for Holocaust Victims are their direct line descendants who are blood kin and they have to prove it!! Not just click in a box in front of Yes. I would expect this glib answer from a couple of others here on the forum, but not you. Shame on you!
  4. Hello, welcome to the forum. Looking forward to your posts.
  5. Iggy


    Thank you Mark, welcome to the forum.
  6. On 23 Nov 1963 President Kennedy was assassinated. 5 days later on Thanksgiving morning my little sister Karen Louise [Sept 8 1953 - Nov 28 1963]passed away from a brain tumor. It has been 56 Thanksgivings ago. It took nearly a decade of thanksgivings for me to see them in gratitude and true thanksgiving, rather than as a holiday that my little sister no longer would be with us. Christmas' were really hard too. As were her birthdays. Easters, Halloween, our siblings birthdays, Mom & Dad's birthdays and wedding anniversaries. Karen brought a lot to the table in our home. She and I fought like most siblings do. She was a *dirty* fighter too ~ she would get me pinned down and then tickle me until I wet my pants. 😷 I once heard Mom telling the neighbor that Iggy and Karen were like two peas in the same pod. We would finish each others sentences, we were always together -arm in arm. She loved pedal pushers and I loathed them. Karen would initiate playing with others and if the little kid next door wanted our toys, she would just give it to them! I would run to Mom so she could get it back, and Mom would say - Give it time, they will put the toy down and then you can get it back. Karen instinctively knew this - how? She was 15 months younger than me, so how did she gain this knowledge? Karen also knew that she would die. After her brain surgery, she talked about Jesus and the Angels that were always surrounding Him and us. I was too young to understand that she was trying to ease the road for me, us. She was saying goodbye and doing her level best as a loving10 year old to let me, us, know that she was going to be okay. That she was going to be living with Jesus and Heavenly Father and all the Greats and Grands. The hole in my universe that ripped open the day she passed away is still there. For years and years I never thought the rawness would ease up. It has. Don't know exactly when the jaggedness smoothed out but it has. 56 years later it is a hole, a smoothed edged hole. In those 56 years there have been so many more of my family members who have passed away. They are there with Karen and the Greats, Grands, family members, Jesus and Heavenly Father. Karen was 10 when she passed. The proxy ordinances of baptism, confirmation, and sealing to our parents have been done. In June of 2001 I was sealed to our parents. The eternal link to my little sister and all my kindred dead is solid and it is now my responsibility to live my life in accordance to the gospel and obey the covenants I made with Heavenly Father and I will be joined with my eternal family. On all of these holidays the knowledge of the Plan of Salvation brings me peace.
  7. You are welcome @Sunday21. My home is a 1993 double wide manufactured. ALL of the water pipes were of that crappy blue tubing. In March of 2011, 4 months after we moved in, we had the piping changed out in the two bathroom toilets, the master bathroom sink and the kitchen sink. In 2012 we had to have the hall way bathroom sink water lines changed out when the cold water valve sheared off and flooded the bathroom and over half of the carpeted hallway. In 2016 our landowner [he owns the lot we rent and he supplies us with our water] refused to turn on the outdoor water taps. No way was I going to haul water from the bathroom out to the $350.00+ worth of flowers and vegetables I had just purchased and planted, so we hired a company to come out and put in outdoor taps coming off of our main water coming into the house. When the guy got under there he told us that over half of the water pipes were CPVC and the rest the crappy blue tubing. He didn't have to recommend us removing the blue tubing. Now the entire water lines are CPVC. AND they are all insulated with foam noodles rated for zero degree weather, along with removing all of the tubing in the rest of the house to CPVC.. To do all of this it cost us over $1500.00 ~ but it was WELL worth it. At the plumbers suggestion, we have our Easy Access (my label) Shut Off Valve to the outside taps right next to our hot water heater that is housed between the laundry room and kitchen.
  8. It is a ball valve and it is closed. Open would be the handle following the flow of whatever it is containing. That blue tubing looks like what was used in Manufactured homes for water.
  9. What has probably happened is this company bought a bad debt for cents on the dollars. Now that they have found you, they will hound you for the full payment, thus making a profit. Doesn't matter that you don't owe the money. If they get you rattled enough to give out even more information then they are several steps ahead of you. A few years after my second marriage I was contacted by a collection agency trying to collect on a debt of my 1st husbands. I gave them his address and the name of his sister that he was living with. Two months later I get yet another call by yet another collection agency. I told them to cease and desist, it wasn't my debt. Then the last call was from an entirely different collection company. I told them it seemed to me they were dumber than a can of night crawlers buying up a bad debt. New Hubby went to an Attorney he knew and was told to tell the next collection agency to send their request to: attorneys address. and he would take care of it. Never heard from any of them again. Do Not Call Them! Next time they call, hang up. If they do send you any paper work take it to an attorney - let him/her deal with it.
  10. Seems to me you don't HAVE to do anything. I would have told them to send ME a letter requesting payment, including their proof that I actually owe them. Like a True Copy of the contract that shows my Wet Signature. Then before you make any payment, get yourself to a lawyer to have their *Proof* verified.
  11. In the letter sent to me Dated Aug 16, 2019 From Priesthood and Family Department Subject Children and Youth Protection Training. The next to last paragraph states: Stake presidents and bishops are responsible to ensure that, as needed, help and resources are available for members to access and complete the training. My Bishopric added in the email that Members in these positions who do not have or use computers will be assisted by their leaders to take the course at the church. Over the pulpit the Bishop announced this, and asked that ALL adults take and complete this training. According to my husband [SS President] in the Ward Council, the Bishop requested that all in attendance ensure that those they have stewardship over take and complete this training. Husband asked that I take it also - even though my calling is not included - - T&FHC - - there could be times when I am instructing the youth. So, I will take it within the next couple of days.
  12. Our Ward is in the Eugene Oregon Mission area. We were told today that the founding Branch members met in members homes, then in the Meetinghouse. The Meetinghouse has been added on to three times. Today, our Stake President told us that we are destined to become a Stake. Oh how I wish I will live long enough to see that Birth.
  13. I knew two weeks in advance it was coming - but Husband was told to keep it quiet, so I kept it quiet, somewhat. I sent out cards to 12 sisters who were very active in the branch at it's onset but were now widowed and inactive. In the card I wrote: Husband and I are extending a personal invitation to you to attend the Branch Conference on the 28th of July 2019, starting at 10 AM. Great things will be announced ~ Great changes are coming. Please come and see, hear and experience these wonderful and exciting changes with us. Nearly half did attend. It was a happy, tearful Sacrament today. There are times like these when I wish it was allowed for us, the congregation, to stand and exclaim Hallelujah Lord! Even the naming of our Bishop and his two counselors were perfect and TOTALLY God inspired. The second counselor is a 2.5 year convert and oh, so strong in the faith man. Husband had him as his Sunday School 2nd Counselor and I worked close with him as we cleaned up and organized the total chaos of the library. The 1st Counselor is a multigenerational LDS member, Oregon State Trooper, young family man (wife is daughter of Branch Pioneers) and his two young Primary age sons clapped their hands and exclaimed: Good Job Daddy! Our Bishop has only been here in the Branch for less than a year. Husband and I wonder if he and his wife were sent here with the intent to become our Bishop? They are new to our Stake as well. Makes me feel like the Lord has been working wonders for our growing Branch to become a Ward. Husband and I both feel especially blessed. A month ago the Stake announced the formation of a new Branch, the Central Oregon YSA Branch. This comprises the young single adults from three stakes here along the Oregon coast, and will be meeting in our meetinghouse! We are right at the center of it all after all. They are still so new that they only have a Branch President, a RS President and three YSA Advisors. We haven't yet stayed for their Sacrament to see how many members are attending. I feel so fortunate and blessed to be active in this LDS church and to experience these two "Births". This is such a new and Wondrous experience for me.
  14. Today I experienced the birth of a new Ward. My branch became a Ward - Yeah ~ "claps hands & does the Happy, Happy Dance"