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  1. Iggy

    Great & Wonderful Events

    Happy, Happy Dance too!
  2. Iggy

    Great & Wonderful Events

    Our Ward is in the Eugene Oregon Mission area. We were told today that the founding Branch members met in members homes, then in the Meetinghouse. The Meetinghouse has been added on to three times. Today, our Stake President told us that we are destined to become a Stake. Oh how I wish I will live long enough to see that Birth.
  3. Iggy

    Great & Wonderful Events

    I knew two weeks in advance it was coming - but Husband was told to keep it quiet, so I kept it quiet, somewhat. I sent out cards to 12 sisters who were very active in the branch at it's onset but were now widowed and inactive. In the card I wrote: Husband and I are extending a personal invitation to you to attend the Branch Conference on the 28th of July 2019, starting at 10 AM. Great things will be announced ~ Great changes are coming. Please come and see, hear and experience these wonderful and exciting changes with us. Nearly half did attend. It was a happy, tearful Sacrament today. There are times like these when I wish it was allowed for us, the congregation, to stand and exclaim Hallelujah Lord! Even the naming of our Bishop and his two counselors were perfect and TOTALLY God inspired. The second counselor is a 2.5 year convert and oh, so strong in the faith man. Husband had him as his Sunday School 2nd Counselor and I worked close with him as we cleaned up and organized the total chaos of the library. The 1st Counselor is a multigenerational LDS member, Oregon State Trooper, young family man (wife is daughter of Branch Pioneers) and his two young Primary age sons clapped their hands and exclaimed: Good Job Daddy! Our Bishop has only been here in the Branch for less than a year. Husband and I wonder if he and his wife were sent here with the intent to become our Bishop? They are new to our Stake as well. Makes me feel like the Lord has been working wonders for our growing Branch to become a Ward. Husband and I both feel especially blessed. A month ago the Stake announced the formation of a new Branch, the Central Oregon YSA Branch. This comprises the young single adults from three stakes here along the Oregon coast, and will be meeting in our meetinghouse! We are right at the center of it all after all. They are still so new that they only have a Branch President, a RS President and three YSA Advisors. We haven't yet stayed for their Sacrament to see how many members are attending. I feel so fortunate and blessed to be active in this LDS church and to experience these two "Births". This is such a new and Wondrous experience for me.
  4. Today I experienced the birth of a new Ward. My branch became a Ward - Yeah ~ "claps hands & does the Happy, Happy Dance"
  5. Our Stake Patriarch gave a talk three Sundays ago - his wife was to be there too, but she was sick so she gave him her talk with instructions to NOT deviate from it. What a joy they both are. For our 5th Sunday we were supposed to be learning about Member Missionary Work. Problem was our Branch Mission Leader is on vacation, our Branch President is still on vacation, our Sister Missionaries hadn't a clue what was to be taught other than they were to go to the next page of the power point presentation that the Mission Leader took with him, and the Branch Counselors didn't have clues either. Our assigned High Priest was NOT impressed with the Branch Presidencies lack of organization. The Counselors didn't want the substitute GD teacher to teach next Sunday's lesson either, so the adults with no children in Primary or the YM (all of our YW are now SYA and are in their own Branch) left to go home early. Hubby and I went out to breakfast. When we got home, we watched the video that was really supposed to be shown, well the first 45 minutes of it. Hubby's legs hurt him, my neuropathy was in HIGH GEAR, thus neither of us could concentrate. Today is a better day for both of us, so we will watch it.
  6. Iggy

    Hanging garments outside to line dry

    When I had the land area to have an outdoor clothesline, they were not visible by the public. Driving up to my house you might be able to see a peek of a line, but unless you went into my back and side yard you couldn't see my laundry hanging on the 6 lines I had out there. I didn't hang the underwear until I had the sheets to hang also because the underwear went on the inside lines with the sheets blocking any view. For about a month one summer there were these all flat black helicopters flying around above me, well above about 300 acres of land all around me. Never did find out who they belonged to and what the *hay* they were doing, but they never landed and no *Men in Black* drove up my drive to investigate my 1500 square foot vegetable garden or my laundry hung out on 6 clotheslines. The dog I had would have taken several chunks out of any and all who ventured onto *HER* property and laid it all out on the front porch to show *Mommy* what a Good Guard Dog she was. As for the garments, until one goes through the pre-initory/endowment interview one isn't ever aware of garments. Prior to my own endowment I did the laundry for my two sisters and mother (they all lived together) and separated and folded their garments for nearly 4 months before my Mother passed. They had no privacy to their back yard area yet I managed to hang their garments on the inside lines with towels or sheets to hide them. This is how I was taught to hang all *Knickers* prior to my family joining the LDS church ~ surround them with towels or sheets.
  7. Iggy

    First time since I do not know how long

    You could do like my SIL does and go over the leaves with her gas mower w/the grass catcher attached. It sucks the leaves right up and then she dumps it into her composter all chopped up. 😁
  8. Iggy

    New old calling

    Congrats Mirk ~ Perhaps the Lord wants the 20 somethings to really learn about Self Reliance & food storage. Only He knows how badly our little branch and the neighboring ward needs someone like you. Our 20 somethings feel that Self Reliance & food storage is for the *Molly Mormons & Peter Priesthoods* not for them. The senior citizens feel that they are the inventors of self reliance and are doing just fine with the food storage ~ thank you very much. Hubby has been Sunday School President since 2013, unbeknownst to him he was a Beta tester (?) for the Youth Come Follow Me program, and then again for the Teaching In The Savior's Way. He is terrified of being released and called as Financial Clerk. A calling he held for 6 years running in three wards. Cleaning up the seemingly unclean-able computer mess the previous financial clerks had made. (Hubby is a computer nerd/guru) Not saying our Branch is in a computer mess - the last FC held the calling for nearly 12 years and grew with it and is now our 1st Councilor. The current FC is a whiz on the computer, whiz with numbers and has become a happy, smiling man since he accepted this calling.
  9. Iggy

    DNA testing

    No it was not an obvious joke. You were rude. I am not joking back. I like using obsolete technology - because it is NOT obsolete if you can still purchase it and the tapes that go with it. Next time you wish to joke, use an emoji or six.
  10. Iggy

    Planter Bed

    If you are growing food for humans to eat, don't use pressure treated wood. The stuff that is used to pressure treat the wood is toxic to humans. It is drawn up into the plant and humans end up getting it into their systems. Same for the bug killers. Toxic to humans. If you want to get rid of the vegetarian aka bad bugs, then plant flowers to attract the carnivorous aka good bugs. Deer really hate tomato leaves, when I did my 1500 sq. ft garden, I hung cherry tomato plants in planters on the 6 ft horse fencing. Kept the 4 Does out of my garden.
  11. Iggy

    DNA testing

    What a rude remark!
  12. Iggy

    So um... I have an announcement.

    You do, it is called Garments. 😃
  13. Iggy

    Here’s a tough one!!

    The child is 18 - BUT she has been living like this for how many years! SHE is the one who needs to be educated on personal & household hygiene. Doctors only know what they are TOLD by their patients. They no longer make house calls and thus see the unhealthy state of the house. They just may get disability, welfare, the husband could even work. And even the MOST severe hoarder isn't really money/bill paying stupid. Direct deposits started back in the early 80's, auto-pay has also been around for decades too. Health department comes to mind. He may not want his wife home, did we read she is mentally unstable? He should have been involved from day one - heavy lifting, shoveling crap out of the house, taking the pets to the shelter for adoption into healthier homes, etc. we will come and help you both primer and paint all the surfaces. Everything goes up in price over the years, but still at $35.00 a gallon, then the cost of a sprayer it is still way cheaper than hiring professionals or the home being condemned. Also, with mold, the cause MUST be hunted down and corrected. When a young husband/father here in my little town died and the cause was discovered as black mold, the authorities got involved. Took them 3 months to discover it was coming from a tiny leak in the cold water pipe the hose to the washing machine was connected to. The machine was housed in the garage next to the wall that was adjacent to their bedroom where their bed was up against. Neither the wife, husband or the wife's mother [who was their babysitter] ever noticed the mold growing behind the washing machine. They never noticed the black mold growing and spreading on their bedroom wall either because of the homemade headboard that covered most of that wall and was *quilted* with black & grey print velvet fabric. The husband had severe asthma - thus the mold sickened him faster and lethally and not the wife. The house was a rental, and the homeowner put the wife and children up in another rental - one the health department checked out - while the walls, carpets, and subflooring were removed by professionals.
  14. Iggy

    DNA testing

    Lot's of things change in just a few years, as did Ancestry's policy of privacy. Had you looked it up again, you would have seen this. So yes I CAN get pissed off by your opinion.
  15. Iggy

    DNA testing

    Apparently, you do.