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  1. CV75

    What constitutes a restoration?

    I'd say they each fall under the direction of the Restored Keys, and each contributes to our preparations for receiving more restored doctrines, principles, ordinances, and covenants, which in turn prepare the earth for the Second Coming of Christ. What those yet-to-be restored items are to be, I cannot guess for they have been lost, except for those that have been alluded to in scripture (e.g. animal sacrifice, the return of Zion, the healing of Jerusalem, the earth's paradisaical glory, etc.). That they may be seen as adjustments addressing the needs of our time is fine, but our time is also the dispensation of the fulness of times, the setting for the rest of the Restoration.
  2. CV75

    What constitutes a restoration?

    The Restoration is still unfolding. There are more things to be restored, but since the Restoration heralded the dispensation of the fulness of times, there are things yet to be revealed that never were. Each time something is revealed by virtue of the restored priesthood, whether new or previously lost, it can be considered rooted in he Restoration.
  3. CV75

    Perished if they had remained

    The good figs of Lehi's family may have been dragged down by Laban and Lemuel had they not obeyed the Lord's revelation to move out, which was Laman and Lemuel's only last hope for repentance, granted for the faith and righteousness of Lehi.
  4. CV75

    Spirit of Adventure

    I think the divine or charitable manifestation of the spirit of adventure is the spirit of discovery which is the spirit of humility. “God himself, finding he was in the midst of spirits and glory, because he was more intelligent, saw proper to institute laws whereby the rest could have a privilege to advance like himself. ...He has power save them in the world of spirits." (King Follet Sermon) Now salvation beyond "the world of spirits" is an unfolding story of adventure and discovery.
  5. A blessing worded and read a certain way in the scriptures takes nothing away from other blessings worded and administered in other ways in other venues, for example patriarchal blessings and the temple.
  6. CV75

    The Plan of Salvation and dependence

    He didn't set it up just one way. Dependence and independence are unavoidable developmental stages of progress where charitable unity (Zion--a group being one heart and one mind, or interdependence) is the aim. The All-Powerful God created an All-Encompassing Plan which integrates all of these, and more, not just one or the other or one over the other.
  7. CV75

    Translation keys

    Yes, I was more interested in translating scripture LOL
  8. CV75

    Translation keys

    The connection between the gift of translating and the keys God delegates to the office of “seer”, or of “prophet, seer and revelator” is shown in these verses. 2 Nephi 3:6-7, 11, 14 Mosiah 8:13, 15-17 Mosiah 28:16 D&C 21:1 D&C 124:94, 125 D&C 107:92 The keys direct the use of the translation gift. God had these keys to direct Joseph and the ancients to translate by the gift and power of God. Joseph and possibly Mosiah had these keys in directing the work of translation under their respective administrations.
  9. I haven't read the book. Doctrine can change and evolve with the endowment of greater light but will never contradict or supersede the basic doctrine as taught in the Book of Mormon. Also, policy and practice are often misunderstood as and conflated with doctrine. These can certainly change without corrupting the keys, covenants or sealing power by which they are effectuated on earth and in heaven.
  10. CV75

    Prayer Dillema

    How do you feel praying one way versus the other? Pray whichever way brings the Spirit into your life and your sibling's. Only in rare instances will the XX can come across as male (e.g. De la Chapelle syndrome). We cannot tell whether this is an accident or God's way of correcting one -- except I suppose, through much prayer and fasting. I would encourage them to keep the commandments and grow close to God through baptism and the Gift of the Holy Ghost, and not be tempted to experiment with going outside of the covenants. For example, it may be better to delay priesthood conferral or office ordination than to participate in these responsibilities with resentment or as a woman.
  11. I guess you didn't want to dwell on it...!
  12. An additional thought: “Dwell” also means “to continue,” or “continue long” (as in constant companion). The Holy Ghost makes Himself constant in us. He is thus fixed upon us as long as we are willing. Similarly, Jesus said, “Abide in me, and I in you. As the branch cannot bear fruit of itself, except it abide in the vine; no more can ye, except ye abide in me.” From the 1828 Webster Dictionary: 1. To abide as a permanent resident, or to inhabit for a time; to live in a place; to have a habitation for some time or permanence. 2. To be in any state or condition; to continue. 3. To continue; to be fixed in attention; to hang upon with fondness. 4. To continue long; as, to dwell on a subject, in speaking, debate or writing; to dwell on a note in music.
  13. From our reckoning and perspective, it may only seem that the Holy Ghost could dwell in many people simultaneously, but not from His perspective which involves another sphere of reckoning and without a tangible body and associated principles. What seems slowed-down and one-at-a-time to Him is quick and general to us. The light of Christ is not a spirit, and so does not “dwell” in people (see D&C 88). The power of God the Father is neither the light of Christ nor a spirit. All these principles (the light of Christ; the power, gift, personage and companionship of the Holy Ghost; the power of the Father) are often conflated and confused one for the other, but their purpose, operation and scope each differ one from the other and for good reason / specific purposes. The Father had already granted His Son power over life and death before the Crucifixion. There is also often confusion over presence (whether "tangible" or spiritual; temporary or permanent; by the law of a higher or lesser kingdom, etc.) and influence, but there are differences. As long as Jesus is the literal Son of the Father, there never was or will be a time for Him without His Father's influence, even when it was "tangible" or present in the expression of His mortal body. In a sense Jesus was the only person who had the Father dwell in Him, in this manner (physically and tangibly).
  14. Yet throughout scripture other un-embodied spirits do dwell in people (these are to be cast out). I think the circumstance under which the Holy Ghost would dwell in us (as opposed to with us, e.g. the light*, power, witness, constant companionship, influence, etc.) would be rare, but I see His mission, and the means by which He accomplishes it without a tangible body, to be requisite in providing the perfect counter to Satan’s mission and the means and ability by which he can dwell in us. *Jesus is the source of and sends out light as well, but in a manner and for a purpose that is different than the Holy Ghost. His "dwells" in and through all things; the light of the Holy Ghost is conditional and prescribed. Jesus was the light before He had a body, did not testify of the things the Holy Ghost does, and continues to be that light with a resurrected body; the Holy Ghost cannot perform His mission with a body for the reason shared above. Jesus was always foreseen to obtain a body in the world and reclaim it in the resurrection, and even beings without bodies know this (but the Holy Ghost testifies of it to bring us beyond faith since we have bodies which serve as veils).
  15. I pressed the wrong button (5), LOL. It is "special" because of the keys and associated responsibilities he carries and must exercise for the rest of his life on earth. The rest of us operate under delegated keys, but the apostles constitute the restored foundation which is directly connected to the Chief Cornerstone and thus form the direct witness to the name, or all things done in the name, of Christ.