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  1. CV75

    Itching Ears -- Alive and Well

    Oddly enough, such an imbalance is non-rational, even when rationality is highly prized (probably for that very reason!). Fear (and subsequent denial) of the emotional, spiritual and non-rational qualities of human nature cultivates a false dependency on rationality alone.
  2. I can only recall it being said that Jesus is the Firstborn Son of Heavenly Father. I understand that means Parents, but I cannot recall any prophet explicitly saying that, though I wouldn't mind that at all. The idea of a Heavenly Mother has been around, but not discussed or referenced much, during the last 200 years of the Restoration. I think the emphasis, or what gets emphasized by the prophets and apostles, is a function of the times we live in and what the children and youth need to identify with to secure their confidence that they are fundamentally divine and loved by God. The concepts of gender, sexuality and family have been so perverted by modern philosophies and media that we may require more explicit reminders that the Eternal Family requires a man and a woman covenanting together in holy matrimony.
  3. Joseph Smith taught: "“The fundamental principles of our religion are the testimony of the Apostles and Prophets, concerning Jesus Christ, that He died, was buried, and rose again the third day, and ascended into heaven; and all other things which pertain to our religion are only appendages to it. But in connection with these, we believe in the gift of the Holy Ghost, the power of faith, the enjoyment of the spiritual gifts according to the will of God, the restoration of the house of Israel, and the final triumph of truth.” These are the things of which we best testify. Because we would not have any of them without the Lord, His prophets, the Book of Mormon, the other scriptures or the Church, it would be well to testify of these things as well. The best testimonies of course are those we have obtained personally from the Spirit, and not from other influences and pressures.
  4. CV75

    Can you please help me respond??

    He can forgive sin, but He established baptism for us to receive and accpet that forgiveness (remission of sins) -- Acts 2:38, Luke 3:3.
  5. The woman that had an issue of blood for 12 years, the man blind from birth, the man crippled from birth, Zion taken up in process of time, Lehi's and Moses' sojourns in the wilderness, Paul's thorn in the flesh... there are many, many and these are just coming to mind in a matter of seconds. I'm sure I can find many others if I thought about and researched it. Hang in there! The Nephites had to wait a year after the great destruction before the Lord visited them.
  6. CV75


    In addition to what has been shared: 24 were with Mormon, including himself. D&C 107:29 speaks of a “quorum of three presidents were anciently.” Just because no one saw the laying on hands for Jesus receiving the Holy Ghost doesn't mean it didn't happen, and the sign given instead.
  7. Under the new approach, facilitate sharing and discussion rather than instruct.
  8. I think the priesthood was restored, or at least the first elders were ordained, in the Whitmer home.
  9. The 1980 GC had President Kimball speaking from the Whitmer Farmhouse, where the Church was restored in the original Whitmer home.
  10. Conference or some of the speakers could be broadcast from Palmyra, NY and other restoration sites (???)
  11. CV75

    Worship in a different church

    I have attended Catholic Mass, Episcopalian, Methodist, Presbyterian and Pentecostal services, Jewish synagogue holiday services, and a "Charismatic Christian" prayer circle. My impressions have changed over the years; currently they are that we find the same personality types in all congregations and God loves all His children. The only unsettling experience was the "Charismatic Christian" prayer circle (which my college girlfriend's parents invited us to after she was baptized) since i wasn't accustomed to several people praying at once and speaking in tongues, and I was young. I think life experience has made me a bit more comfortable in new situations (if there are any left by now! LOL ).
  12. CV75

    Peace or Stress

    Since stress can be very helpful, I'll suggest that it is distress that the Gospel delivers us from. There are a series of articles in this month's Ensign that touch upon perfectionism, which I think gets to your question in relation to covenant-keeping. I think the principle that "wickedness never was happiness" also covers it.
  13. The commandments and covenants are among those things which constitute “every good thing.” President Nelson is not asking that everyone become familiar with cardiac practice, human flight and LGBT psychotherapy, but that everyone become familiar with spiritual laws and their application. He does not appeal to science to justify living the Gospel. The discovery and applications of cardiac, aeronautical and psychological laws are not so much the point, but the charity that your friend enjoins for alleviating suffering, and hopefully he can base his recommendations for a saintly life upon the testimony of Jesus and not science.
  14. No, it is alive and well in those who keep the temple covenants and follow the Beatitudes, changing social customs and "-isms" notwithstanding.
  15. CV75

    The covenant land "Summarize Jacob 5:76–77 by explaining that after the Second Coming of Jesus Christ, righteousness will prevail for a “long time” (during the Millennium). When evil again enters the world, God will separate the righteous from the wicked and cleanse the earth by fire."