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  1. Maybe just pick up from your point of rebaptism -- how you apply the Atonement of Christ and the principle of repentance today.
  2. I think our approach should vary according to each individual situation, including our own knowledge, skill and aptitude in properly identifying and dealing with manipulative behavior (regardless of the motive of said behavior). But charity and the companionship of the Holy Ghost are certainly assets.
  3. When we possess charity, we look beyond motive as a factor in our attitude toward others. When we have charity toward everyone, assessing motive is a secondary activity in determining how we express that charity, and the Spirit will help us discern anything relevant.
  4. The Church at the very least entails preparing the earth for the Second Coming of Christ in a very tangible way. This of course involves her leaders exercising the keys that bind heaven and earth, and the members on both sides of the veil availing themselves of those benefits. There will be no need for the earthly kingdom in mortality (which estate continues in the spirit world right up to the resurrection) after the Final Judgement.
  5. I would say that we have only one Father and one Mother with whom we have to do. God has only one Wife who is our Mother in particular, and this is the eternal principle through which our being has progressed. On another level, though, I suppose there are many exalted men and women that form the Divine Council (Elohim, which is plural) with which we have to do, but we are not yet brought in to the Church of the Firstborn to make that claim.
  6. CV75

    BYU & Equality Act

    If it does, BYU will stand alone and succeed as Elder Holland's talk encourages, only if the faculty, staff and student body need to do their part.
  7. I'd say concern might be when you think something you like to believe is challenged, and doubt might be when you don't believe it, or begin to not believe it any more. As long as there is concern, there is probably particle of belief or desire to believe remaining, which may or may not be warranted.
  8. CV75

    LGBTQ+ Missionaries

    Yes, I understand, but "back in the day" missionaries were summarily sent home, if not excommunicated also, for having sex. I knew several in my mission, both elders and sisters.
  9. CV75

    BYU - Call to Arms

    Definitely the talk was a call for the faculty and staff to step up and defend the faith, using the gospel teachings on marriage and family to illustrate (there are so many other areas of "confusion and conflict" to wrestle with these days as well). Political ideology and social (rather, socio-sexual?) activism are not the Lord's way. And if they can't bridge matters of faith and intellect in the Lord's / Lord's anointed's way -- President Kimball's reference to a unique and special way, they will make decision based on the fact that higher education is not essential for exaltation, its proper place of being a tool for building Zion. This is more of the crux, in my opinion, than LGBTQ+, feminism, or demasculinization issues per se, though these are a problem. What to do? I think Elder Holland is taking the "teach correct principles and let them govern themselves" approach for the speech, but is also (as part of the Trustees and Board, etc.) putting a structure in place to do that (the cabinet-level Office of Belonging).
  10. CV75

    LGBTQ+ Missionaries

    I'm not sure they are better at bridling their passions, but there is a spectrum of attraction and desire that might be in play that is hopefully discerned by the missionary and with their bishop and mission president as necessary to prevent moral lapse. I do think they are often better at hiding their passions for obviously societal and ecclesiastical reasons.
  11. CV75

    LGBTQ+ Missionaries

    I thought missionaries were generally sent home for having sexual intercourse. What made this case different?
  12. CV75

    Religious Exemption

    If "we" is the Church, I do not think it provides any basis or precedent for medical exemptions. If "we" is me or "us", I think religious exemptions in principle are fine, and typically involve a quid pro quo of sorts (serve the public in an alternative way) or some level of continued accountability on the subject of exemption to protect the innocent (e.g. children). Of course these can be overridden by the courts, hopefully in the spirit of checks and balances which the legislature and executive branches should ensure.
  13. CV75

    Doctrine Fallout

    I highly recommend this book, which reviews the cognitive modules we use in making these kinds of decisions, and how we might bridge the divides between otherwise good people..
  14. There were questions about the public image of the Church and leaders, they were just not framed in our terminology as "PR" -- that was the whole resistance to publishing the Book of Commandments and particualr revelations.
  15. The resistance to the prophet's counsel on masks and vaccination reminds me of a couple of items from Church history: the neglect of Joseph Smith's counsel to gather to Missouri in an orderly, assigned fashion (many saints rushed to get there); the readiness of the members of the School of the Prophets to accept the Word of Wisdom; the resistance to the new doctrine of the three kingdoms of glory. These are not evil people, and they are not condemned / disciplined for their beliefs, but it shows how much damage and lack of progress can be caused "in good faith."