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  1. Ask the missionaries -- they can help!
  2. CV75

    Book of Mormon white supremacy??

    Because people have been reading it through a 19th -21st century cultural lens instead of the Hebrew/Jewish cultural lens of the authors who lived in 600 BC - 400 AD.
  3. CV75

    New insight from Elder Holland

    They also traditionally take the month of July off for well-deserved R&R, which I understand entails quite a bit of spiritual preparation for the next 11 months.
  4. CV75

    Word from Elder Bednar

    The root of all evil may well be the preference of material things over godliness.
  5. CV75

    No Talk of Miracles

    How can you see Elder Oak's counsel applying to the writers of scriptural and other legitimate publications in answering your question? How can you see his counsel and the quote from FairMormon being mutually supportive? How can you see these and your opinion as mutually supportive? If you think the writers of scripture were not cautious, then that is a separate issue entirely.
  6. Regarding racially-motivated violence the violence occurring at anti-racism protests, I think it depends on who heeds the prophet's recent communications on the subject
  7. Amen, and I was equally impressed with the lessons of the week before: "I can be a positive influence in my community... True disciples of Jesus Christ do not set their hearts upon riches [applies to current events inasmuch as the roots of and solutions to American racism are said to be largely found in economic drives]... The “word of God” and “pure testimony” can change hearts." I was also impressed with this week's messages from chapter 9, which shows the power of traditions for both for good and for evil, the latter being exemplified by the insidious nature of much of racism and the harmful traditions it often imposes on the oppressed.
  8. Inasmuch as sunlight is directly involved the biological process of photosynthesis, visual and other forms of light have been shown to have psychological impact. The undiscovered "more fine or pure" matter (which is a form of energy, and both move in waves, e.g. Alma 32:28) are a matter of faith and not traditional scientific empirical research, but would nevertheless have impact.
  9. CV75

    No Talk of Miracles

    How many are listed in Acts for comparative purposes? What is the scholarly or faithful benefit of doing that, given that publicizing such things is the exception to the rule?
  10. CV75

    My doubting daughter

    My advice for myself and people dealing with this particular problem: keep consciously viewing her and treating her as an eternal being, a spirit daughter of God, and you will have ideas and feelings come to you that will benefit her. Find ways to relate to her where she is, and act so that she shares her interests with you.
  11. All mental processes are physiological, so when the Holy Ghost influences your thoughts and feelings (which are sometimes accompanied by bodily sensations), the senses are being quickened or renewed. Thus our bodies are filled with light.
  12. CV75

    No Talk of Miracles

    Q1: That is not at all what Elder Oak's remarks suggest: "there are times when the Spirit prompts us to share these experiences." Others, both inspired and uninspired, are free to record them as well. It takes some discernment to recognize and appreciate what God hath wrought, hence not everyone believes in miracles or are selectively biased concerning them. Q2: LDS apostles do not work miracles, God does. The revelations recorded and many of the events referred to in the D&C are types of miracles. Other miracles are recorded in historical accounts and published journals. These miracles involve LDS apostles and others.
  13. CV75

    Baptisms for the dead

    Verse11 says Nephi was baptized, not who baptized him. This particular section describes the baptism of the twelve disciples, not the multitude at large, which was to occur later (see 3 Nephi 11:21). The record as we have it does not say whether Jesus instituted baptism for the dead among them, so it may well have been practiced. As to why the record lacks a reference to baptism for the dead, see: My personal opinion is that the sections of the Book of Mormon that teach about the Abrahamic covenant and the sealing power were sufficient, given the Book of Mormon is but an abridgement, to prepare the faithful to receive subsequent revelations of the restoration that teach about proxy baptism for the dead for this dispensation.
  14. CV75

    No Talk of Miracles In the words of Elder Oaks (and whole article is worth reading), "Although we are generally counseled not to speak of sacred things like the miracles we have witnessed, there are times when the Spirit prompts us to share these experiences, sometimes even in a setting where our account will be published." I think a term such as "societal faith" indicates that society, and not the Spirit, drives the popular attitude toward spiritual things (whether in favor or in opposition to the Gospel) and not a number of elect sharing the same inclination to follow the light of Christ within them to build a Zion society. Even in Zion, peer pressure will not stimulate true faith.
  15. CV75

    Broken Bow

    Absolutely. The bow, in tradition as well as the scriptures, sometimes symbolizes "war" and not "peace," so context is very important. Elder Gong's last General Conference talk points out how opposing yet complimentary principles come together in the Lord, and describe Him, so it makes sense that they also come together in symbols used in Gospel settings.