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    Nephi’s bow.

    My family and I found a couple of interesting things in this story during our most recent reading that I hadn't really given much consideration to before. For one, it shows us that Nephi believed it was important to obey the commandment to honor thy father and mother. It would have been very easy for him, after having made his new bow and arrow, to set out on his own to find food. But instead of going it alone he chose to defer to his father. Asking his father for guidance in this matter allowed him and his father to reconcile after having a difference in perspective on the issue (Nephi having kept a positive attitude while his father gave in to the temptation to "murmur against the Lord his God"). This reconciliation and deference on Nephi's part seems to have been a catalyst that prompted Lehi to repent of his pessimism and humble himself enough to inquire of the Lord as to where Nephi could find food. The second thing we noticed, while closely related to the first, is still distinct enough to be acknowledged separately. In His dealings with His people, the Lord expects us to adhere to certain chains of command and authority. Though small in numbers, Lehi's family was the entirety of the Lord's people at this point in the Book of Mormon saga. Lehi, as patriarch and prophet was the leader of this small group and the mouthpiece of the Lord for them. Nephi seems to have clearly understood this principle and by deferring to his father on the matter of where to find food he demonstrated the importance of following and sustaining the Lord's chosen leaders.
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  4. This came to light when my wife asked him if he had been able to renew his temple recommend after church and he told her that he hadn't. She then asked him why he hadn't and he explained to he that he had confessed to our bishop that he had been molesting our 7-year-old daughter. My wife revealed this information to me later this evening. This has been devastating. I feel like a failure as a father for failing to protect my daughter and for failing to teach my son how to control his urges. I'm also unbelievably angry at my son right now. I'm also confused as to why our bishop didn't see the need to inform us of what our son told him in the temple recommend interview. On top of these concerns I'm worried about what this will do to my marriage. I believe that I have a legal and social obligation to report my son to the authorities. But at the merest hint of this my wife went into hyper-protective mode- she's convinced that we can handle this on our own and that we have no obligation to inform anyone. She then proceeded to tell me about how she endured this kind of abuse at the hands of cousins and even her own brother, and since both she and her brother have "turned out fine" our children will as well. I remain unconvinced of this and I'm feeling torn between loyalty to my wife and fulfilling my obligation to society and to my daughter to report my son to the authorities as a sexual predator. My wife's interim solution is to keep my son under constant surveillance. Clearly this is not a long-term solution, and while she admits as much this does nothing to assuage my fear that my daughter and he sisters will not suffer additional abuse at the hands of our son. So I've come here to see if anyone can help me sort through this mess. What are my legal obligations in this situation? What repercussions will I potentially face if choose not to report my son? How do I balance my legal responsibilities with my responsibilities to my wife and my son?