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About Me

About Me

I am 31 going to college at BYU-Idaho online full-time to get my Business Management Degree with an Emphasis in Entrepreneurial Management. I was married in the San Diego Temple on April 9th 2016 to my beautiful wife Katie. I hope to start a non-profit that helps-out and starts-up community centers. This is something I came to as I was traveling the United States, from Idaho to Washington, Oregon, Tennessee, Florida and New York. All while calling Sandpoint (Northern) Idaho my home base at that time. I saw a need in some cites that I hope to be able to fulfill. Right now I live in Riverside, CA where I was pretty much raised and will be starting an internship with the local parks and recs department so I can learn how they handle the amazing community center program they already have.

Why I am a Mormon

I left the Church when I was 16. Or rather, stopped coming. By time I was 28 and had learned a lot of the lessons the hard way and seen things in the world I tried to help change, even through protesting, I saw how the Gospel is designed to do all the things I wanted to do, plus could have saved me from some heart ache. I hope, however, that people that saw my conversion back to the Church can use me as an example to straighten out their lives. I didn't do it for that, but do hope it may touch at least one. However, most people that knew that past live in Idaho and I'm really far from there to be a continual influence. I know that the Lord has given us Prophets, scriptures, and prayer to guide us to a better future.

How I live my faith

Since I just got married, I have no calling in my ward. I love service and hope to plan more service to work around my schedule. I look forward to my new calling. My last was Elder's Quorum President in my YSA ward. I like to try to live as an example to people around me to see that a tattooed person with some history can come back to a happy following of the Gospel.