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  1. I often hear "the Lord will provide" whenever people talk about starting a family when finances are tough. I've seen families struggling to support themselves which can be quite scary but I would like to hear specific stories of how you've seen the Lord's hand when you decided to welcome children into this world but weren't in a favorable financial situation. My old neighbor was able to find not only a better paying job but something that he actually would rather be doing around the same time his wife gave birth. I also know some people that found better employement and also started a business around the same time they had children. These people had already good careers and weren't struggling by any means but it was interesting to see that they were able to move forward even more once they had children.
  2. Some people mentioned that nowadays temple workers are telling those taking their endowments that they can decide if they prefer to wear underwear under or above the garments. This would make a huge difference to my problem haha It also mentions how instructions in the church are interpreted in so many ways that they end up becoming the norm or Lds culture. I just really enjoyed reading that thread and reading different ideas and experiences.
  3. That's an idea. I mostly wear drisilque and cotton. Have tried a couple others but I know there are many more options out there these days. Thanks!
  4. I don't remember saying I feel less valued or unworthy because I don't like wearing garments so I'm not really sure where you came up with this. All I'm saying is that I feel ugly wearing them and I wish I didn't. I don't care if no one can see the cute underwear I wish I was wearing because I dress for myself and not for anyone else. After I posted this I found another forum where faithful Lds women are expressing similar concerns and I got great ideas from those responses. Had I read it first I wouldn't have needed to vent here.
  5. This is my first time posting so hopefully I'm doing this right! I received my endowments in 2003 and I wear my garments everyday even if I exercise (I'm too scared of not wearing them). Wearing garments make me feel frumpy and ugly. I think it's pointless to buy a cute bra if I have to wear it on top of the garment and the garment bottom. I don't wish to ditch the garments so that I can wear stuff I couldn't wear with them. I've been always modest, even before joining the church, because I have some birth marks and never felt comfortable wearing sleeveless stuff. I just wish I could feel better about myself and feel confident with what I wear. It's like if you are wearing a beautiful outfit and new shoes but wearing old socks full of holes! It feels strange. Another example, I used to wear old t-shirts to go to bed but since I purchased real and proper pajamas I feel like an actual human being and feel great going to bed as strange as it might sound. Has anyone felt this way and how do you deal with it? I've read another thread about lingerie but it was mostly talking about sex. I'm married but I don't have problems with lingerie during intimate moments. My concern is that I don't feel feminine and like a woman wearing garments. Thanks!