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  1. Well yeah thanks! Now you make wanna kill myself. I'm not saying I am, but I want to. much for "being like Jesus"....this religion is absolute BS.
  2. I'm attracted to both Man and Woman...there I said it. Now flood my board with hatred. As you know, I am a member of the LDS church....I admit it, I am attracted to both Men and Women. I have had 1 past sexual relationship with a man. I want to change my ways, I've come back to church because I feel really bad! I just acted on my desire! Do I have a chance if I repent?!
  3. I'm 25 years old, male, and I've never really dated any mormons out there. I've dated outside non-members but I know I have to adjust to mormon standards to be able to be accepted socially. I feel that I have been a failure in my love life. I feel that no woman wants me. I'm too introverted, insecure, and unconfident. I don't think I am good enough, I don't think I have the face to be in a relationship. In fact, I think I'm just a potato! I'm nothing special. God made me a potato. I'm not handsome or anything like that. But I really want to get married someday. I have plans to have kids with my future wife, raise a family, take care of my wife and family, I'm not in a hurry or anything, but I'm getting old! at 25, I should be married. The mormon church is very confusing because they don't really teach us how to "approach", "flirt", etc... I'm afraid I will be forever alone Help? How do I even start at dating?
  4. I've always wondered where my tithing is really being used. I know it's used to build temples, churches, and such. But I'm also skeptical ever since I heard of Anti-mormon people or just people in general...talking about our church...that the church is another scam and a system trying to manipulate people in getting their money and such... I know this is not true, but part of me (like 20%) is saying it could be true, because it doesn't hurt to have an open mind!...Without tithing, it would also be hard for the church to progress in building more churches and such... I'm also aware of the possibility of corruptions in the church, like the Roman Catholic Church, they taxed people for good reasons but I later found out that they were also using that money for corrupt reasons! How do you feel about tithings?
  5. Hey, I always wanted to ask this question: is it okay to use little amounts of caffeine (25 mg, amount found in coke)? I keep the word of wisdom, I TRY. but I'm a student...a very exhausted student who needs more energy to focus and concentrate on what needs to be done. I have drank coffee in the past but I no longer use it because I really want to keep the word of wisdom. Since coffee is not allowed, am I still allowed to use caffeine? Like straight up caffeine powder or caffeine pills? I only use 25 mg because anything above that makes me anxious and jittery, but I need it to focus. It's so hard to not get sleepy while studying....
  6. My family eats meat all the time. Everyday. I recently have been eating less meat...and I feel better. As in, I don't that much "fatique". I tried doing that for at least 2 weeks. But then I "love" meat. I probably should have a balanced diet anyway. Eat meat and Veggies equally ...
  7. I'm just curious, Where did the Nephites, Lamanates, Amnicites, etc.. and all those people in the Book of Mormon Stories lived? Where was their location? Was it in the America's? If they did live in the Americas, did they leave any ancient artifacts, etc?
  8. As a BYU student, why are beards not allowed on school campus? It's on the HONOR CODE. And, as missionaries, they are not allowed to have facial hair too. To me, this is something new. Why is it prohibited when living under the Honor Code or as a missionary? I's a natural thing to have facial hair when you are a growing man... Do beards make us look evil or something? Brigham Young had a very long beard. and the 1800's prophets had long beards too.
  9. haha, tino-od. daghan ug maid didto. hayahay kaayo. Tinood pod nga sige ra trabaho sa America, pina ka kapoy diri. Pero daghan kwarta...ahaha si Herbert Bautista, ka hinom dom paman ko ani, mga 12 years old pako.
  10. ahaha kalataw-an man ka brad. 90's naman ko natawo..wala gani ko kabalo anang "bagets" nga word. Gi ganahan ka sa pilipinas? Lami kaayo didto, pero America moy pina ka lami.
  11. Kumusta ka? Taga asa ka? Ang astig mo, nag serve nang mission sa pilipinas!
  12. You are welcome. and Thanks too. Overcoming social anxiety surely is a learning process.
  13. Yes, I tried CBT or cognitive behavioral therapy but did not continue it as I couldn't afford it. However, I found a cheaper alternative to it, there are numerous CBT books out there in Amazon or in the library. It has been a success...CBT is all about being courageous and that not everything is awkward as you think it is. For those with social anxiety, I would suggest that doing groupwork or teamwork is very helpful, if it looks like the socially anxious person is uncomfortable (signs like sweaty palms, being too quiet, shy eyes, anxiety), I would probably challenge the person (at least twice a week) to stand up (optional) and let them give their opinions to what you are questioning or about your lesson. If they don't feel like speaking up, I would encourage them and cheer them up and say that no one is judging you in this room. This is what CBT is all about. Being comfortable about being uncomfortable. Socially anxious people may have very minimal person to person interaction and may have been bullied or called names in the past....that's why encouragement and cheerfulness really helps on their part. FOr those with social anxiety, they will hardly ever approach people to greet, it's better if a third person initiates the small talk for them...for example: Hey have you met my friend Robert? he's really cool... something like that.
  14. I know about the Word of Wisdom. But I am curious about many things. I know we don't use caffeine or any other harmful substances that may harm our bodies as our bodies are Temples and are sacred. But what does the Church say about Herbal Tea? No caffeine. What if there's a tea that has good effects on the body? Ginseng, Red Ginseng, Rosea, and many other teas have health benefits. I am assuming that the church is saying not to consume teas with caffeine (green and white teas have a little flouride which is harmful), but what about other teas? Also, I want to ask you if Supplements are allowed in the church. I could not find any reference about taking supplements in the church. I had depression. and I had psychiatrist and psychologist. They have prescribed my Zoloft, and Flouxetine (a long time ago). I found out about this stuff and it's even more harmful for the body during prolonged use and brain as the updated news have confirmed it through scientific research. I asked my doctor about it and he confirmed that there are many side effects on these antidepressants! So I got off it. Now, I still had depression, but when I started to research about alternative medicine, I tried L-tyrosine, 5HTP, Mucuna Pruriens, Vitamin C, and other supplements....I've never felt any better! It works for me! I don't think these supplements are harmful unless taken in excess (anything in excess can be harmful), but I'm curious...what does the LDS Church say about taking supplements too?