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  1. after giving this some additional thought I realize my initial response was a little haughty and didn't address your question. Sorry about that. You should follow your heart and trust the Spirit. Perhaps not having children is the correct choice for you.
  2. I was scared to death to have my first child up until the moment she was delivered. I have never had a more spiritual connection with my Heavenly Father than at that moment. Pure joy and worth every sacrifice and wakeless night (at least till they reach about 15)
  3. sorry, I guess that post probably deserved a thread of its own
  4. I read that the influx of new missionaries (due to the mission age change) did not equate to a similar percentage increase in convert baptisms. For example, the LDS Church welcomed a 15% increase in its missionary force, but only a 7% increase in convert baptisms. I recall entering the mission field as an excited 19 year old back in the 90's. I served a stateside mission. It didn't take long to realize that my enthusiasm for the gospel wasn't matched by any non-members in the field. To be perfectly honest, the few convert baptisms that we had, we had to pull and prod to get them to join, and 6 months later they had little to nothing to do with the LDS faith. Membership of the LDS Church is currently somewhere North of 15 million. But, to be honest, I'd argue that a 1/3 of those listed might be on Church membership roles, but personally wouldn't consider themselves LDS. They may have tried it out on a temporary basis, but it didn't stick. This part of the plan of salvation has me perplexed. LDS numbers are so small compared with the overall population of the planet that 99.5% of the people will live and die without an opportunity to hear or learn the gospel. That seems incredibly unfair and inequitable to me. Just another one of those things that perplexes me.
  5. I was grocery shopping at Safeway, when I noticed these 3 clean-cut gentleman grabbing some Postum and Jello, when I passed them one of them whispered to me "don't forget your food storage." I immediately went and bought a case of chili
  6. I remember when stories and myths about the 3 Nephites was much more common than it is today. I'm glad we have moved past that and have been counseled not to spread these stories. _______ The following is from the 2012 LDS seminary manual for youth: Avoid speculation about the Three Nephites. Many have heard stories about supposed visits of the Three Nephites. Rather than share these stories, teach what is taught in the scriptures. Remember Mormon's statement that the Three Nephites would be among the Gentiles and Jews, who would "know them not" (3 Nephi 28:27ā€“28). Refrain from discussing stories or other information that is not found in Church-approved sources.
  7. while I agree that we shouldn't be too hard on ourselves, there is a significant amount of pressure to partake of the sacrament, there are times when I partake that I probably wouldn't/shouldn't if it were a more private setting
  8. <insert Twilight Zone music here>
  9. clearly there have been scriptural accounts of individuals seeing angels. I suspect these visitations are extremely rare because they weaken the eternal principle of faith needed to work our way back to our father's presence.. It seems to me that someone who has seen an angel would have an inherent unfair advantage enduring to the end versus someone who hadn't had that experience. I would also assume that such an experience would be so spiritual that you wouldn't share it openly but hold it sacred and only reveal it to those closest around you.
  10. considering that there are countless ways to sin (sins of omission/commission) I would argue yes. My gut feeling is, (gospel according to me) that anything activity that we are doing voluntarily that is detracting from the Spirit is a sin. That's equal parts humbling and defeating.
  11. in my opinion the Sunday School President has the difficult task of ringing the bell and watching out for hang gliders . . . too soon?
  12. the optimal most correct option is lets get rid of that second hour and just simply have Sacrament meeting and a 45 minute Priesthood/Relief Society meeting Problem solved.
  13. I have always understood right hand as well, but I don't recall why. probably something my parents taught me when I was young.
  14. I have watched my conservative father-in-law struggle as my sister-in-law has flip flopped between being gay or straight. The one positive he gained out of that experience is that it forced him to be more accepting and Christlike in his dealings with her boyfriends and girlfriends. Not to the same degree, but I believed it has humbled me and made me more accepting and compassionate. But still lots to learn.