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  1. Thank you so much for sharing anatess2, he is amazing!!
  2. Thank you both very much, these thoughts will help me a lot in helping her. Those pictures sure are powerful!
  3. What do you say to someone who is angry at Heavenly Father for a trial that they are going through? They feel that we are taught that Heavenly Father allows us to go through trials for our own good and benefit...but this trial is so painful and they feel that a God who loved them would never allow them to go through this. They feel like "why does god allow bad things to happen to good people"? And because of this trial they have left the church and no longer believe in God. How can you help them? What can I say?
  4. This to me is the perfect example that people will judge you no matter what, it is really too bad! It sounds to me like you are just a really outgoing and friendly person! If your wife sees nothing wrong with the way you talk to other women I am sure you are doing nothing wrong. It is too bad that your kindness is seen as something other than it is...we need more open and friendly people in this world!
  5. You do sound like such a sweet and loving wife!!
  6. Is 40 something too old to have another baby? Especially with all of the young LDS moms I wonder how out of place I would feel?
  7. Have you read the love languages book? It is actually really interesting and has really been eye opening about what my husband needs and how we are different. There is a quiz you can each take to find out what your love language is and since I have been more aware of what my husband's is it has made a big difference!
  8. Thank you so much, that looks like a great talk!
  9. Love this! Thank you!! And as you mentioned in your first response He wants us to revere and respect Him not to truly be afraid of Him, right? Because I am not afraid on Him at all, but I respect and revere Him completely.
  10. Thank you so much! I look forward to reading the talk too thank you!
  11. Thank you. For some reason I have always taken it to mean that we should always choose Heavenly Father and His teachings over the world...that even if it means someone may not like us or approve of us that what matters is that we are following our Father in Heaven. He wants us to worry more about His opinion of us than we do about others opinions of us, Is this incorrect?
  12. I have been trying to study this and am wondering what it means to you? Thank you!
  13. summer

    Potential convert who feels terribly conflicted

    Hi! You have gotten wonderful replies on your question (I haven't had a chance to read all of them) so I just wanted to share something else with you. This is just me personally and how I look at things...there are some things that I don't completely understand when it comes to this beautiful Gospel, but in my mind that is what make it true and right! If everything made sense and I had no questions then I wouldn't have to have faith...if everything made sense to me that would be too easy and in my mind if it was all easy and laid out perfectly so there was never a need to wonder then where would the faith come in? I too have had too many personal spiritual experiences that I KNOW without a doubt that this Gospel is true. It brings purpose and meaning into every aspect of my life.
  14. summer

    feeling inadequate

    This is very interesting...I have been told by people that I have a lot of wisdom...but it is so hard for me to see it...I doubt myself constantly...
  15. summer

    Journaling Good for Your Health

    This is interesting! I used to write in my journal all of the time, I loved it! I have't written regularly in over a decade though since I have become so busy with my kids. Just the other day I started keeping one again because I have been feeling so overwhelmed lately and I thought that it could help me to keep everything in perspective. Thank you for sharing!