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  1. siouxz72

    I wonder...

    I'm not sure about you, but I play every day. Every. Day. And use my imagination on the daily when I paint, draw, doodle. So, I would, we don't grow out of it. I think people do suppress it though, because they're "supposed" to. You know.... that's one of the things people say most about me..other than that I'm a hippie... is that I'm immature because I play every day. Bunch of weirdos if you ask me. Love you, Dr T! *mwah!
  2. siouxz72

    50 Fattiest foods in the US

    I can honestly say that I have never indulged in a corney dog! ...but I would like to =]
  3. must have totally missed Wingnut's post then. She references Corinthians.
  4. siouxz72

    Sharing my excitement with you

    Congrats girlie! I can't wait to see the pic!
  5. siouxz72

    Is everyone sitting down?

    That's my girl! Gettin' asked out! woohoo! :)
  6. siouxz72

    Sucking up to pam

    Howdy ya'll! I just wanted to add.... I LOVE YOU PAMMY!
  7. siouxz72

    Wanted to give you an update

    ohmygoodness! I'm sorry this happened as well. I do want to agree with Beefche and say that when/if you do go back that it would be perfectly fine for you to go with your son to class or have him go with you. Or to have another adult you trust, like one of the missionairies go with him.
  8. siouxz72

    Pictures you don't see every day

    tee hee.... I love this! :) thanks you guys... I kept laughing at my monitor and my kids looked at me crazy! nice~
  9. siouxz72

    Halloween Humor

    hahahaha!!! I think we should eat other people!!
  10. siouxz72

    Been a while..

    hanne! love you, sister!! good luck with going back to church :)
  11. siouxz72

    Sort of Back Online lol

    Welcome back! Thanks for the update on your family :)
  12. siouxz72


    twitter?!!! fascinating!
  13. siouxz72


    Dr use twitter but not facebook?! yer a weirdee, that's for sure!
  14. siouxz72

    Big big big big big news

    Good job mommy!!! You are a great mom, missing!
  15. siouxz72


    Welcome! I was confused on how to get around when I first joined as well... but look how good you're doing, you started a thread! yay you!! If you have any questions, just ask...we're all here to help. Well, some of us are. Palerider is just here to collect your money and Dr T...ummm... yeah, he's just here. :)