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  1. Just fear and confusion, both very common human emotions that cause people to say and do things they defy description at times. I served in the Army between 1976-84, on medivac helicopters. We did both military and civilian support to meet the needs of others, on or during some of the worst points in their lives, up until that day. There were happy times when we would fly to small towns and pick up premature birth babies and fly them to better hospitals. But even then when the mother could not fly with her baby, let's just say those could be interesting moments. Otherwise our missions were carried out in some of the horrid, of circumstances, where people were either at their worst, or their best. Either way, one this day when the interview happened, I will give her a pass. I then went on to a 23 year career in Law Enforcement, for a total of 31 years seeing so many at their worst and best. Sadly, most of the time at their worst, making it very hard at times to see the good. I am just glad they got out.
  2. Bill (Papa) Lee

    Mad at Modesty

    GirlNextDoor It is your responsibility to conduct and dress yourself in a manner befitting entering into God's house. How you made get effect others is secondary. It is true that modesty is the means by which the Lord has given you to show that respect, and to not draw attention away from the business of worship. It's one Sunday a week, we should all be asking ourselves is that too much for the Lord to ask of us, one day and n seven? I did not grew in the LDS Church, but one Sunday, my brother was driving me to Church, soI changed into Jeans. My Nanny (my Grandmother) stop me and asked where I was going. Before I began to answer, she asked, "are you going to Theron's house?" I replied "no", she then asked if I "were going to Mark's house"; I said no. I told her I was going to the "Lord's House", she said, "I thought so", and she made me dress for Church. She has been gone for 45 years now, but every Sunday, I dress as if she was watching. Such was the lesson she taught me. And I act as a watchful eye for my grandchildren should they to decide to go off plantation.
  3. Bill (Papa) Lee

    Baptism for same sex couples?

    It is not an issue of "Law". In States where drugs have been (or the use of) legalized, one must give this up in their baptismal interview to move forward. Also someone seeking to baptized who grows it, or sells it, the same would apply. It would certainly be a difficult tightrope to walk, to ask someone to divorce, if the behavior were to continue. Throughout the history of the Church, and I mean it's entire history, in any land and any age sacrifices have to be made to receive the blessings of the Gospel. We are all aware of the great example and prayer of King Lamoni, who prayed "...that he would give away all his sins to know him (God)". So it is today, we must all must be willing to give away our sins to know Him. This includes even things that we never considered sin before hearing the fullness of the Gospel. Also with that "long history" of the Church there have always been difficult choices, filled with emotion that pulls at the heartstrings of so many. But as we learn we grow in greater knowledge, and with that our understanding of what is "right" in the eyes of the Lord. I once went with the missionaries and taught a woman who took the lessons, attended a year a half of my Gospel Essentials class and was truly converted. She had been living with a man for 20+ years, and had two children by him. It was a strong family, a loving family, but no marriage. Both had been married before and just could not trust enough to commit. She wanted to be baptized, but her husband (and his was by "common law" and a good father) but he would not marry her. So in the end, it came down to joining the Church or breaking up a family. It was heart wrenching, and slowly other things she had given up, Word of Wisdom issues she returned too. Since she was not going to leave him, she felt like; what was the point? This was decades ago, I pray that she and her family were finally baptized. The Apostle Paul, once wrote that, "in this life we see through a glass darkly". Maybe someday, we will all see all things clearly. When that day comes with perfect vision we will move forward, more quickly, without stumbling all over ourselves. Until that day comes we must move forward in faith, and "give away all our sins to know him". At least this is what my faith tells me.
  4. Bill (Papa) Lee

    Few Will Find Celestial Glory

    Even if you count every Mormon living or dead, we are a tiny part of believers in all of time. If there be few, even among Latter-day Saints, it will not be because God wishes it to be so. But God, as a loving parent does all he can for his children who let him, hence the different kingdoms within heaven. For those who become as the sons of perdition, all is lost.
  5. Bill (Papa) Lee

    Few Will Find Celestial Glory

    That "straight and narrow is the road to God" and "broad is the road leading to hell". ETA: 2 Nephi 9: 41
  6. Bill (Papa) Lee

    God was once a man?!

    I grew up in the Baptist Church, shortly after my Baptism I heard someone reading from D&C 132, the verse, "...and then yet shall be gods, because he have no end". (I hope I quoted it without error) I slowly raised my hand to ask for the nearest exit (as I would have to retrieve my wife and small children first) , and began to ask many questions. It was while the Church still had split meetings, and it was a small Military Branch in (what was then) "West Germany". My wife and I were only converts in the three plus years there, so everyone was willing to take all the time that was needed to answer question. They even remained after Church to help me understand. Over time and having taken Bible correspondence courses since the age of 11 (by mail back in the 60's of course), and having even began teaching or preaching from the Baptist pulpit at the age of 19, I already had a head start. The scriptures that came to mind (I type everything from an IPad due to serious back injury) were the scriptures that spoke of Jesus Christ, or how "...he learned obedience through the things that he suffered". How he "...became the author of our eternal salvation". How, to have "...seen him is to see the Father". And how "...all that he did, he had SEEN the Father do" (too paraphrase), and how all names attributed to the Father are given unto the Son (not a quote). Since it is Jesus Christ whom we all know, was in the image of the "invisible God", and "learned line upon line and precept upon precept", just as we do, and just as the "Father did", by extension it seems a short lead (or for others a massive leap of Faith) to other such beliefs. This does not mean, that God the Father can be measured in time as we know it, as he is "from everlasting to everlasting", a Biblical term that suggests that "everlasting" is not necessarily "Eternal". But another topic for another thread. Where we do err is to suppose that "He the Father" or "Jesus Christ" we're just like us in every way, as Jesus Christ lived a perfect life. Jesus Christ was chosen from the beginning as the "Lamb of God", that Jesus Christ "overcame the world", where we can "overcome the world", by being made perfect through the "Grace" or the "Atonement of Jesus Christ". A point we should always remember, "least any man boast" that he is "saved by works", because everyone who accepts Jesus Christ is "saved by Grace alone", and it is "Grace Alone" that even allows our works to earn us great reward. Too often when others say we are "saved by Grace", in an effort to teach the entire plan of Salvation, we lose them. We should agree "quickly" to use a word of the Apostle Paul, in context of "agreeing with thy enemy quickly", or even those who might see us as their enemy. Jesus Christ who lived a perfect life, he was without blemish and did wonderful and miraculous things, and to use his words, "...all that I do, I have seen the Father do". All of these things and all of the words and doctrines are not "Mormon Doctrine", but "His" words and doctrines. Even the teaching that we shall "become gods" (little "g") or more to the point that, "we are all gods and children of the most high". It is also important to note that the term used in D&C 132, says that "we will be gods because we have no end", an important qualifying remark. From this point it expands, all other beliefs come from the King Follet Discourse, a sermon that certainly is an underpinning of belief, but not canonized scripture. Anyway, I seem to be rambling, to quote from the Movie Lincoln, "as the old Preacher said, I'd write shorter sermons, but once I get started I am too lazy to quit". Disclamier: Due to a back injury, 99% of what I write is done with an iPad held up with one thumb on my legs while in bed or in a special chair. So misspellings and errors in quotes occur more oftent than I would like. It is difficult (near impossible) to sit in a straight back chair and use my laptop. Also difficult to put it down and go though every scripture, so I have to use my memory for the scriptures I quote. So forgive any errors. Bill "Papa" Lee
  7. Bill (Papa) Lee

    So, apparently you can find LDS neo-Nazis.

    They ended them (over time) when I made my mind known on the issue. Or I may have perceived it this way? Either way, a 30 year long friendship ended almost overnight. One of these two was my closet friend for so long, it is sad. For me at least. Still have my childhood friends, who know and love me all my 60 years.
  8. Bill (Papa) Lee

    So, apparently you can find LDS neo-Nazis.

    One was my Bishop, on the day President Obama was sworn in, I found out just how bad it was. I do not post this to be political, that was just the day he said something that recede how he felt. This an other things caused such a toxic environment in the Ward, it was disbanded.
  9. Bill (Papa) Lee

    So, apparently you can find LDS neo-Nazis.

    I have known a couple, and finding out cost them my friendship. I doubt they saw that as a great loss, but I felt the loss of men I once called friends. I pray they have repented, I truly do.
  10. Bill (Papa) Lee

    What's your calling in your ward?

    Priesthood instructor, High Priest Group.
  11. Bill (Papa) Lee


    No worries, I stay confused.
  12. Bill (Papa) Lee


    Does it not say, (Too paraphrase) "We're it possible even the very elect MIGHT be deceived"? Does that not mean that hpthey cannot be? Even if it does, anyone can be deceived it they are not careful, and (too paraphrase) as Joseph taught, "cling close to the bark of the tree, least reaching for the limbs, ye fall".
  13. Thanks, I have a lot of poetry, but never would have picked up on that.
  14. Bill (Papa) Lee, yet again, here to speak, read and teach. I have a powerful testimony of our Faith, it was hard fought and hard it is mine. At the ending of D&C 1, it closes, it states, "what I the Lord have spoken, I have spoken. And I will not excuse myself". "Though the heavens and the earth shall pass away, my WORD will not pass away". Amen!
  15. Bill (Papa) Lee

    Forcing G-d’s Hand – a transgression of the law

    The examples you used probably are just part of the narrative. I am sure plenty of warnings were given as to "who could, and could not", touch the Ark. As far as Judas, we have more of the picture. I am sure Judas wanted believe that he was doing it for Christ's own sake. But Jesus knew what Judas was going to do, and called a betrayal while at the "Last Supper" and then again when Judas betrayed Jesus with as kiss, as he said, "betrayest thou me with a kiss"? (hope I quoted it correctly) These two examples of both men showed a complete lack of faith, both assuming that God needed their help. It is important to note, that even Satan used that same lie, or excuse for enticing Adam and Eve to transgress. But, when he attempted to excuse his actions to the Father, he was cursed even more than before. His Father knew his heart, God always knows all our hearts.