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  1. Hi! I received my endowments almost exactly a year ago, and just got married 7 months ago. The thing is, I'm still trying to find the perfect garment size/type. Does anyone else have the problem of the garment bottom sliding down all the time? I thought a size up would help, but nope. I tried this with natural waist length and a cotton top to help with the carinessa bottoms. Only helps a little until the top starts bunching up. I also prefer the slick tops, but those ride up and make the bottoms slide down worse. This isn't as bad when I'm wearing pants, but with dresses and skirts its a nightmare. Especially when I'm doing temple work and really can't fix anything for awhile haha. I wear carinessa large bottoms, drislique 46 bottoms, carinessa medium tops, and 38C tops in cotton and silk. Any recommendations to help with the sliding and bunching up?
  2. Hello, My husband and I are visiting Utah this November to meet his brother who's serving in Salt Lake East when he gets released. Also, this is the same week as our 1st anniversary. We want to visit at least 3 temples, but since there is so many near the Salt Lake area, which ones would you recommend? I know every temple is beautiful, but we wanted to experience the temple in different ways and they are all unique. Also, understand the culture/ history along side the blessings of the temple. We would visit all 17 if we could, but since we can't do that in a week, which temples near the Salt Lake would you recommend us visit for a first time in Utah trip? (yep it really is my first time in UT ) Thanks!
  3. Thank you all for the replies and advice! I very much appreciate it I will definitely pray about it, but it seems so far the best idea is to go ahead and get separate rooms. I will pray abut it though
  4. Hey everyone! I have a question! My boyfriend and I want to take a temple trip together for a couple of endowment sessions, but we live 6 hours away from a temple. We were thinking about getting a hotel for two nights ( Day before and day after and separate beds of course), but I wasn't sure if that was still inappropriate or not. Thoughts? Thanks!