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  1. It is an assumption that Lucifer fell because he was tempted, that is not the case. He fell because of Pride, Pride in his connections , his Power and his greatness. His even having a voice in the counsel as the Savior. I had a choice who to follow but did not have the right to present a plan. What did he ask for in exchange for seeing that "none were lost" " the honor" the very power of G_d Himself. Just as the Savior stood in total Humility giving the Father the glory, Lucifer stood in total Pride wanting it all, always in direct opposition yet always trying to deceive as being such a close copy that even the elect could be deceived. He appeared to Moses as an angel of light , and as Moses had already seen the Lord He could discern the difference. To Adam and Eve he was the G_d of this world. Pride the sin we were warned about from Pres. Benson , Pride goeth before the fall. It is the sin that stops some from true repentance, and this is backed up by scripture.
  2. Didn't find it so, the ending where his choice was to end his life, not crazy about that, yet sometimes I wrestle with how much our medical field does to extend life rather than let things take there course. So not crazy about the ending , so many movies are violent with murder at the drop of a hat this one had some really emotion along with dealing with lifes tragic questions.
  3. You before me, really liked it used vid Angel awesome
  4. I have found that as I read a verse if I can come up with a question , it stimulates my "little gray cells" and leads to more thoughts and study. My latest question was about the brother of Jared and the barges, the stones he went and mined, the question made me research Hugh Nibley and what He had to say about it was amazing. Noah also had a stone or crystal, that would become bright at night and dimmer during the day. The fact that Noah was mentioned and the barges were designed as the ark ,BoJared knew of the traditions. The stone that Noah is reported to have that gave light in the Ark was called Pyrophilus ,This stone was believed to be pure crystal and could only be produced or made luminous by the application of terrific heat. It had the miraculous quality of enabling its possessor to pass unharmed through the depth of the water . As stated by Dr. Nibley this tradition existed throughout the ancient and medieval world , this puts new meaning on the brother of Jared as he asked the Lord about light and then went to the mountain to mine the stones. So if I had never asked a question, or thought about it would I get a fuller answer ? I have asked questions and in so doing gotten some amazing answers. Ask a question that's what the Brother of Jared did to the Lord and look at his answer.
  5. If I've learned anything, it is timing is everything, and if we are really patient and quit pounding that square peg into the round hole then the Lord will truly do His works. The timing of when we are ready to receive a truth, when the ground work has been laid in us , then it all comes together in one big Aha moment.
  6. We were just called to be the emergency preparedness specialist in our ward. I buy things all the time and I am concerned about people getting this done, no don' t go into debt, but life is about choices, giving up a want for something The Lord has told us to do. I brought home another 6 bags of beans , one of those purifiers with extra filter, and a 50lb bag of oatmeal cost $116. That would be about one trip from SLC pulling a boat. I see enough people coming to the lake, I see them in church filling every nook and cranny. So I would hope people who "play" are totally prepared, if not the consequences may be hard to bare, and they just might not hear the whispering of the spirit if they won't listen to the loud voice of the prophets. One problem we have is our ward is so geographically large communication with each other could be a problem both sides of the lake . I bought a short wave radio before we were called just for that purpose so now I need to get some organized system with block captains. Not sure quite how to make it really effective, if people won't get there food how can I get them to get radios.
  7. Thank you for your kind welcome. We have 22 osterlope chickens , need to build a bigger coop. We also have a Covered wagon our horses pull. My business is antiques and I buy and sell a lot of things , I could tell you stories on what people throw away that make you laugh and cry. I've seen a lot and know the value of putting oil in your lamp before you need it, in times of tragedy that is all you have to draw from , let today be the day you fill your lamp , for tomorrow which is upon us is to late.
  8. I don't care for dark subject matter, it's not really uplifting, you know the dark world of drugs , prostitution, murders.. I have found if I want to watch a movie I now use Vidangel which allows me to take out sex, nudity , language, you can custom the filters to take out any and everything you personally find offensive,. There problem solved, I'm gonna go watch a movie.
  9. I did find the video interesting as a way to get fresh air pumped in. I am lacking in skills to communicate my impressions so sorry about that. My point about the importance of communication was that they traveled by faith , yet the brother of Jared had the stones he had seen the Lord touch, know longer faith for him. He knew. The hole which was the least of my concerns , could have been the way which He would come out of the barge at night , as the others and holding one of the stones out into the dark night communicate safety to the other 7 barges , as they would also do likewise. I can speculate what this would mean to him to look out and know the hand of the Lord was upon them, and as a lighthouse or becon each member would know of the safety of the others. When I look at the leaders or prophets in the scriptures, I liken them unto us, then I see and relate to what is happening to them. I appreciate input and I will look up traditions on turtle boats.
  10. Thanks for the video very interesting, makes sense to me, The stones as a possible usage, like a lighthouse signal , communicating a signal a sign of safety etc. Was more of the line of thinking . The light in the darkest of night, but just my thoughts.
  11. The last week I have thought about the Jaredites journey across the great deep. The one thought was having pleaded with the Lord not to confound their language , they left as a group of family and friends having seen the result of confusion of tongues and the lack of communication . (If you've ever been to the south , then ya'll know how frustrating understanding language can be). When studying scriptures I like to put the human element in it, how would I feel about it, how did these people think, for me it just makes the stories speak more and there struggles become mine. We live were we communicate will family and friends instantly ,even strangers. These people saw what happens when you can't communicate division, so they pleaded for this not to happen to them. I left that thought , then a question came to me, they made a whole in the top and bottom of each of the barges, so how big was the whole. You may ask why does that matter or who cares? Well let me follow through with my thinking, was it 6 inches? maybe 12 inches. Logic tells me it must have been the size of a man. Why ? Well we have animals and I know the work and amount of "processed food " from there herds and flocks that along with the families on each barge that would need to be desposed of at the end of a day. So part of Jareds or the least favored child job list would be disposing of the waste when the barge was on top of the water. How often we don't know. That simply is my estimation that the whole was big enough to at least climb through with let's say a bucket. Now back to my original thought on communication, how did they for this year on the seas know there families and friends were alright,? did it matter. Would it matter to you? I don't need a big conversation , but if I were on the open seas and family was in another ship sometimes submerged in the deep , I would want to know at least on the morrow they were there and alright. In my minds eye I visualized the "brother of Jared" having prayed with his family all the day long , feeling the pounding of the waves pushing them down into the depths, feeling the barge again rise and settling on the surface. Having finished their prayers of gratitude for another safe days journey he climbs the rope ladder he made for the journey. He unstops the hole and lifts himself halfway out ,he gazing at the dark nights sky, calls to his wife to hand him the most sacred object they carry the reminder of his faith ,the expression of his knowledge of the Lord the stone the Lord Himself touched. He raises it above his head and begins to count, one, two, three ah yes all eight . The symbolic sign to them" The light of the Lord truly will guides us through darkness." We don't know of there journey of a year in just a few pages. I believe the stones were used to communicate through light and to this day light the room were the sword of Laban is as described in the Journal of Discourses vol. 19 pgs. 38,39. Now this was my question and my answer what's yours.
  12. Back in the Early 90s I was visiting with the Ogden Temple President in discussing something Emma came up, he stated that Pres. Kimball said about Emma, "Enough is Enough, she (Emma) has suffered enough" , and at that time had her temple work , or ordinances restored. This was while Pres. Kimball was still living . I was told this after the fact.
  13. So if your talking about active Mormons, 10% being prepared, I really would like to know why is the statistic so low. I think Mirkwood stated it was a little lower. Why? 1. Do the saints believe this won't happen in there lifetime. 2. X amount of dollars only go so far, and the lifestyle comes first. 3. To many bills. I would like to know so I can assist in building my fellow saints testimony of this along with other principles of the gospel. If you have a problem with tithing, I have stories to tell that the spirit will whisper the truth there of , if you have problems baring trials maybe I can share that which will strengthen a soul. I can tell you that preparing for a different less prosperous day, really has less to do with food and more to do with gaining faith to survive the coming day. I don't believe in fear mongering To get anyone to prepare. I can tell you if this is difficult for you to do then do it. Calling down the powers of Heaven will at some point in your life be necessary. Notice you don't have faith in a principle until you live it. Sacrifice for it. I never say you will eat it or use it, but when we live a principle to the best of our ability the power you have in asking for a blessing knowing the course you pursued was in accordance with His will, the Heavens are opened and there in lies power. I certainly don't mean to preach to the choir, on second thought I hope I am.
  14. In regards to more righteous women than men in the church , let's look at symbolism . The Lord uses the Bride to the Groom to describe His relationship to the Church. Starting in Revelations 1:20 The mystery of the seven stars which thou sawest in my right hand, and the seven golden candlesticks. The seven stars are the angels of the seven churches: and the seven candlesticks which thou sawest are the seven churches. This establishes He is the 1 and the female bride is the 7. Follow up of that is Genesis 7:2-3 of every clean beast thou shalt take to those by sevens the male and his female: The beast that are not clean by two,the male and his female. So again we see the Male and His 7 female 7to 1 verse 3: fowls of the air by sevens the male and the female. Next example Exodus 2:15-16 Moses fled from pharaoh to the land of Midian he sits down by a well . Water is significant in symbolism the Savior is the fountain of all righteousness , if you want to reaffirm interpretations read symbolism by Mcconkie and Millet. Verse 16 The Priest of Midian had seven daughters : and they came and drew water, again 7to1 the Priest represents the Savior and the 7 bride female. Now again turn to Isiah or let's look at 2 Nephi 14:1 And in that day, seven women shall take hold of one man ...so the long version I'd say look to the scriptures there is much there the Lord to his 7 He is the one the 7 His perfect church, but on another level the question is symbolized by the 7 perfect female. So I would say yes there will be more women.
  15. I don't think it is a case of remembering the wording, or signs as much as the knowledge that comes with it or let's say the enlightenment that comes with understanding the symbolism. That is why we go back to receive the light and knowledge , not just memory of the words.
  16. My short version of that question is yes I believe you will need all that we are taught in the temple. Else why do temple work for the dead , I have known at times when the person I was doing the work for was there and learning the things with me. Think about it do you think you preformed ordinances before coming here. There is one that is preformed in the temple that prepares us to minister to our posterity.
  17. Hi I'm new to this forum. I hope to discuss current topics with like minded people who love the Lord and have a firm testimony of His atonement. My conversion started in my early 30's . In one year I ran over our 5 yr old daughter, 6 months later our son died choking on a toy, though this was a very painful year I had many spiritual experiences an choose to let the Lord teach me. I was richly rewarded with a testimony that so far has been unfailing. Looking back at my experiences, I have been through things that make that year easy to bare and with gratitude continue down the conversion path. I love the scriptures and combined with temple teachings love symbolism. Because of certain experiences I question philosophies of those who proclaim scientific evidence or "proof" of things. I am older, but the jury is still out on the wiser. We live rural , have Belgian horses, annoying chickens and yes prepare for the coming of our Lord.