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  1. Burn

    What happened to GLO?

    This is not really a topic. But I was wondering if anyone here knows why GLO is not taking new members?
  2. It's interesting to ask someone if they have EDC and have them tell me no. Then I ask if they carry a cell phone? Anything different in their purse or wallet? Something special on their key chain? Most of us have EDC items, we've just never identified them as an EDC system. I carry many things I feel I need on my person. Then each of our vehicles has a get home bag. Like Mirkwood, my thoughts on this is on my blog: ldsgunsite.blogspot.com It's all just verbiage, but I call my EDC what I carry on my person. Then my get home bag is designed just to get me home from work or town. Our bugout bag is our 72 hour kit in case we have to evacuate. The rest is preparedness at home. EDC is a gun and spare mag, a multi-tool, a flashlight, firesteel, tactical pen, tweezers, some paracord, oil vial, P38 can opener, Carabiner.
  3. Burn

    Shotgun vs Handgun

    I like my Judge, but yes, I agree with you all, it is not a defensive weapon. First you should be trained. Then find a weapon you are willing to use and practice with. Then practice. I know many people who go to a class or two, buy a gun, and shoot it twice a year. I'm not sure what good that is, but I guess you actually have the gun. I like the quote from Jeff Cooper and I paraphrase: Owning a gun and thinking you are shooter is like owning a guitar and thinking you are a musician. Beside all of the above, you must have the mindset that you will actually use a gun on another human being. That is the grim reality. If you don't think you can don't get a gun. Shooting a person is not fun and it may put you in therapy for years. There are also legal ramifications. But even with all that, I think you should have a gun and training in your preparations. Here's a blog for your consideration: http://ldsgunsite.blogspot.com/
  4. Burn

    16 things in a disaster

    I'd add something for defense and the training to use it.
  5. Burn

    We're all gonna die!

    Yep Neuro, I actually have a an opinion that differs from yours regardless of how you may demean it. You win. (Like your graphics though)
  6. Burn

    72 hour kits. Yes or no?

    All I know is that many government websites encourage a sort of 72 hour kit. Now I don't necessarily trust the government, even though I've worked for them for 30+ years. But I do know that if the government gets on board with this type of preparedness, we probably should listen. The government is usually way behind thinking, knowledgeable people. Preparedness is a personal thing. Think about it, pray about it, discuss it as a family, then come up with your own plan.
  7. Burn

    We're all gonna die!

    I think we should go back to basics... we're all gonna die! Which, of course, is true. I will chime in with my opinion, for I am no scientist, I have a hard time believing that big business/politics/mainstream media is very trustworthy. Call me paranoid but I just don't quite believe them. I also don't like studies because I feel that data can be manipulated. I do know that my Uncle and cousins have run 2 farms and a ranch without GMO crud and without pesticides. They have for years. They are not "certified organic" farmers, but all they do would be considered organic. I also know that my bee population has depleted over the years and I've lost several hives. I have my ideas on why but I just can't believe that GMO's are a good thing. Science can be good, but remember who comes up with science, man. Man can mess up anything! So, for those of you who are "scienced up" just wait a few years, man will "change" science again and again. But back to the real controversy...we're all gonna die!