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  1. I'm happy to continue discussing the interface between and faith and politics, though the current tone seems a bit tense. Are you interested in a conversation or do you see this being an argument? If it's the former, I would love to keep talking. If it's the latter, I'll probably opt out of this thread.
  2. Your responses have contained a variety of concerns, and I've been asking follow-up questions to make sure I completely understand your perspective. With this final response, I believe I thoroughly understand your position. Thank you for taking the time to answer.
  3. Why are you attacking me? You're twisting my words in pretty significant ways and continuing to be aggressive even after I've said I'm not seeking conflict. I don't understand why you're doing this.
  4. I can tell I've really irritated you in some way. That wasn't my intention. I'll see myself out of this thread.
  5. So your dislike of the choir member's choice stems not from her having an opinion, or even having a public opinion, but that that public opinion goes against a decision made by the church?
  6. That answers whether you can change the gender. It does not answer whether you can go back to the OLD (bass, more melodic) male narrator.
  7. I thought I was answering the question. I'm sorry my answers didn't meet your specifications. Was what you were trying to ask with all those scenarios was what I'd say and do if I found out unequivocally that God actually DID order all those killings with no justification or explanation? I'd be sad and terrified but I'd keep my mouth shut because who's going to argue with that kind of God?
  8. Glad to know it's not just me. Does anyone know if there's a setting to go back to the old narrators?
  9. ldsister

    Stinky broccoli feet?

    LOL. Yes, I can see that happening, though if the smell continued even after the malodorous shoes were removed, I'd start looking under seats and in the heating system. Would your friend's child be more comfortable wearing sandles except when it was snowy?
  10. Yesterday in church when I opened my Gospel Library app, there were all sorts of updates. Today when I went to listen to my scriptures, the voice was new! Has anyone else noticed this change?
  11. I'm not asserting an opinion about Beck. I'm solely asking questions to more thoroughly understand your perspective. I'm still not sure I do. Did you ever explain what your feeling on Beck's PUBLIC endorsement of Trump was? You seem to make a very great distinction between private opinion and public statement as regards the choir member. Do you make the same distinction between between private opinion and public statement as regards Beck, or is that different in some way?
  12. Out of curiosity, what are your feelings about Julie B. Beck's endorsement of Trump? Do you consider her, as one of the most recognizable and prominent women in the church, as having used "her position in the Kingdom of God to promote her own political agenda"?
  13. I'm intrigued by the fact that her decision has been seen in such widely disparate ways: some view it as grandstanding in order to gain social points. Others view it as giving public voice to those who have no say in their church's apparent endorsement of a morally reprehensible man. May I ask your reason for feeling so strongly that this was not a moral stand on her part, but rather a social pandering?
  14. This is a good comparison. It raises the question, "How public must I be to achieve the good I am trying to achieve?" In some spheres, individuals can accomplish their goals very privately, as with their alms. In other spheres, individuals must take a public stand in order to achieve the good they aim for, not because they're seeking the praise, but because making people aware of something is the good they're hoping for. I believe that's the case here.