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  1. I took to heart the verse: Matthew 6:19 "Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon earth, where moth and rust doth corrupt, and where thieves break through and steal" Thanks everybody
  2. I don't really own any sort of Sunday's Best type of clothing. I have a small, plain, and non-showy wardrobe, which consists of as you guessed it: Jeans and plain T-shirts. I hope God won't look down on me and think I'm not trying hard enough with my simple attire. I am a simple type of person.
  3. I dress very simply. I usually wear clean jeans that aren't tight/revealing and a regular plain T-shirt. Last time that I went to a Sunday meeting at the local LDS Church, every female member was wearing skirts or a dress. I can truthfully say that I stuck out by wearing jeans and a t-shirt. I dislike wearing dresses/skirts, since they make me feel "naked" in a way. Is there a LDS policy that all females need to wear dresses or skirts?
  4. Thank you. A lot of people have said to me to break off the relationship with my boyfriend, but sometimes he can be a good guy...just a little bit at a time. He is an arrogant guy with lots of family problems that contributes to his impulsive nature. Plus the anger/frustration he gets from work/anyone that "ticks" him off. It's like a rushing steam train going off its tracks. I try to calm him down. Thankfully he's never been in trouble with anyone.
  5. I don't have kids nor want to have any, although I would pull any child out of public schools because the learning curriculum is horrendous nowadays. Children are learning about these abominable things (sexuality, gender, etc) at school and are getting confused about who/what they are. It's giving the kids thoughts that the kids wouldn't naturally think about. And this is going to start in 2nd grade I believe, which is horrible. I might even say the Gov't is brainwashing kids in this respect.
  6. I was wondering about that too. I'm a novice. The Book of Mormon is amazing, although I'm still in 2 Nephi. (It's my first time reading it) Can non-members get D&C free at a LDS meeting place/church like the BoM?
  7. I don't want to get married. I don't live with my boyfriend. My boyfriend is a very stressed out individual with bad anger issues. I can't marry a guy like that, even though we're been in a relationship for 4-5 years.
  8. I like classic movies that I've watched on Turner Classic Movies. I must be the 20-something year old that like black/white movies.
  9. The loss of morality and the loss of good taste is totally going to make USA a messed up country. Actually it's already happening.
  10. A hospital shouldn't bill any victim if a tragic thing like that happened anywhere to anyone. it would be insane if the victims had to pay.
  11. I'm female in my mid-20's. I've been seeking a religion that feels right to me. It would have to truly speak to my soul in a way that won't let me tear myself away from it. I've "tried out" other religions in the past namely: Catholicism, Bible believing Christianity, Seventh Day Adventists, Judaism, Hare Krishna, Buddhism, Islam, Hinduism, etc. I have received a Book of Mormon 1 year ago from a friend that wasn't part of the LDS, but knew I was seeking religion. I didn't quite read it until now. I just begun reading it yesterday and wow, it is very readable. It pulls me in. I went to a LDS church service not to long ago and it felt very nice, although the members put a lot of emphasis on family and children. I don't want any children in my lifetime. My boyfriend of 4 years understands this and respects my decision. I'm going to be reading The Book of Mormon until I finish it. I really enjoy it so far. (I'm still in 1 Nephi)
  12. The last movie I saw was The Great Gatsby. I saw it yesterday just because I heard good things about it. I was not impressed by the movie. The camera work was weird to my eyes. The story of big parties and drinking was not my thing.
  13. I am investigating the LDS church and just begun reading The Book of Mormon. I'm female and in my mid 20's. I did go to one Sunday church meeting and discovered a lot of emphasis on women and having a family with children. I personally don't want any kids in my lifetime. I've always held that position for a very long time. Even though I have a boyfriend for 4 years already. He respects my choice. Would I get shunned or not be a worthy member if I do get baptized in the future and not want a family with children? Thank you. This is my main concern.