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    Seeking Skype YW and Youth Sunday School

    Thank you, I appreciate your feedback. I'm open to all ideas. Yes, our bishop and youth leaders know our struggle and are sympathetic. After 3 years of trying to make it work, I'm afraid my daughter is just plain tired of trying. The closest English speaking ward is several hours away by train or car. It would be nice to find others in this country who are dealing with similar issues and start a Skype group. The kids could call in and chat before their "class" started. On another forum someone suggested I contact the area rep for more information. Maybe I can use him as a resource for finding more people in our situation.
  2. We are currently living in Europe and do not speak the language in our ward. Almost all the adult members speak English, to a degree, but all the meetings are held in another language with translation offered to us. My husband and I both serve in the ward and we attend every Sunday. The problem is that our daughter is now old enough to attend Young Women. The girls her age do not speak English but are nice enough. She is already an introvert but the language issues make it worse. She does not want to go to the weekly activities or even to church on Sunday. This is having a major impact on her testimony and, in my opinion, she needs more interaction with English-speaking LDS girls and youth leaders. I have looked online for a Skype YW class or Skype Sunday School Youth class, but have found nothing. I know that our Farsi friends in our ward meet weekly on Skype for Sunday School, but I have not found anyone meeting in English. I have contacts in the U.S. I could ask for their YW and youth classes to Skype with our daughter, but then there would be time zone issues. Has anyone heard of an official (or unofficial) Skype class for expats? Or for YW who are home bound? Any ideas? Thanks in advance.