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  1. woah, didn't expect this many replies, don't really know how to reply to all of you guys at once but I guess I will just list up some clarifications. I am Male I know life is full of curve balls and tough times, I know that marriage has work but also good times, I guess I better explain my future wishes, I imagine a life where my wife and I return from work, do our duties (chores, etc) make dinner while conversing, and just chill out and play a game or something. I know its not all peachy perfect as that but I think you get the general idea. I should explain how i live my life, currently in college working on my career, I don't go out much since I love gaming, I love my animals and dream of taking care of many someday. I don't go out spending money willy nilly and I don't party or anything like that, in fact im pretty financially responsible. I also have worked most of my life for what I want so I know life isn't all about leisure, im ready to do honest work for what i want. last but not least i feel this should be shared, I have a low form of autism (PDD) and anxiety. I have them under control for the most part and to be honest I dont want to risk having a kid with these disorders, because I suffered a ton with them and I dont wish it on my worst enemy. hope that helps you guys understand!
  2. sorry seems i made a misunderstanding, do not worry i do not drag along girls, I let them know my thoughts right away and they appreciate it greatly.
  3. So I dunno if this is the right board but here we go! I am a LDS member, mid-20s, and fairly active! Right now I'm feeling a bit bummed out, one of my dreams is to get married in the temple and share a wonderful, fun life with my future wife! Lately though in the dating scene it hasn't been going too well, like the dates are fun and i have made a lot of good friends but it always grinds to a screaming halt when the topic of families and children come up. I never want to have kids, the idea of sleepless nights, crying, etc, really doesn't appeal to me and I'm pretty sure that isn't changing, I just want to live my years having a fun life with my future wife. But in my area almost every girl i have met in the church wants to have children and big families and such. It kinda bums me out cause I don't want to be alone forever but at the same time I don't want to change what i look for just to have a chance. So yeah I am just wondering, is there anyone else out there that thinks similarly? it would be nice to see some like minded people. (also I am kindly asking you don't say "well when you meet the right women and get older you will want kids" that's not happening and I'm kinda sick of hearing it, thank you!)