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  1. Hey guys and girls. so i want to start with some background story...i started dating a girl right before my mission (when i already had my mission papers) and had sex with her. unfortunately and regretfully served more than half my mission before i really felt a connection with my Heavenly Father and could no longer disappoint him, so i returned to repent. While i was on my mission that girl i had sex with got baptized, she was told she would not have to repent of her sexual transgressions because she was not a member and when she was baptized she was washed clean. a year has gone by and that girl is now my fiance hooray, BUT we started having sex, and she feels so terrible. our wedding is scheduled out for a year and we havent done anything for a couple months (staying clean) but she comes to me saying she has nightmares of Heavenly Father crying next to her. I FEEL TERRIBLE!!! HOW COULD I?! HOW?! I lead somebody so pure to this...We both want to talk to the bishop and are getting to it, but it never seems to happen because she believes there is a possibility i could be excommunicated...i guess my question here is: Will i be excommunicated for having sex with her????? I CANNOT live without this gospel, i dont want to leave and be frowned upon by my family and friends. i love this girl so much and i am just scared and i just need to know what will happen to me