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  1. Barrett Maximus

    Is this valve open or closed?

    The valve in the photo is in the off position.
  2. Barrett Maximus

    Rich Young Man

    I understand that, we all have off days.
  3. Barrett Maximus

    Rich Young Man

    Full of sh*@ is what he meant, his post comes off as very angry and judgmental. not something I would have expected on a forum for latter day saints.
  4. Barrett Maximus

    Eternal Damnation - Mosiah 2:38-39

    Your friend is not beyond the reach of the atoning sacrifice of Jesus Christ, he can still repent. Speaking as someone who has committed many sins of grievous nature in the past and recently went to the temple to receive my endowment, there is hope, it's there for him if he chooses to accept it. Pray for your friend, it's the adversary who places thoughts of being a lost cause into our hearts.
  5. Barrett Maximus

    Errors that made you chuckle?

    You can always paint some color over each one and arrange them Andy Warhol style
  6. I'll make this simple,You have no business being in the temple at this point in your life.
  7. Barrett Maximus

    Joseph Smith Foundation, unlocking the mystery of two prophets

    Thanks for your opinion. Hope you have a great evening
  8. Barrett Maximus

    Joseph Smith Foundation, unlocking the mystery of two prophets

    Thanks for the replies, I didn't bother watching all of it, I came to the conclusion that it was false and in my opinion mixing false doctrine and prophecy with other uplifting LDS entertainment seems like spiritual roulette. I even canceled my living scriptures subscription. I'll stick with official church productions from now on.
  9. Barrett Maximus

    Joseph Smith Foundation, unlocking the mystery of two prophets

    Thank you, your reply is very helpful
  10. Can someone please help me out here? I just started the month long free trial from living scriptures and decided to check out a documentary called " Unlocking The Mystery of the two Prophets" I see it's produced bt the Joseph Smith foundation which I am ignorant of. Is this something to steer away from? I don't seem to get a very good feel about it at all. Thanks
  11. Barrett Maximus

    What’s the last movie you watched?

    My wife and I just saw the new Marry Poppins, it was great
  12. Maybe my situation isn't common within the church, my wife isn't a member, I am and I am the one teaching and taking my kids to church. Being a stay at home father also affords me more time with my sons to teach them gospel principles. I'm blessed that my "agnostic" wife is supportive of this. (I say agnostic in quotes because I don't think she really is)
  13. Barrett Maximus

    The Next World Order and Social Justice

    I read that in a victorian gentleman's voice.
  14. Barrett Maximus

    Arizona Sunsets

    We certainly have the most beautiful sunsets here in arizona