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  1. The exchange student we have (his name is Jason) got this for @MormonGator today at Legoland. He got me a plush from Sonic the Hedgehog!
  2. LadyGator

    Captain Marvel and the press

    We did too!
  3. LadyGator

    New Dog Name

    That’s because we know we are getting a girl
  4. LadyGator

    New Dog Name

    @zil she hasn't been born yet. So no pics yet
  5. LadyGator

    New Dog Name

    Sorry I don't post here often but we need other opinions. I hope this works properly...
  6. I wish you luck finding books that he hates, I have yet to do so. He might dislike some, but haven't found one that he hates yet.
  7. LadyGator

    Newlywed on the brink of Divorce...

    I'm not an expert as far as medical training goes, but I grew up with my mother having a lot of mental health issues, bipolar being on the list, and someone that truly has this disorder when they are feeling good will get off of the medication and believe that they don't need it because they are fine. Like others have said that being treated would probably be your second step in the right direction, getting counseling together would have been your first.
  8. LadyGator

    The Wife Dilemma

    Hey it happens, nothing we can do to stop it, @MormonGator often gets out of hand yet he's still around 🤷‍♀️
  9. @MormonGator you think you have it all balanced, when it's really us who do the balancing. You have so much time to play video games because it keeps you out of our hair 😜 @person0 I would do the exact opposite of what Gator says if you want to get things done right.
  10. LadyGator

    The Wife Dilemma

    No, @LadyGator works on the underground escape tunnels though. How is that @Just_A_Guy?
  11. LadyGator

    The Compliment thread - Positive Feelings

    So sweet of you to say that! God bless you!
  12. LadyGator

    Pizza Preferences

    Meat lovers and I’m married to a vegetarian!
  13. LadyGator

    The Kissing Break - Help!!!

    @zil and I might end up on an episode on one of those terrible shows on Id Discovery about crazy women 😉
  14. He is a really great kid, and sometimes I do forget he’s here. @Grunt, @MormonGator‘s hair is way better than mine. 😊
  15. LadyGator

    Freemasonry (edited)

    Hi @Grunt nice to “see” you again 😊