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  1. The General Handbook says that members are to attend the ward in which boundaries they live. If members have a problem with someone in their ward or other possible problems, they are to talk to their Bishop and Stake President who will decide if a formal request to the First Presidency can be initiated to attend where they want to. Makes sense or we would have people changing wards whenever the bishop or someone else was put in a calling. However - We have a family in our ward that moved just across the boundary into another ward. For those out west there are only two wards in our city. They do not want to go to the other ward because the children have some physical and mental problems we won't go into and already have some very close friends in our ward. When they came to our bishop to renew their temple recommends, they were refused because their records were shipped to the other ward. So they got an appointment with the bishop in the other ward through his executive secretary, went there and waited more than an hour for the interview. When the bishop came out of his office, he asked what they were there for, and told them he couldn't give them a recommend because they didn't attend church. (they are a very faithful family and rarely miss church - in our ward). Recently two of their children went to the bishop in the other ward for a dance card (required to attend the youth dances) and were refused for the same reason. The rules are clear - they should attend the other ward. Neither bishop will allow them to attend our ward. The Stake President says there is no issue. This sounds like transgression versus sin to me. These are temple worthy people, but because of a boundary rule are being denied the blessings of the gospel. They feel they need to attend in our ward for their children. They are becoming increasingly frustrated and I am concerned for them. I am a counsellor in our bishopric and feel that for the sake of an arbitrary rule we may lose a family. Any thoughts? Any ideas?
  2. Thanks everyone - this has been good for the chuckle of the day and the relief from stress!