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    Views on Stimulus

    Is inflation so bad as long as the market stays active and the standard of living continues to improve?
  2. For example... Say next month, congress votes in a bill that makes abortion legal at all points, free, and provides $5000 in “emotional/physical recovery” for everyone who goes through it. What would the appropriate “unified” nation response for those who disagree? Would it be inappropriate under a “unified” nation for a republican owned senate and presidency to push through a bill that allows all Americans over the age of 21 to get a free handgun following an in-depth background check and firearm safety course? Or is it the responsibility of a “unified” nation’s elected leaders to acknowledge that half the nation disagrees with a certain change and negotiate a middle ground despite the party’s ability to push through whatever they want?
  3. Fether

    Charity: Feeling jaded on charity

    I try to give to strangers sparingly. I have limited service ability (particularly fiscally) so when I choose to aid someone, I pick people I know or an organization I trust. Making a community based on charity or consecration is a good idea... but it is a bad idea if anyone is allowed in. it is going to make up people who are either givers or takers. There is little reciprocity from the takers . The only time it works is when the community is selective and there is a common understanding and expectation of responsibility.
  4. Fether

    Simpler Vocabulary

    A large vocabulary is amazing. However, in a teaching/selling scenario, you MUST speak at the person level. Perhaps the feeling of condescension is a sign that too much value is placed on her ability to use more precise wording. There is sometimes a pride attached to specific skills or attributes we have that cause us to refuse to let go that in order to learn more important skills. Hopefully that isn't what is happening here, but if you and her are saying “everyone needs to be at my vocab level if they are expected to be taught”... then there is a major misplacement of value here.
  5. 🖐 I am a very unpicks and explorative eater. When I got out to eat, I almost always try something I’ve never had before. That being said, there are a few foods that I dislike. Unless it is pizza, fish or breadsticks (the more Americanized the better) I do not like Italian food. I’ve tried it in all forms many times and have always been disappointed. I cannot stand the taste of pasta. I do agree everywhere else. Asian food has to be my favorite style of food. I particularly like Indian and Japanese. I will also add, I have been very surprised at how much I like some authentic African dishes. I’m not well versed in them, but the few times I had it cooked for me on my mission, I have absolutely loved it. They can do something with chicken and rice/Couscous no one else can.
  6. Fether

    Laman and Lemuel rebellion

    2 Nephi 5:20-25 I would also suggest taking a look at Alma 3:19. Man bring upon themselves their own curses. I think a lot of the curses the Lamanites faced were just bi-products of their decisions
  7. Fether

    Stock Market Explodes Over Stock Surges

    No one is brave enough to go after Reddit
  8. Fether

    Stock Market Explodes Over Stock Surges

    Well I think anyone who invest can get away with getting called an “investor”. These guys though, they aren’t investing. They are using large numbers to manipulate the market to their benefit. I read another article that some of these actual professional investors are going after one of the guys that shorted the GameStop stock. Those hedge fund guys better be careful. They are poking at the gates of the largest horde of mindless beings ever in history. Jab too hard and they will have millions of high school kids with allowances, college students with spending money, and young adults with jobs recreating what they did with GameStop on other failing companies. The video game and online forum community are probably the strongest and unified community out there.
  9. Fether

    Stock Market Explodes Over Stock Surges

    Yes, artificially... but not really artificially. The master minds behind it and getting rich and everyone else is gambling hard... game stop will come crashing down again, no doubt about that. As an avid gamer, I can say GameStop has been a hated company for years. Even at their prime people didn’t love it. With the progression of the gaming industry, somehow GameStop has only succeeded in digressing and making awful business decisions. They even tried selling themselves and no one wanted them.
  10. Fether

    Stock Market Explodes Over Stock Surges

    But think of what an organized Reddit mob of 50,000 amateur “investors” (not sure we can call them that at this point) with $50 each can do to a dying company’s stock?
  11. Fether

    Stock Market Explodes Over Stock Surges

    I find this incredibly interesting, the online mobs can do some amazing things
  12. Fether

    Mother butting in

    “Are you saying you have revelation over the Bishop? Are you complaining about our leaders?? Are you apostatizing from the church mom!?!? I’m calling the bishop myself right now and telling him you are leaving the church!”
  13. Fether

    Wokeness in schools

  14. What benefits can we expect when we live righteously as a group vs alone? For example: - sitting reverently with an entire congregation prior to sacrament meeting as opposed to doing it alone while others are conversing about politics or sports. - Attending the temple where every member there is 100% worthy to be there instead of being in a temple where 5% or so are not worthy to be there - Working in a company where you are the only person that loves the principles of the gospel vs a company where every employee is an RM and is working to live righteously The only example I can think of is the city of Enoch. They, collectively, were so righteous that the city was taken up. However you don’t see that happening anywhere in Scripture to some individual. Additionally, anyone have any insights on this topic? I have heard the phrase that we are not saved individually, but as families. Also I am aware of the concept that God will reveal truths to the church as we collectively live more righteously. I am mostly studying about this topic and am looking for insights in it
  15. This far off topic, but I would challenge this few of Zion. What you are describing is a Zion with little resources, where everything is figuratively melted down and separated evenly. I imagine a Zion of unlimited resources where the “common” doesn’t mean we all have the same clothes and material, but rather we have everything we want and need. Everyone working together to create and beautify the world and each others lives. I would like a 7 piece drum set with a double pedal, 4 crashes, a ride, 2 splashes and 2 China cymbals. The guy next to me may want a cherry wood Gibson guitar. I have no use for that, so I don’t care to have one... but should the day come that I desire one cause I am getting into guitar, it will be available to me. I don’t love the idea of Zion being a world of hand-me-downs and subpar entertainment, I see a world of such abundance and love that there is no need of “ownership” because there is so much to go around. Or more realistically, there is so much unity and talent that the people will provide the wants for each other.
  16. A couple follow up question. So If I spent the day drinking, participating in the vilest of media, and blaspheming, that has no effect on the people in the room with me that during the endowment? What about the notion of how if a family lives righteously, you can feel it in the home? There seems to be some aura that comes with righteous living. Am I wrong?
  17. I’m not sure if I’m not making my question clear, if you are too focused on making a different point, or if your are just plain trolling. Let me portray a specific example: scenario 1: I and 30 other people are attending an endowment. The 30 people and I are seeking to come closer to God and repent of our sins. scenario 2: I and 30 other people are attending an endowment. 10 people and I are seeking to come closer to God and repent of our sins. 20 other are there to secretly film the endowment, draw inappropriate pictures on the wall, and are all cheating on their spouses and lying about it to everyone. All this is done in secret where I would never be able to know. question: Would my experience in the temple be different depending on which scenario I am in? Im not concerned about kicking out the bad... literally just about whether our experience can be affected by the mindset, intentions, and states of others around us.
  18. Maybe to simplify this more. When put into a group of Saints that are worshipping, Does one person who does not live the gospel nor tries to come into Christ effect the experience of the whole who all are seeking to do the best they can? If the city of Enoch had 10 guys that were lusting after others and secretly stealing from others, would that have effected the translation of the city?
  19. The worthy. Does one had apple in the bunch effect the good ones?
  20. What I’m asking is whether the experience would change should everyone there be worthy vs 5% of the attendees having lied their way into the temple
  21. I do not, and I for one would like to know. However, My feelings are definitely on a macro level, not on the individuals coming in. Here is what I think when I learn about these caravans or any type of illegal entry. - So many entitled Americans think the US is an awful place... yet millions of people all over the world want in. - There are, without a doubt, criminals in that mass looking to get. Drug dealers, mules, human traffickers, rapists, murders, etc. this is why we vet and don’t let everyone who knocks on our door in. It’s not fair to let 9000 people in to the US while putting at risk everyone who is already here side note: One great way to ruin a conversation and prevent dialogue is to insult the views of the other person. Whenever I see someone throwing in ad hominem, I write that person off as “not having anything useful to say”. Whether that is true or not, I much prefer engaging In Conversation, not in verbal attacking (though I am far too familiar with the temptation to attack the person instead of defending the point).
  22. Fether

    True and Living

    Your point is mute
  23. Fether

    Why is taco seasoning so bad?

    It’s not just a healthiness factor... taco seasoning tastes nothing like what you get at Mexican restaurants
  24. Fether

    True and Living

    Simple. God wants us to be the best we can be and accept whatever form of him we can find as his Lord and savior. Everything else is mute and is inconsequential when it comes to our salvation.