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  1. I don’t like the way I look in a suit. Nor do I like the way I look in slacks. I think the traditional black leather church shoes look bad. I much prefer to wear my khaki / grey jeans with a white shirt and a tie. I have some great looking cotton canvas shoes with a red and blue rustic striped pair of socks and a really good looking watch. Very much a millennial look. I think I look the best in that outfit than any other... but is that the point? Is the traditional black suit inherently more appropriate for church? what decides “Sunday best”? Culture? Personal preference? What it symbolizes? Some magic combination of clothing that summons the spirit?
  2. From what I always understood, they were taken up at (or around) their appointed time of death. It wasn’t a “you are so righteous I am taking you to heaven” but rather a “You have lived righteously so instead of experiencing death, I will take you up...But perhaps that is an unfound assumption. The City of Enoch was so righteous that they were all taken up despite having no reason to believe the city was soon to be destroyed. Compared to the brother of Jared who had so much faith he could not be kept from the veil. My Main question is “are there unique blessings we can experience when living the gospel in groups rather than on your own”
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    I’m willing to accept that the claims of an illegitimate election were inciting violence. What I am not willing to accept is that supports and encouraging of the “protests” and riots was NOT a call for violence when the prior was. Again, It’s all about inconsistency in their application of policy.
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    I agree, but to drive this home, what is happening is people are defining “driving a car with a religious bumper sticker” is driving reckless because religious people believe in God and don’t care if they die. And flipping a religious person off and cutting them off is not considered reckless because religious people are already dangers to us all. The standards they claim to be upholding is not consistent with what is being done. Supporting and encouraging Riots that are destroying neighborhoods is not considered “calling for violence” but calling an election illegitimate is? THAT is the issue.
  5. Fether


    This issue is as essential as the right to vote. Not as essential as have a small business make a wedding cake for a wedding
  6. Fether

    Lehi and the twelve visitors

    Great questions! I can’t speak too much on behalf of the language bit, but I would point out the Israelites came I’d of Egypt via Moses. Their origins are very much Egyptian. I always understood this as being either the original twelve or at least symbolic of calling if the twelve (since Judas fell away)
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    In principle, I agree 100%. However, this is a false equivalence. A single small bakery that serves pastries to 5,000 customer annually that is competing against 100+ other small bakeries is not comparable to 3 social media giants that dominate their industry. Legally speaking... I don’t think there are any issues... however there does seem to be some unaddressed moral issue that might need to be addressed by the law. Social media has become the new main stream form of communication and in many cases has become the new town square or town forum. When a company succeeds so much that it displaces essential aspects of life, then in my opinion there ought to be laws to safe guard human rights. This is the issue people are having. The spread of ideas and discourse is owned by FB, Instagram, and Twitter. They are essentially in control of what ideas can spread. Imagine if Amazon, Walmart, and Kroger became so big that it became the only option to get food and water. Then they started saying “You can’t shop here unless you affirm that abortion is a morally good human right, anything other than this is domestic terrorism”. As a business, they can do this legally, but there will be countless people that will be barred from getting essential food and water. Then you may say “but smaller markets can open up that cater to those that don’t believe abortion to be morally acceptable” and I would agree... in principle... however, what we are seeing with the social media market is that these super power corporations have had such a huge control over the ideologies that are spread, that they are stomping out any competition that has different views (enter Parler). Twitter removed Donald trump because they defined his tweets as being instigating violent protests. We don’t even need to go into how other people’s twitters are still going and strong despite supporting other organizations that have been rioting for years. The issue is that they are falsely defining something as being evil. “We shouldn’t punch people in the face... unless they are a Nazi, it’s ok to punch Nazis... and everyone I disagree with is a Nazi” Amazon, Walmart, and Kroger can band together with their many customers and call on the government to shut down these domestic terrorist based stores that are popping up. The issue with the censorship and de-platforming is not a legal issue. I think we all agree the companies have the right to decide how to run their business. The issue is that these companies have entered a new frontier of business. and because of this, no laws have been made for companies on their situation. Deplatforming someone on FB or Twitter or preventing companies like Parler to exist has the same effect as driving out people with anti-slavery views, Mormons, and woman suffer age supports in the pre-modern eras
  8. Fether

    How Common Is Multiple Fields of Study?

    admittedly I do t fully understand what kind of comments are being looked for, but I know on the business level you can be extremely successful with nothing more than a YU degree. On a personal level, I know someone who got a degree in marketing and another person that paid $1000 for a marketing course from YT. The person who went to YT is fairly successful after less than 6 months after buying the course. The person with the actual degree is struggling to find related employment.
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    I feel like I have heard this sentiment from someone after every election. Obama was the anti christ and a Muslim born in Africa. Trump was the Hitler who was made President via Russia and was going to exterminate all non-whites. Biden is the old guy that is going to die of old age and make way for Kamala who will usher in socialism and destroy America. Here is a radical idea... maybe nothing is going to happen?
  10. Fether

    Hypothetical - living arrangements

    So I’m confused... what is the hypothetical moral issue here? I seems like all that is happening is the daughter is living in company paid for housing owned by a guy in the company...
  11. Fether

    Watch the Republic Die, LIVE

    Can someone explain to me what the big deal is? Is it just trump wanting a recount? Or a senate race???
  12. Fether

    Watch the Republic Die, LIVE

    If I recall correctly, the true origins of your name is actually just a name of some random street you were familiar with.
  13. Fether

    Hypothetical - living arrangements

    Under 18 - Tell her she can’t do it anymore and to come home immediately Over 18 - Share you concerns with her edit: after rereading it again, I misunderstood the post... it doesn’t seem like a big deal. Anyone who has ever rented a house has lived on the property of someone else.
  14. Been working through this thought for a bit and haven't been able to successfully put it into words, so hopefully this doesn't come across as word vomit. I remember before getting married, I was studying about the duties of a father and mother and it talked about how important it is to have children and to not wait for education or a well-paying job to have kids. However, it always ended with "the decision to have a child is an important one and is between you and the lord. Pray and seek revelation on when to start a family". I remember reading this a feeling like it was telling me to do something, but giving me a way out if I was too scared. Almost like a "This is what you should do. But pray and ask God before making a decision. But if the decision is to wait to have kids, you chose wrong." A similar case has recently arisen as I have been studying about the cultural teaching that you don't pay tithing on gifted cash (ie uncle Kevin sending you $50 on your birthday). The church teaching is essentially "Pay tithing on all income. It is between you and God. Make sure you pay tithing on ALL your income. Talk to Bishop and parents for guidance on it. The spirit will bless you if you live this correctly." (churchofjesuschrist.org/study/new-era/should-i-pay-tithing-on-money-my-parents-give-meg). The same experience is typical when having the conversation of paying tithing on net or gross. My question is not about what is the correct approach to these questions, as I know there are exceptions that really are unique to individuals. I am asking about the feeling that comes along with them when discussing them. It seems like there is 1 clear answer, but it is telling you to pray about it... but then following up with "but really... this is what you are supposed to do so don't pick wrong." Is there a word for this kind of dilemma? Is there a "correct" answer to these questions, but God is wanting us to come to the conclusion on our own? How ought we to approach discussion when, for example, I happily teach my children to pay tithing on their gifted money, but a friend teaches the opposite and a discussion begins between them? Or in a class discussion, someone asks about paying tithing on net vs gross, is there a way to teach the principle without recreating the feeling explained above?
  15. Fether

    1 Nephi 3:7 and D&C 124: 49

    @askandanswer A side thought that just came to me concerning the Adam and Eve issue of being commanded to multiply and replenish the earth. We still have that commandment today, to multiply and replenish the earth. However there are many couples that simply do not have the ability to do so due to infertility. God does not punish them for this, because of their inability to do so, they are made exempt from accomplishing this command. I imagine the same was with Adam and Eve. The command to multiply and replenish wasn’t given to them alone, but to mankind as a whole, they just happened to be the first of mankind and also and exception to rule (at the time of it being given).
  16. Fether

    Themes for 2021

    Physical health. I will admit most aspects of my life are in working order, however I have a mean love for burgers and other unhealthy stuff.
  17. Fether

    advance planning for plan of salvation

    I think that is spot on. I can’t remember who, but there was a leader I heard once suggest removing trials and temptations all together. When the only thing you can do is good and grow... everyone is saved!
  18. Fether

    advance planning for plan of salvation

    I’ve always liked the idea of raining money and lightsabers. Maybe incorporate those?
  19. Fether

    I have been deceived

    As someone who grew up on Utah, the only place this song was ever song was in a ward in Kentucky who made it a point to sing through every hymn in a year.
  20. Fether

    Millenials vs. Gen Z

    That’s exactly it. They are trying to be to the antis and they are to us. However, we are standing on the grounds of Christianity and the antis are not. They cry out “you are being unchristian” and we can’t say anything back.
  21. Fether

    Millenials vs. Gen Z

    I’ve seen all the videos and they are all scholarly accurate and insightful... but the content of covered in heavy sarcasm. It is certainly a smear approach to fight anti. Their “Midnight Mormon” podcast is slightly more entertaining, but again it is a lot of smearing. I’ve never been a fan of Kwaku (guy on the left). His “apologetic” style is always emotion based. Often times while he is dropping historical facts and logic, he is also attacking the person’s views. Because of the attack on their views, the historical facts get lost on deaf ears as their ego gets involved. I honestly think the best thing to do when it comes to “apologetics” Is provide historical context, information of difficult topics; and faithful (but believable) responses to questions, and let everyone make the decision themselves. The anti Mormon movement is worst than politics. I use to follow it closely, watching every FairMormon video I could, I would listen to interviews on popular anti Mormon podcasts, and read the current popular anti Mormon literature. It came painfully obvious to me that the decision to leave the church and attack it is never a factual or doctrinal one but an emotional one. No amount of correct information, no matter how eloquently said, is going to persuade someone to rejoin the church or stop attacking it. You can tell in the interviews that most of the ex Mormons had little understanding of many basic doctrines of the church when applied to even the least complex situation. When a difficult situation arises, they resort back to basic mainstream Christian creeds. I remember an ex bishop saying “I just don’t believe that God would send my daughter to hell for eternity just for being gay”... well ... we don’t believe that so looks like you are in the right place... these interviews are full of these Freudian Slip moments where it shows they do not understand basic doctrines. That or they don’t care because emotionally they left and now they are trying to logically justify their decision. Needless to say, I don’t follow it too much anymore. I’m far more interested in the social movements within the confines of the church. Articles being written by accepted 3rd party sources (LDSLIVING, MGF (this site even), Saints Unscrioted, etc.) that are pushing non-church backed messages like it’s ok for young men to not serve missions if they don’t want to, or it is ok for mothers to work while a daycare raises their kids, or that it is ok to watching media with filthy content (nudity, large amounts of swearing, and amoral messages).
  22. Fether

    I have been deceived

    “The saint shall rejoice when they seeth the vengeance, the heathen is locked with his sentence. We’ll sing and we’ll shout with the armies of heaven the vengeance, the vengeance, the vengeance is mine!”
  23. Fether

    I have been deceived

    I’m confused... what is the issue that is being discussed?
  24. Fether


    I know those songs, but besides the main lines in them, I couldn’t sing them. I do love Christmas, but I do not like the Christmas songs so I have never made much of an attempt to learn them.