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  1. How Church welfare is really supposed to be handled seems to be one of the best kept secrets even though the quotes are out there for everyone to read. It's about helping people maintain a sense of dignity unlike the govt system.
  2. For those who aren't aware - Cleaning the building is one of the things those who've gotten help from the Church should be asked to do in return for the help they've received. You may want to inform the powers-that-be if that doesn't seem to be happening in your unit.
  3. This sounds more like a polar plunge! brrrrrrr
  4. Agree but I'm aware of people on the 'not worthy' side of it too.
  5. Sometimes "I'm not ready" really means "I'm not worthy".
  6. “Two men looked out from prison bars, One saw the mud, the other saw stars.” - Dale Carnegie There are rotten apples in every bunch but you are the one who chooses to see what you look for. If you look for racism, discrimination, hypocrisy, etc you'll find it. But if you choose to see the good and those who do try to follow Christ's example, you'll find that too. Also, I think you're making some assumptions as well as projecting which really isn't fair or helpful.
  7. What a great way to start Christmas weekend!! So excited for you!
  8. Glad to have you here! I hope you include indexing with genealogy - we need all the help we can get!
  9. What a wonderful thing to read this morning!! So thrilled for you. (this site needs a love button!)
  10. Sorry for your troubles. Honestly, I'd be quite bugged if he were spending money on booz when I had to go back to work for financial reasons. That said, I suggest supporting him by making sure he has time for something that is a better way to cope (ie running, basketball with the guys, etc). That's all I got right now but will chime in if something else comes to mind.
  11. More thoughts: - Are you the rebound girl? How much time had passed between the end of his engagement and starting to date you? (you don't need to answer just something to think about) Breaking an engagement should take time to heal (esp when sex was involved) but did he think getting serious again was the solution? - Do Not Settle! - Read this and send it to him as well: then end this relationship so he can focus on his mission and you start dating other guys.
  12. A gift card to his favorite restaurant or to a place he missed (ie bowling alley) and make a homemade card to put it in. Welcome to the forum!
  13. Sorry about your son. That's really sad. I've seen these suggested. Not sure which are for phones and which are for homes. Router Limits Mini Easy Network Add-On - Deseret Book, internet filtering, DESERETBOOK.COM Our Pact Circle by Disney
  14. I'm sorry with how some have responded but I would hope you wouldn't judge an entire religion based on *imperfect* people. After all, that's all this Church has as members.
  15. @zil - Food orders aren't supposed to be a free gift. That would be the same as the "evils of the dole" (Pres. Heber J. Grant). People are supposed to do things in return for the help they receive.
  16. A sincere "thank you" doesn't cost anything yet too many can't seem to even manage that. An example - For years, I've wondered why those who get Christmas provided by the ward via an angel tree can't write thank you notes and hang them where the 'I want' tags were. It can still be done anonymously and it would show that they didn't just expect it or feel entitled.
  17. My thoughts - Someone on a mission is not always how they are in the 'real world'. I thought there were clues/connections with someone I dated at your age - but I'm not married to him. Lastly, you need to date!! You don't have much to compare this guy to yet nor do you want to look back and wish you had enjoyed the dating scene while you were able.
  18. I'm not sure this follows. There's a very big difference between watching the movie and living the movie. Especially for a female. Amen and amen!!
  19. What about when someone has committed a crime or is a safety risk to themselves or others?
  20. Agree with what Zil said. I also think part of it is because the boys have courts of honor, etc and this helps close the disparity.
  21. Wish I had a quote. It was said prior to the 'official' part but those that were there heard it and someone also heard a seventy confirm that the seal is open. Looking over those scriptures should shed some light though as well. (the 6th and 7th overlap btw)