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  1. First, congratulations on finishing college - not everyone does. I suggest you separate your various issues and not entangle them (and shelve your sexuality/dating for now). You can start developing a relationship with God regardless of your sexuality and that is something you can do immediately to feel like you're making progress and getting out of your rut. Say a prayer now, read some scriptures now, etc. As far as having a purpose, start serving others! Do something every day for someone else either personally or with an organization (or several). This will give you something to do and also helps you see outside of yourself. It could also build your resume. Win-Win-Win! As far as money - start a blog or etsy shop (I've heard some do really well!) or go around the neighborhood offering to run errands, do all sorts of odd jobs or even be a nanny. Have you looked into being a sub for the school district? I don't know how many jobs you'll find in your field/s but I have a brother-in-law who graduated from college and has never worked in a job that he got a degree in (realized it would never support a family). Sometimes a degree is just to boost your resume since it shows perseverance. Hope this is helpful and that things turn around for you soon.
  2. This is free to read online. You can also google 'hugh nibley temple' and see what else comes up.
  3. Hi there! Others have already shared some great insights so I will just add: - I've been an active member all my life and don't concern myself with the things on your 'cons' list. I just figure it will all work out and/or I'll understand those things if/when I need to. Not that I blindly follow but there's just so much to study that there isn't time to get bogged down with those things. - For now and in the future (since other things may come up for you down the road), remember that sometimes you just need to 'put it on the shelf' and act on the truths you already have. - Have you read 'The 13 Articles of Faith'? They're a basic outline of our beliefs so review them if you haven't already. - The Gospel is simple. Learn line upon line and don't complicate it. Thanks for giving us a chance to respond to your queries.