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  1. We recently (about 5 months ago) had a complete change in our elders quorum presidency. The prior president was awesome! He was inspiring, very genuine, taught awesome lessons, and genuinely cared for us. His counselors were equally as awesome. The new presidency is anything BUT inspiring. They are for the most part ambivalent, they do not seem to create any type of motivation, and they definitely do not give the impression of supporting anyone in the quorum. I find myself skipping elders quorum because I feel I am not getting anything from it. The lessons are dry, the president appears to lack in actually giving the impression of caring about us. I had an incident that required the EQ president's help and sent an e-mail outlining what I needed...he ignored it and within 20 minutes sent an e-mail to the EQ asking us to move chairs. So I know he understands how to use e-mail. Anyway-I feel bad for skipping EQ weekly-but honestly I gave it a shot and felt like I was being held hostage for an hour. Does anyone else have this issue-have they had this issue and how can I best deal with it. In my heart-I know that likely the problem is me...but I could really use some input.