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    Feeling lost in my ...

    Why the Sister Jones / Brother Smith addition into the reply? Was there a thought that I would not fully grasp the reply unless a more elementary school level addition was included? I did grasp the reply fully with out needing such an addition. Hmm, maybe my post gave off the impression that I am at a minimum and lesser intelligence that of my standings as an adult. As to the rest of this post, perhaps I made a mistake posting it.
  2. Phoenix310

    Feeling lost in my ...

    I have been meeting with some missionaries once a week for a month and half now. Very great guys. Informative and just great young me. I have also attended Sunday services at a local Temple. My heart and spirit is growing stronger and closer to the LDS and becoming an official Mormon and member of the church. I am happy in where I'm going with my faith. However, I feel this journey is very isolating with no real opportunities to do anything with in the faith, other Mormons, and the church. I really enjoy the Mormon faith, but I feel alone in it and lost. Is be this normal? Any advice?
  3. Phoenix310

    Foley, Alabama

    I'm looking for Mormons in the Foley, Al area who would like to talk as I am very new to Mormonism and could use some help.
  4. Phoenix310

    I'm not a Mormon

    I'm not a Mormon. At best, I'm a struggling non-denominational Christian. I'm also a person who has done something many non-Mormons won't do. I have always heard so many negative things about Mormons and the LDS. Horrible things that made want to stay clear of Mormons. All my life, childhood, adulthood, in and out church, from everyone including fellow Christian's. Horrible things said about Mormons. One day, servings at my now old church, I had a fellow Christian make a negative remark about Mormons. One remark too many for me to accept. So I asked him, what proof do you have to back up your remark? He struggled, but failed to give any proof. His remarks was based on ignorance and social impressed impression/social acceptence. That was not okay. Facts from learning he failed to have. So this got me thinking that day about what the truth was about Mormons and the howdo I find out. Well, it was days after that some missionaries came to my door. I saw opportunity and it just knocked on my front door. It was this moment where I knew a journey for me was starting. I talked to the missionaries and invested time to learn about Mormons and the LDS. Without any judgement, I gave my desires to learn the truth. Want to know what I learned? ... First, there are endless lies constantly being told about Mormons and the LDS Church. Out of ignorance and other motivated reasons, people tell lies about Mormons. Oh my goodness, the lies I always heard. Misinformed andmisundertood because it is easier to tell a lie than to take out the time to learn the truth. Mormons are good hearted people has a strong sense of family. A sense of family that is stronger than any I've seen from any other faith. A sense of family that can not be compared or equal to any other faith. I was super amaze. I've learned alot about Mormons and the LDS Church. I have more learning to do and I'm not a Mormon, but find myself defending the Mormon faith with an open mind against the lies and insults I hear constantly. No, I'm not a Mormon but I will defend thier faith when I hear lies and insults others say. Why? Cause I have learned the truth about Mormons and the LDS Church and I will not accept anything but the truth. Mormons are good people and always welcome in my life and home. I have more to learn, but I am getting with missionaries. We'll see where my journey goes from hear. Don't need to be a Mormon to like them.