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    person0 got a reaction from zil in Deserted Island: Another Conundrum   
    I'm not in Canada, but that's an interesting way to ask people which pen they think is the best.  I'm not a pen enthusiast, the next closest thing could be tech enthusiast but not even enough to be an early adopter, just to follow the news. 
    My wife and I were discussing this scenario after watching the new movie 'Passengers' and I was curious to see other people's opinions on the matter.
    Either that or I just don't have enough of my own problems right now that I feel the need to create problems and solve them so that my existence is meaningful!  Hero complex?
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    person0 reacted to Vort in Deserted Island: Another Conundrum   
    Just quoting the ever-quotable Yosemite Sam.
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    person0 got a reaction from The Folk Prophet in Why so few homosexuals?   
    There are approximately 5 million LDS in the Continental United States.  Of 300 million population that is roughly 1.7%.  It is estimated that 3% of the population is homosexual.  Members of the church are generally not in the norm/mainstream of societal thought. It can be argued that there are an equal if not greater number of the population who condemn the LDS Church and/or its members for one reason or another.  Why are we not committing suicide at the same rate?
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    person0 reacted to The Folk Prophet in Why so few homosexuals?   
    The problem with the suicide and homosexuals ideas as many present it is that it presupposes that the problem is the condemnation of homosexuality by others. That is logically invalid. It makes no sense on any level.
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    person0 got a reaction from NeuroTypical in Deserted Island: Another Conundrum   
    Yes, very obvious , but is it acceptable/approve-able, in what context, and with what additional (if any) requirements?
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    person0 reacted to NeuroTypical in Deserted Island: Another Conundrum   
    Don't really need to read the rest of the hypothetical to have a good understanding on what's going to end up happening.  
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    person0 reacted to Traveler in Can there be free will while God knows all things?   
    Pleased to meet you old friend.
    The Traveler
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    person0 reacted to Vort in Deserted Island: Another Conundrum   
    Marriage is a social construct. You don't have to "formally" organize a society. Marriage itself need not be formalized by a ceremony; I see no reason why a man and woman could not simply agree (in public) that they're married, and the deed is done. This is in fact pretty much the case for our society, with a few legal formalities thrown in. In a situation such as you describe, if the two people agree that they are married and agree to act as such in all future circumstances, then as far as I am concerned, they're married and are free to act as such.
    If the man and/or woman were already married to another (presumed live) person, that adds a whole 'nother twist. Our covenants don't cease to be binding just because we find them inconvenient. That said, I would have a very hard time blaming someone who, in such a position, eventually dedicated himself to his "new life" and his "new wife" (or her "new husband", as the case may be).
    But even removing the question of chastity violations, this would be highly problematic if and when a child was born. What then? What becomes of the child? What if more than one child is born? There is a reason we live in societies composed of unrelated or distantly related people.
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    person0 got a reaction from Sunday21 in Johnson's miscellaneous thoughts on LDS culture, tradition and ideas thread   
    I show up to every stake conference, but I still consider it like a day off because it is 2 hours instead of 3, and I don't have to preside over a meeting or teach a lesson! 
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    person0 got a reaction from Vort in Aerosol words   
    Does the fact that it 'makes people feel better' have to mean that its truthful?
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    person0 got a reaction from SilentOne in How do you decipher your own feelings as opposed to an answer?   
    First off in regards to the post title question "How do you decipher your own feelings as opposed to an answer?".  It is often unnecessary to do so.  Those who have the Gift of the Holy Ghost can stand confident in knowing that so long as they are living in accordance with the principles of the gospel and the commandments of the Lord, they will be impressed upon when a decision or action is wrong or bad.  Most decisions can be made based on the 'yellow light' principle: Proceed with caution.
    Now, in regard to the specifics of the OP:  "I've been praying and pondering over it and everything points to that person." I would like to explain my personal experience in hopes to shed some light on the process of personal revelation where another individual's agency is involved.
    I returned from my mission and already had a 'best friend' who I expected to date, along with dating others and enjoy life before getting married.  I returned home close to Christmas day and was preparing a gift for my 'friend' when I felt an impression that I interpreted to mean I should seek to marry her.
    I pondered throughout the day on the impression and at night in my prayers I asked along the lines of the following questions in a logical order, I carefully crafted the questions so that God could answer me with 100% certainty either yes or no by the power of the Holy Ghost, but without affecting her agency:
    1)  Is [name of person] someone with whom I would be compatible and could have joy?
    2)  Is [name of person] a person thou wouldst approve for me to marry?
    3)  Does't thou approve that I should ask [name of person] to marry me?
    4)  If [name of person] is willing to marry me, is it thy will that I should marry her?
    (BTW: The answer was yes to all my questions and I have now been happily married for a good number of years)
    You could also craft other questions along these lines, however, as you can see, by preparing specific questions for the Lord you can get specific answers and know the appropriate course of action without affecting the other persons agency and without uncertainty.  If you ask these questions and feel you do not receive any answer at all then return to the concept of the 'yellow light' rule presented earlier and definitely proceed, until you receive an impression to do otherwise.
    Others may have a different process, but I have come to this process after much study, and pondering and have a personal testimony of this process.  Best wishes to you 
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    person0 got a reaction from Blackmarch in I found out I'm 45 percent Jewish   
    If an individual can establish they are a direct decedent of Aaron and are of appropriate age it is that individuals "legal" spiritual right to be called as bishop in any area in which they live (it is their choice to decide if they want to enact this right).  Also, if the current Presiding Bishop is not a direct decedent of Aaron then the same applies to a worthy decedent of appropriate age should they make the claim (however, to my knowledge this has never happened although the first situation is more likely to have happened).
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    person0 got a reaction from Jane_Doe in New Primary session of General Conference :)   
    From the article:
    Now that is true comedy. 
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    person0 got a reaction from zil in Eternal Progression- Another Perspective   
    I think many people extrapolate the doctrine of eternal progression beyond what we understand it to be (even within the church).  Let's consider the following from the King Follett Sermon (where all of this got started :-)
    Now let us once again consider the verses in question (with a little extra):
    I really don't see anything contradictory when comparing the verses, especially in the context of the LDS scriptures.  Even if taken literally let us consider an LDS doctrine that further addresses this:
    Now lets take all that and put it back into the context of the original verses:
    Here are some conclusions that I personally accept in relation to these verses and quotes:
    Intelligence (including Man's intelligence) was not created and can not be created, it has always existed, and there never was a time in which it did not exist.  This means that I, Person0 (how ironic ) have existed from 'the beginning', from eternity to eternity, everlasting to everlasting, not equal to God, but at least in co-existence with him.  This is extra important because most, if not all, non-LDS dogmas accept creation ex-nihilo, which we do not accept and which is actually a key factor in being able to accept the doctrine of eternal progression as we see it.
    If I was in 'the beginning' with God then statements like '. . .before me there was no God formed, neither shall there be after me. . .' remain true regardless of the context.
    Christ's words in John 10:34-36 @Carborendum had the right idea when he said that you must remain consistent.  It is very clear that Christ is using this verse to correlate to the fact that He Himself is deity, descended from deity.  Put all of this in the context of the King Follett discourse, as well as in the context of Romans 8:17 (Joint-Heirs with Christ), and we could include other verses, but it all kind of wraps up pretty well.
    To extrapolate much beyond the basic subset of doctrines establishing the plan of Eternal Progression moves into the realm of speculation (although possibly accurate) is not necessarily official doctrine of the church.
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    person0 got a reaction from Jane_Doe in New Primary session of General Conference :)   
    From the article:
    Now that is true comedy. 
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    person0 reacted to zil in Eternal Progression- Another Perspective   
    Psalm 90:2 - God can be God regardless of how many others have obtained the same glory (aka inherited all God has).  (See Philippians 2:6, speaking of Christ, it says: "Who, being in the form of God, thought it not robbery to be equal with God:"  If you believe as we do that they are distinct beings with their own wills (which they choose to unite), then this clearly teaches that two can attain godhood without altering or diminishing the status of God the Father.)
    Isaiah 43:10 is addressed to Israel.  For Israel (and all of God's children, including Jesus Christ), there is no other God, neither shall there be, ever, worlds without end, no matter what glory those children may obtain in the eternities to come, God will always be their God.
    IMO, neither of those verses need to be interpreted differently whether you believe that current mortals can attain to godhood or not.  Either way, the verses mean what they say.
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    person0 got a reaction from Jane_Doe in New Primary session of General Conference :)   
    From the article:
    Now that is true comedy. 
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    person0 reacted to mordorbund in Web designers?   
    Did you just trick me into clicking on vegetarian sites?!
    That's the food my food eats. Please don't starve my food. Now I have to restore balance to the force by posting a picture of what cucumbers are supposed to look like.

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    person0 reacted to pam in New Primary session of General Conference :)   
    SALT LAKE CITY – A spokesman from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints announced today the addition of a new session of General Conference specific to Primary-aged children.
    Immediately after the announcement the Church released details about the upcoming session, which included the anticipated schedule for the two-hour meeting. What follows is an excerpt from that release:
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    person0 reacted to NeuroTypical in Abuse   
    We are free to decline extensive processes or procedures that only serve to preserve life at any cost.  
    A couple I home teach had a sister who developed a condition that required such procedures.  Basically, she had to have her blood changed 3 times a week.  It would have been expensive and painful.  She declined to begin those procedures, and died shortly after.  We figure that was an appropriate decision.
    "Pulling the plug"-type decisions aren't murder.  Administering injections or taking a pill that ceases the functions of life, well, the law may or may not call it murder, but we oughtn't to such things. 
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    person0 got a reaction from Colirio in Can there be free will while God knows all things?   
    You are assuming my statement disagree's with this, but it does not.  The fact that God already knew the choice they would make, does not mean they did not have a real choice.  It appears you have difficulty accepting the idea that if God knows with certainty something is going to happen, that thing is not 'pre-destined' simply because he knows it will occur.  Modern prophets have also testified of such.  You are disproving your interpretation of the doctrine rather than the doctrine itself.
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    person0 got a reaction from Colirio in Can there be free will while God knows all things?   
    So because God has a perfect knowledge of what would happen as the result of two different choices, but also at the same time already knows which choice his children would make you are saying he is a liar just because he didn't straight up tell us which one we were going to pick?
    That doesn't seem like a reasonable conclusion to me.
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    person0 reacted to The Folk Prophet in Will eternity be nonstop work all the time?   
    To me this is like a two year old expressing concern over not being able to color when they grow up.
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    person0 reacted to estradling75 in Will eternity be nonstop work all the time?   
    Genesis 2:2  And on the seventh day God ended his work which he had made; and he rested on the seventh day from all his work which he had made.
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    person0 got a reaction from Sunday21 in Will eternity be nonstop work all the time?   
    It could be stated that any given President of the United States works all the time, or at least is 'on the clock' all the time.  However, how often do they go golfing and on vacation?
    After Christ was resurrected he ate food, sounds fun to me!
    The real question is:  Will we make our bacon synthetically or will we import it from another world?