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  1. bunnibee


    Hi, everyone. My fiancé is an investigator who plans to be baptized later this month. The missionaries and our bishop agreed that he should stop using his vapor pen (don't laugh at me- I don't know what those things are called) by 20th on the grounds that it contains nicotine, and he's been successful. I agree with them that addiction is a problem that should be fought against. I tend to look at it as a form of idolatry because the thing you're addicted to claims the priority seat in your life that Heavenly Father should take. Neither him nor I argue the point that he should have tapered himself off of the nicotine. He's not smoking it without nicotine either. I just wanted to ask what everyone else thinks about the whole "vaping" craze. How do you feel about it if there's no nicotine? It's just an interesting concept to me in terms of scripture.
  2. bunnibee


    I'm and convert, and I have four tattoos, all quite colorful and moderately sized. In most modest clothing, you can only see the two owls I have on my feet. But the members of the two wards I've been in have always been aware of all four and have at some point been able to see them. No one has ever made a rude comment to me. In fact, I get compliments on my owls since they're so colorful. 99% of the members I know wouldn't tattoo themselves, but they've never been anything less than warm and kind towards me, even with my multicolored designs.
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    I'm from Alabama actually! Haha
  4. bunnibee


    Hi! My friends call me Bunny. I'm a 24 year old woman from the Deep South. I began meeting with missionaries in early 2010 and have been a baptized member since 2012. I'm so excited to be here and be friendly with everyone!
  5. Bless your heart! Yes, his behavior towards you and the other members is quite troubling. Everyone else seems to have had pretty wonderful advice and responses for you. I'd just also like to add that I'm sorry this happened. As you said, this was your home teacher, so I can only assume you felt close to him. I'll pray for you. You seem to be hurting. Also, please try to keep in mind that his behavior and attitude towards you and the church actually have nothing to do with your or the church. He's going through what no doubt is the crescendo of a most likely years long battle. It's a reflection of his own struggles and decisions, not Heavenly Father's church or its kind members. The same can be said for the anti-LDS "literature." It's written to be mean spirited and only reflects someone else's personal problem. Cling tight to your testimony and take gentle care.