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    Hope Chest app?

    Last week I installed a new app called Take a Name on my cell phone and the results were fast. However, the names it found were those already reserved in my Temple list including those Not Printed, Printed, and Shared with the Temple. And that's what it's designed to do. So complete all the ordinances in your Temple list before reserving any additional names using Take a Name. The Take a Name Help Center states, "Please also note, due to the limitations the app encounters from FamilySearch when a user has large numbers of reservations, sometimes the app may mistakenly label one of your reservations as being reserved by someone else (or vice versa)." They define a large number as anything over 100 names. I also found that it was labeling names with "relationship unknown" when in fact the names were part of my tree. One of the names with the "relationship unknown" still showed the ordinances were available to print. When I opened FamilySearch the name was not part of my family tree. Why would the app have this name in the list of work to be done. I released all the names in my Temple list including those Shared with Temple, and then used Take a Name again. The result was a list of names that were already completed or reserved by someone else. The few names which had available ordinances were not part of my family tree. L It's promoted as an app that will “Find temple ready ancestors. Take a Name searches the FamilySearch tree for your deceased ancestors and double checks that LDS ordinances are ready for the temple." I disagree. No app can replace what you must do. Let me explain what I mean. This company warns you to do your best to "validate information for a person to provide yourself the ultimate confidence that the ordinances you perform in the temple are as correct and accurate as possible." This means you need to take each name in the Take a Name list and open the file in FamilySearch. Why? Even though the name has a green temple, you still need to open the Vital Information and check for the following: 1. The name is correctly entered in the First and Last Name field. 2. Remove nicknames and titles (Captain, Sheriff, etc.) and put them in Other Information. 3. Remove from the title filed Mr. or Miss. 4. Remove the word "or" from the First name field and put the second name in Other Information. 5. Make sure the Suffix is really a suffix. Ex. Jr 6. All dates and places have been Standardized. 7. The last name of a female is not her married name. Ex: Mary is married to John Brown. You don't enter her name as Mrs Mary Brown or Mary Brown. 8. Click the "View My Relationship" to make sure the name is part of your family. Most people will find it easier to do the above requirements using a their pc. Next: open all Record Hints and attach as needed. Many Records Hints will provide you with family members that are not in your tree. In the past six months I discovered 40 to 45 missing family members per 100 Record Hints I opened. Instead of taking one ancestor to the Temple, why not take the entire family? Take a Name only builds you a list of names that have possible temple ordinances to be completed. You still need to examine each name for duplicates that may not be listed under the tool: Possible Duplicates. Before anyone blindly prints temple cards they should review the following guidelines which are in FamilySearch Get Help: • Names in Vital Information and Other Information in Family Tree • Entering names in Family Tree • Information Required for Ordinances to Be Performed • Names and symbols causing Needs More Information error • Name will not let temple ordinances clear—Needs more information "Take a Name typically delivers dozens of temple ready family names in a matter of minutes." This sounds like fake advertising. No app can provide temple ready names because you still need to validate the information for each person before ordinances are performed in the temple.