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    seashmore reacted to Just_A_Guy in Sealing Children Born Out of Wedlock   
    Log into FamilySearch, then go to this address:
    Short answer:  they may be sealed if they lived together as husband and wife, even if they were never formally married.
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    seashmore reacted to Just_A_Guy in Sealing Children Born Out of Wedlock   
    Yes, FamilySeaech now allows you to  "reserve" names you plan to do yourself.  I have also heard anecdotally that if someone else has reserved the name (but not yet done the work) of someone very close to you, you can make your case to the FamilySearch tech support team and they may "unlock" it so that you can reserve it for yourself.
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    seashmore reacted to Maureen in Sealing Children Born Out of Wedlock   
    Is there some way that when you find family names you can put restrictions on who can do work for those names. If there are rules that permission is needed from family members and other members in other countries are not following those rules, then something should be said.
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    seashmore reacted to SilentOne in Sealing Children Born Out of Wedlock   
    Not exactly. People just aren't required to get permission from the closest living relative before requesting the work to be done after that date.
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    seashmore got a reaction from Sunday21 in You're single because....   
    I'm single because there are zero LDS guys within ten years and twenty miles of me.
    At least, that's what I tell people who inquire into my dating life. I look at all that I've been able to do within the Church and my family because I'm single, and I find purpose to my singledom. One thing that keeps me patient is doing sealings. I often think about how long they've been waiting for their forever marriage (hint: longer than I have) and how, in a way, I can give them even more than I have. Seriously, how cool is that?
    Side note: I had a roommate refer to me as a "gateway date" because so many of the guys who took me on a date married the next girl they dated. 
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    seashmore reacted to Quin in No support for Mid Single Activities   
    Is changing wards &/or moving a possibility?
    No calling doesn't mean you cannot participate in service activities... And if there is an absolute dirth of service activities... Put something together, send out announcements, and get something going. Might not be a calling, but that doesn't mean it's not needed: hospital, foster kid school supplies, food bank, disaster relief, battered women's shelters, LDS fam services, cookouts, monthly meal cook aheads (hundreds of tamales, etc.), modest dress sewing, playing ball with single parent kids, tutoring, auto repair classes, etc. Just use your imagination. What do you enjoy doing/what are you good at?
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    Hi! My friends call me Bunny. I'm a 24 year old woman from the Deep South. I began meeting with missionaries in early 2010 and have been a baptized member since 2012. I'm so excited to be here and be friendly with everyone!
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    seashmore reacted to Galaxies in Hello folks :)   
    Brand new here!
    By way of intro- I'm 33, was raised in the church and am a returned missionary living in Seattle.  I left the church ~6 years ago, but I love, miss, and respect many aspects of the culture.
    I can think of no greater purpose than the pursuit of truth, and am dedicated to that purpose.  So far, that pursuit has led me to a be a pretty devout atheist.  I'm always up for civil discussion about any beliefs or topics. Nice to meet you all!
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    seashmore reacted to NightSG in Security to never fall away from the church? Here it is.   
    In large part because it's so rarely asked outside the context of "help me understand how to tell you you're wrong."
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    seashmore reacted to estradling75 in Security to never fall away from the church? Here it is.   
    This life is a test to see if we will "Choose to do all things"
    So ultimately the reason someone stays or goes boils down to "They choose to."
    Now I know that there will be many that stay and recite stories about people never choose... it just sort of happened, and there was not a singular choice.  I would point out that not all of our choices are major.  Most are very minor, they are a singular drop of water in the ocean or a singular grain of sand on the beach.  Unimportant and unremarkable.
    But these "unimportant and unremarkable" choices add up over time.  If you change enough of the drops of water you can change the nature of the ocean.  If you change enough of the grains of sand you change the nature of the beach.  Same with us we can change our nature not just with big important choices but with the cumulative effect of all our little choices.
    This cumulative change can be hard to notice.  Some times an outside event can call our attention to it, bringing everything crashing down.  In those cases we like to "blame the event" as the cause, but it is not really so.  Other times we do notice and it takes us by surprise and leaves us confused by how we got here, because we did not make a "Choice" to be here.
    So it seems to me the way to be secure is to ask ourselves are all our choices, Godly choices, even the ones we think are unimportant?  And then choose to change that which is not.
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    seashmore reacted to Blueskye2 in Security to never fall away from the church? Here it is.   
    As opposed to people who leave their childhood religion for Mormonism? Similar stories, in the context of the particular religion that was left, are told by now-Mormons...on this very forum.
    People act according to their conscience, for the most part, when leaving, joining, or participating in religion. I stopped, ages ago, trying to figure out the reasons. It just is. 
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    seashmore reacted to Vort in Security to never fall away from the church? Here it is.   
    Then, without exception, we will all fall away.
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    seashmore reacted to Fether in Security to never fall away from the church? Here it is.   
    Rob makes a great point in saying 
    I personally have done this in the past when I have faced struggles or promised blessings were not met... I simply cannot take someone's word when they say "I did everything right and I still fell away". There is just TOO MUCH to consider in that phrase and only the person making the statement and God know for sure.
    And when we talk about being "100% in", we are talking about the physical application of principles and not the personal understanding and conversion to the doctrines and principles. That is just as important as the application.
    The Holy Ghost is not going to guide you in all things. Part of this life is to learn how to choose good over evil on our own. We are to be like Heavenly Father and he doesn't need to pray to find out what is good or evil. He has learned himself and we should too. A combination of the holy ghost and "be ye ptherefore wise" as you mentioned is essential.
    I don't think we should put a pin in something that keeps someone in or drags someone out of the church. It is just too broad if a topic with far too many variables.
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    seashmore reacted to skalenfehl in Security to never fall away from the church? Here it is.   
    May I offer input?
    I would like to suggest, if I may the following three things to ensure one never falls away, straight from Jesus Christ:
    1. Receive the truth (from the scriptures, prophets, i.e. Nephi, Joseph Smith, Thomas S. Monson, etc)
    2. Take the Holy Spirit only for your guide (2 Nephi 32)
    3. Be not deceived (prophets have been deceived from the Old Testament to D&C, including Joseph Smith who lost the 116 page manuscript).
    If you have the Holy Ghost and do whatsoever it tells you, you will never be led astray. If you take the Holy Ghost only for your guide, you will discern deception from anyone. And you will abide the day of the Lord's coming. The following witness is from Nephi:
    Be ye therefore wise. 
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    seashmore reacted to JohnsonJones in Sealing Children Born Out of Wedlock   
    It's a situation that has changed in recent years from what I understand.
    Originally, a woman was sealed to the man that she married.  If she married more than once, it was the first husband.  In this situation, the children would go with the father and whoever he was sealed to.
    Now, they do it differently.
    If I understand it correctly.
    Woman can be sealed to multiple men.  In this instance, in order for the children to be sealed to their mother, their mother would be sealed to the father (even if they were never married, or divorced).  The idea now days is to seal everyone together and let the Lord sort it out later.  A LOT more work for those in the millennium.
    This has created a rift in our family to a small degree.  An ancestor of mine (close actually) stated that they were NEVER to be sealed to her first husband.  He was abusive (in multiple ways) and she divorced him.  She married again to the individual she wished to be sealed to.  She stated that under no condition whatsoever was she to EVER be sealed to her first husband.
    Guess what...
    The church sealed her to the first husband (actually, to both husbands).  I suppose part of that is on my family's side of blame.  We put her and that husband together on ancestory/family tree so that the children could also be shown.  The course the church took from there (and it may be another family member did more than I did in that regard and took an active role, not sure on that part) was to seal her to the husband.  Not such good feelings at that course of action in some of the family.
    So, even if a couple are not married, these days, they will seal them together (this is only done after death).  The idea is that this will all be sorted out later.
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    seashmore reacted to Sunday21 in Sealing Children Born Out of Wedlock   
    I remember this quote from a manual, 'No births are illegitimate. All children are illegitimate'. Children do not bear the sins of their parents. 
    Ideas: Call local family history centre. Ask question, if the staff person does not know, ask who would. The director of the centre may not know but there is a phone number for Salt Lake assistance. It might take some asking but eventually they will call Salt Lake. 
    My guess is that the parents need to be sealed first. 
    Dont sweat the answer. Whatever the situation, God will sort it out. Don't let this keep you up at night. God has it all in hand. Remember we have the millennium to sort out all this sort of thing! A number of people in my ward, come from war torn countries. Not a lot of genealogy is going on there! First Rule: God is not mean! He loves us! It will all be sorted out. 
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    seashmore reacted to Sunday21 in Hey, yo!   
    We are most pleased to have you! Looking forward to your posts. ?
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    seashmore reacted to zil in Hey, yo!   
    Welcome, @seashmore!
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    seashmore reacted to pam in Hey, yo!   
    Hey.  Yo.  Welcome.  
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    seashmore reacted to zil in Hello Peeps!!   
    Welcome, @robrog8999!  It's great to have you here!  And exciting to meet someone who is learning about the Church.  It occurs to me that when new people join, those of us who welcome them should say a little about ourselves too (like @NeedleinA has), to help the newbie get to know us faster.  In that vein, I'm the local fountain pen geek.
    PS: For the sake if those of us with old eyes, is there any way I can convince you to leave your posts in the default black text (or at least choose a darker, more muted shade), and save the bright colors for emphasis?  (It was rather difficult for me to read all that bright red.)  If not, I won't complain again, just asking a favor.
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    seashmore reacted to mordorbund in Search for biological family   
    I can't imagine why.

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    seashmore reacted to pam in Search for biological family   
    I'm about to use a cane to "beet" you.
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    seashmore reacted to Backroads in Crisis of Faith - Dear John Letters   
    DoctorLemon is absolutely right on this. 
    Our current modern culture, for better or for worse, is generally not ready to commit to eternal marriage at these young ages. 
    Yes, it's certainly a low blow to be cuddling up with another young man/woman after your significant other has left on the mission/military/journey to the center of the earth. 
    But... is it also wise to be getting engaged before a mission? Is it wise to be getting all romantic and placing these expectations on others?
    I have trouble saying Dear Johning is unacceptable. It's a relationship, it ended, and John wasn't physically present. Do we really want to require every young man/woman to wait for a missionary?
    Yes, it's best to discourage the serious relationship early on than to get into that kind of mess.
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    seashmore reacted to Blackmarch in Who should issue a calling to YW president?   
    I believe the decision is the bishops, however For handing it out i think can be done by the others. But dont quote me on it.
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    seashmore reacted to pam in Temple Workers   
    My kids tell me I am a fabric hoarder.  I tell them that I am NOT a fabric hoarder.  I am a fabric collector. There is a difference.