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  1. ThomasQKelly

    Captain Moroni Movie

    LDS actor you may recognize has started a kickstarter: Check it out here ( )
  2. ThomasQKelly

    Family Search Indexing is now totally Web Based!!!

    A number of things. For instance: * There is no need to download anything (lower barrier to entry) * If your computer can run a browser it can get to the site (removing problems the standalone application may have had with different OSs * There have always been different groups to join (like "share batch indexing" from Facebook) but a user had to abandon their ward group to do it. With web indexing you can join as many groups as you want. There are options for societies, or families to create a group. I suggested to the organization "LDS Gamers" that they create a group and they did - it now has 15 members. I set up a quick one "BYU Fans" and it has 8 members. Heck someone could even set up a MormonsHub one and I bet if a mod or someone was publicly advertising it it would also do well. Downside of course is that this opens up the church to attack - from a security perspective... But they probably have that sorted out.
  3. ThomasQKelly

    Family Search Indexing is now totally Web Based!!!

    True that!
  4. Hey all thought I would notify of this new feature rolled out by FamilySearch: New Profile Page Join a group : Like mine (#LDSConf)!