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  1. She feels very strongly about me as well and I think she would say yes if I proposed as long as her parents were ok with it, but it is hard to tell what the spirit is telling me and what is just my hopes. I know this sounds terrible, but it does cost a lot to go out there and I am totally willing to put forth the time, money, and effort to do it, but not if I know it will only end baddly.
  2. I have noticed that about her family and the area. She is more to the west of Davao but I can still see the ultraconservative side of things. Luckily her parents already like me even though they have not met me! They all seem very nice and strongly connected to the church. Things are going very well and honestly if things persist and her parents approve, I am considering very strongly in proposing. My biggest fear is that I will let my own feelings get in the way of what the spirit is telling me and I won't be able to see my mistakes before it is too late.
  3. She is close to Davao. Yeah, she does have a large enough family haha. She's told me about her parents and siblings though and they all seem really nice. I'm just not sure how fast/slow to take things, especially since it may be a while since we see each other again after I visit
  4. Hey, so I have been talking to this girl for a while now who is from the Philippines. I am from the US. I am going to BYUI and she is applying for BYU Hawaii. She is really sweet and is a RM and I talk with her sister sometimes as friends so I know she has feelings for me as well. I have told her that I am considering visiting her there in the Philippines, as I have been considering going on a trip this fall. Besides the obvious complications, any advice on how to proceed? Any advice on Filipina women would be appreciated hahaha
  5. I think the whole question got a bit out of had. I originally just wanted to see if anyone knew a lady also looking for someone. Sorry I asked I guess. Thank you Jane_Doe, I really liked your comment
  6. I have actually thought about serving in one of the mission programs for the alternative missions. Don't get me wrong, I wont be wasting my time partying or sitting at home playing video games. I plan to live the best I can and participate in church where possible. I just dont think I have a desire, nor am I really ready, to serve a mission now. And I definitely dont want to marry just for the heck of it or because I am bored. But, I realize if I am not going to go on a mission, I need to pursue worth while things that greatly add to my future, like an education and marriage. And I still understand a mission would be totally worth the time and bring blessings, but it is not want I want.
  7. Im not saying that I am in some way super special or that I should be rewarded or anything like that. I just understand that not all women in the church, Id even say a fair amount of them, dont necessarily require a mission in their spouse. I take it you are a dad/grandfather who is a member and live in an area where the church has a relatively high influence, but the fact is, outside of utah and idaho, missions are not as frequent. The only reason I asked the original question in the first place is because there aren't many peeople single and my age around; most are either older, married, or going to college at a byu school. Im sorry that I dont really care about the stoic, sarcastic comments about my views on a mission. I like to at least look for more than being a sunday mormon that marries a trophy wife and then comes on the internet to do nothing but look for satisfaction in trying to one-up someone younger with shallow arguments.
  8. Also, as far as marriage and whether a girl would date/marry me for not going on a mission, not all mormon girls are the same. I know several wont date nonmembers or members who havent gone on missions, but that is not everyone. That is their decision and is perfectly fine, but personally I think I would rather date someone who is more understanding and bases merit on both personal testimony and traits she finds attractive.
  9. Yeah, no. At this point in my life, I feel that I want to focus on school and pursuing marriage. Despite what is commonly believed by those in the church, a mission is a personal decision and should be an opportunity as opposed to an obligation. Not all of my reasons for why im not going are of my own doing, but it is largely my own desires that I am pursuing. I understand that stigmas are a bad source of resentment and ridicule in the church. I agree that those that were not able to go are not at fault and that they will not be punished for that. However, going on a mission, although a wonderful opportunity, is NOT required for celestial glory, as a temple marriage, baptism, etc. are. In areas with high membership it is seen to be that way at times and missions are seen as more of a draft rather than an enlistment. Anyone who wants to go on a mission has my full support and love and I think it is a great opportunity to serve. But, those that chose not to, like I am, are not going to be held back because of their decision and should not be ridiculed because of it.
  10. The thing is, I don't think I am going on a mission. There's a number of reasons, none of them worthiness, but I think the next step in life for me is to continue school and look for someone to marry.
  11. Hi, I am new to the site, just wanted to ask anyone who might be able to help. I am having a hard time finding any young lady who is a member to date. I live in an area with few mormons and because of current circumstances, I am not able to move. I am 19, red headed, going to school for accounting. I have a strong testimony, and I want anyone I date seriously to have the same, or atleast an understanding of the gospel. I am open minded to nonmembers, I just dont want to lower my standards and lose any chance of the spirit being involved. Anyway, if anyone knows any single lady that has similar issues, let me know. I dont want to seem awkward or desperate, just frustrated. Thanks