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  1. Off topic, but because you're not considered married anymore, it also means that if you had any kids, they are considered illegitimate. Which seems off to me, it's not their fault that their parents divorced. Source: My parent was raised Catholic and had her first two children declared illegitimate when she had an annulment.
  2. 1. Tell her mom. Even better, contact the police. When I was 13 I got into a scary situation that started with the exact behavior (minus the location) that you described. The police did not blame me or charge me, or anything of the sort. Like Just_A_Guy said, when a child or teen gets involved in child pornography (and this is exactly that), cops don't want to ruin the child's life. They don't want to charge them, they want to find who is getting the photos and charge THEM. 2. I'm kind of concerned that you think the worst that could happen is an unwanted pregnancy. These pictures could spread and prevent her from getting jobs. These pictures could spread and lead to predators finding her in real life. She could be molested, raped, trafficked, sold, or killed. But all you think about is pregnancy? That's concerning. My half-sister, E, was sex trafficked two years ago. E also had two unwanted pregnancies when she was a young teen. Anyone with a brain can see that her teen pregnancies were not the worst thing that happened to her. Not by a long shot.
  3. Thank you, Just_A_Guy ☺. May yours bring you the same.
  4. Funny enough, you're right! I resigned from this God-forsaken "church" in March. So I indeed haven't worn them! Maybe I could burn them though...
  5. This is the best thing I've ever read regarding "biology vs adoption." Thank you.
  6. Amen! DoctorLemon, I have nothing but the utmost respect for you. At least you can see that in this day and age living on a single-income is nearly impossible, and with lot's of prayer, the mother may need to work outside of the home.
  7. BYUI Tuition * 2= $14,254 Free + his tuition - my monthly stipend of 1375 that I receive from my GI Bill = $11,072 He wants to major in Engineering. A very common major.
  8. Because they A) have his major (which mine does as well) and B) have a very good tuition.
  9. My grandparents have four biological children and me. They don't see a difference. Because there IS NO DIFFERENCE. My aunt has one biological and one adopted. She doesn't see a difference. Because there IS NO DIFFERENCE. Even your wording is problematic: "adopted and had a child." Adopting IS having a child, just through a different way. You thinking that adoption is second-best is disgusting. Thank you very much, Doctor(Lawyer)Lemon! Your advice is much appreciated.
  10. Actually, studies show adoption can and does replace a mother who carried the child. It's been proven that some women never bond with their child, that some women never make the connection while they are pregnant or after. And by your logic, that would make the surrogate mother in such cases the real mother, because it was the voice the child heard in the womb. And that contradicts your "blood is best" belief, because the surrogate wouldn't be blood-related to the child--she would just be carrying the egg.
  11. So I should have been raised by my alcoholic, drug-addicted, bi-polar, schizophrenic mother and no father rather than my loving and caring grandparents? Sure, makes sense to me. Exactly! In our world, biology isn't the best, regardless of what "scientific studies" say.
  12. I think he does, based on the way he's speaking. And I think that's despicable. Family and children don't need DNA. Love has nothing to do with DNA, and if you think families are any less because they don't share the same blood, you need to rethink your life. I was adopted by my grandparents and they are a million times more my parents than my biological parents are.
  13. He has looked into online courses, but he's not too into them. I can't say I blame him, online isn't for everyone, you know? And thank you for saying you "applaud my ambition". I appreciate it, as it seems SOME PEOPLE think that a woman wanting a career is something to be ashamed of.
  14. Are you kidding me? I plan to adopt because there are thousands of children who deserve a loving home. I do not know if I can or cannot have children. If I can I plan to have both biological children and adopted children. And how on earth is an adopted child not "my own"? You may be the least Christ-like person on this entire website. Thank you for pointing out JoCa's absolute foolishness.